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“I will obey the guidance of the stars.”
—The tagline for Zodiac Star Committee

The Association's Emblem

Zodiac Star Committee (ゾディアック星導会, Zodiakku Seidoukai) is an elite shinobi squadron. It and its associated characters debuted in the G Burst update for Senran Kagura: New Wave.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Zodiac Star Committee is essentially the student council of the Foundation Star Cross Academy, a school run by Leo's family for the purpose of training shinobi to serve the family.

The Committee is led by Leo herself. Each member represents a specific Zodiac symbol.

Notable Characters

Members of the Zodiac Star Committee

First Year Students

Second Year Students

Third Year Students


  • Although they don't play a role nor do any of them say a single
    Zodiac cameo.png
    line the entirety of this team makes a cameo appearance near the end of the fourth episode and near the beginning of the sixth episode of the second season.