Yumi is a third-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy and the leader of the Elite class. Her grandfather was the rival of legendary shinobi Hanzō.

A firm adopter of the ideology that "cute is justice"; and where other girls her age might be singing or practicing the chacha, Yumi spends every night instead practicing her goo-goo ga-ga, honing her baby talk skills to unprecedented levels.

She's become absolutely obsessed with her grandfather’s stated ideal of a world where evil doesn't even exist, but ultimately, she's just fighting evil shinobi in an attempt to make her grandpa proud.

Her specialty is using ice in dishes. Because nothing says fine dining like frozen food!


Yumi is practicing being cute in front of the mirror as she does every day. After determining that cuteness is justice she dedicated herself to becoming the beacon of adorable righteousness by practicing a cute pose in front of the mirror one hundred times a day. Shiki arrives while this happening and states that she admire Yumi's dedication, but would like to know what exactly constitutes as cute.

Yumi realizes that she herself does not truly know the answer. Yumi takes notice of the flyer in Shiki's hand that reads "Super Dish Gourmet Cook-off" and decides that cuteness is a bride who can cook. Shiki somewhat understands what Yumi thinks but then asks Yumi if she knows how to cook. Since it would be unseemly to boast, Yumi tells Shiki to view her cooking skills for herself. She then immediately enters the Cook-Off in hopes of mastering true cuteness.

First Round
Yumi's first opponent is Murakumo. When she takes notice of Murakumo trying to speak cute much like her, Yumi is shocked. Murakumo says that she has the right to sound cute too, but Yumi responds by saying Murakumo doesn't have to sound like her. After a few more words from Murakumo about how the road to cuteness is a battlefield, Yumi is impressed with her commitment and the two do battle.

After Yumi's victory, Murakumo says she should have known better than to mimic Yumi and will seal away that manner of speech for good. Yumi tells Murakumo not to quit as cuteness is something all girls strive for. This makes Murakumo happy and both she and Yumi continue to talk "cutely."

Fourth Round
Yumi's fourth opponent in Minori. When Minori begins to speak cutely by repeating words, Yumi is surprised. She feels defeated and believes that Minori's cuteness far exceeds her own. Despite this, she refuses to give up so easily. In response to Minori's cute repetition of words, Yumi begins to mimic her. This upsets Minori, and Yumi reiterates Murakumo's previous speech about the road to cuteness being a battlefield. With both sides now fired up, the two begin their cooking battle.

After Yumi's victory, Minori takes her defeat rather well and says that Yumi had a great Super Dish. Hearing those words brings joy to Yumi's heart as she thanks Minori. When Minori notices that Yumi is no longer talking like her, Yumi says that she'll talk cute her own way while Minori speaks cute her way. Minori agrees and wishes Yumi good luck in the rest of the competition.

Final Round
Yumi takes notice of inari sushi placed out in the open. Imu suddenly appears and angrily tells her not to touch it since it's hers. Yumi apologizes for her mistake since she was under the impression that anyone could have a taste due to the sushi just being there. Imu says that Yumi is being awfully careless for the start of a match which in turn somewhat upsets her. Yumi asks if Imu wants to challenge her to a battle of cuteness, which Imu gladly accepts. Despite Imu's efforts, she is unable to truly sound cute. With Yumi clearly being the cutest between the two of them, Imu is enraged and the two begin their super dish cook-off.

When Yumi wins, Imu is upset at her defeat. Yumi offers some encouraging words and Imu notices that for some reason she no longer holds the same anger towards Yumi as she did before the battle. Yumi says it must have been from the food since Super Dishes are enough to heal the human heart. Imu agrees and says Yumi did a great job. Yumi then has a sudden realization.



Yumi prepares a Super Dish for her comrades. She has finally realized that a Super Dish is the true definition of righteousness since delicious food makes people happy. She also does not forget the role of cuteness in such things. She believes a cute bride who can also cute is on a level of righteous justice all her own. Yumi's new purpose is to hone her cooking skills and cuteness until she becomes the cutest bride ever.

In the midst of this new declaration, Yumi has a distressing thought. No matter how hard she works she will never be bride because she has no groom. With this sudden realization, she temporarily gives up her goal of being a cute bride. For the time being she is content with making Super Dishes for everyone. As everyone eats the meal she had prepared, Yumi hopes that someday she can cook as a beautiful bride.


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Musical Themes

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Pretty Prisoner Bon Appétit Yumi's character song. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
Pretty Prisoner


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