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Yuuki (ユウキ), is a character featured in Neptunia × Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars. She is a ninja who serves for Princess Aaru in the Virtue Nation.



Yuuki has short, pink hair with cat ears, red eyes and a large bust. Her attire boasts a black bodysuit with a floral design, a heart and kanji patterns, and a matching bell and cat tail with an opening on her back. Her headwear consists of a gray and black headband with a pink dash on the forehead and vertical lines on the ends and wears white, magenta and gold guards on top of her arms and legs with a different floral design and claws on top of her hands, matching boots with a cat design on her toes, and ribbons on her top left arm, right side of her waist and the sides of her knees.


Because she spent most of her lifetime with Princess Aaru, Yuuki is devoted to her and will do anything just to protect her. Whenever it comes to Aaru, Yuuki is very kind and caring to her, and mostly treats her like a little sister.

However, in battle, she gets a little more serious and fights like her life depends on it to protect Aaru. But sometimes, she can be playful and teases her enemies that they can't beat her ever.



  • Yuuki's bust size can rival that of Murasaki's as one of the characters with the largest busts in the series.