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Yumi (雪泉) is a playable character in the Senran Kagura series who made her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A third-year student and the leader of the Gessen Girls’ Academy elite shinobi. Her grandfather Kurokage was a rival to the legendary ninja Hanzō. She lost her parents when she was young, so Kurokage raised her along with the other Gessen girls. After Kurokage's death, she was left in charge.




Yumi is a fairly tall girl with pale skin, light blue eyes, medium dark gray hair and an overall average complexion. She uses to adorn her hair with a wide white ribbon tie with blue stripes on ends.

  In her shinobi clothes, she wears a solid white furisode kimono that hangs off her shoulders and exposes a large amount of her chest. The outfit has a blue double-lined trim with a blue obi on the back. Yumi also wears white socks but no shoes, or lavender flip flops since Estival Versus.

Ice Queen Mode

In her Ice Queen mode, Yumi loses her hair tie and allowing her hair to become longer in length in addition to becoming a light blue color and her eyes becoming red in hue.


Yumi is a calm and serious girl, taking her responsibility of leader of the Gessen elites, also recognized as stubborn for sticking to her goals and ideals, and their applications. She can still be naive as when Shiki achieve to have her do pointless fitness exercises.

Yet, she can be judgmental and pretentious, demonstrated during Hanzō Academy's story in Shinovi Versus where she deemed Asuka unworthy of facing her and made her fight Gessen's lower-ranked shinobi as an alternative, when Asuka presented what Yumi believed to be incompetence as a shinobi. By opposition, she can recognize Yozakura as far stronger than her despite the latter's contradictions. She can consider thinking seriously and review her ideals as of the Gessen Arc of Shinovi Versus when Yumi confronted Asuka and accepted her views.

Her leadership is revealed in Estival Versus and the Shinovi Masters anime as pretty lax despite an intent to be firm yet gentle, as she is rarely obeyed to, and often assisted by Yozakura. She is said by Shiki to be caring to her comrades by wanting the best of them and pushing them to the point of forgetting to relax sometimes. Trying to be more lenient and considerate of her comrades' feelings, she leaves Yozakura to discipline and yell at the others in her place when things get out of hand.

Yumi's major ideal is the "Justice of the Moon", according to which Justice is the help to those who needed it, as well as cuteness. It is her equivalent as Asuka's sword and shield.


At eight years old, Yumi's parents died on a mission for unknown reasons; most likely killed by evil shinobi while on the job. At the funeral, no one would tell her the reason why her parents were dead, only that they were very admirable shinobi which she could care less about, as all that praise would not bring her parents back.

Face Kurokage.png

On that very day, Yumi was approached by a man with a scarred face who asked her if she wanted to know the reason for her parents' death. When Yumi responded positively he stated that he would make her ninja if she truly wished to know the reason. Strangely without fear, Yumi accepted his proposal. This pleased the old man as he assigned her the shinobi name “Yumi.” When she asked who he was he revealed himself to be Kurokage, the grandfather she had never known.

Yumi went to live with Kurokage in a depopulated area in the deep in the mountains where she began her training. She underwent strict life-threatening training under him, her strong resolve stemming from the desire to become a shinobi like her parents before her and find those responsible for their deaths so she could exact revenge.

She learned at an alarming rate and was soon able to do the same Secret Ninja Art as Kurokage in a year's time. Kurokage took note that she was rushing and getting ahead of herself so he stopped her training and taught her other things as an alternative. She learned how to make grain or barley, the name of constellations in the sky, Japanese history, and various other subjects which found to be equally fun. However, she was dissatisfied due to still wanting to train.

One day as the two of them sat around and enjoyed a cup of shaved ice, Kurokage stated that they were both very much alike, as she believed that that power could resolve everything. Yumi agreed, stating that if she became strong enough then she surely could do anything. In response to this Kurokage stated that power alone is not enough to solve everything. He then performed his Secret Ninja Art “Black Ice” which amazed Yumi at the massive difference in power between her version and his. After this, he stated that power is not technically right and even with all the power he had he still couldn't meet her as Yumi's mother never talked about her father before. Kurokage told Yumi that was the reason why he taught her the meaning of power.

After that day, she resumed her strict training. She became even stronger and much to her own marvel, her mind was strangely calm in the process. She began to wonder why she was becoming stronger and soon realized that power was not to be used for personal grudges, but rather to recognize a great dream. This prompted her to ask what the use of power was.

This is when Kurokage told her his life story. His training as a good ninja and half his life as a rogue ninja. When she had listened to everything he had to say, she had made her mind up. She was going to realize her grandfather's dream and create a world without evil.

Eventually, her grandfather took in several other orphaned children who had lost their parents as she had. They were Murakumo, Shiki, Yozakura, and Minori. Together they all trained with the desire to become strong so that they could create Kurokage's dream world. Yumi and the others easily passed the entrance exam to the prestigious Gessen Academy thanks to Kurokage's strict training and all became the academy's elite shinobi, with Yumi as their leader.


Burst Re:Newal

Shinovi Versus

“Snow conceals everything. Anger, sorrow, pleasure, joy...”

Gessen Girls' Academy

Yumi and the other Gessen girls are on their way to visit Kurokage's grave for the first time in a while. On their way there they run into Hanzō who sexually harasses them all by groping each of their breasts. To add to the humiliation, Hanzō even goes as far as eating the strawberry daifuku she had in her handbag to put on Kurokage's grave.

This angers her extremely and she requests to fight Hanzō. However, Hanzō dismisses her proposal and states that she is far too weak to beat him, but if she can defeat his granddaughter, Asuka, then he will entertain her challenge. With that said, he disappears.

When Yumi and the others return to the academy, their teacher Wanpai tells them of the Shinobi Battle Royale. Upon hearing about this, Yumi takes this as her chance to challenge Hanzō National Academy so that she may have the opportunity to fight and defeat Asuka and have at Hanzō next.

Now having decided to participate in the Shinobi Battle Royale, Yumi makes both Minori and Shiki train together. While they initially try to do other things upon her leave, Yumi quickly returns and forces them to train properly while chastising them on how training diligently every day is important immediately after.

While preparing dinner, Yumi finds herself lost in thought about Kurokage and his lifelong dream. Yozakura notices something is wrong which leads Yumi to explain her thoughts along with how the Hanzō students apparently associate with evil ninja (Homura's Crimson Squad). Yumi comes to the conclusion that evil undermines good and therefore she must become stronger in order to ensure she does not lose to evil like the Hanzō girls. This prompts her to request Yozakura to train with her.

After the match, Yozakura compliments Yumi on her strength but Yumi states that Yozakura is much more powerful than she is, out of modesty. The two go back and forth on who is really the leader before Shiki and Minori show up and complain about the food not being made yet; something that was completely forgotten about due to Yumi and Yozakura training.

Yumi and the others infiltrate Hanzō Academy where they are met with Asuka, who has supposedly been watching them ever since they arrived. After introductions, Yumi states that she wishes to challenge Hanzō Academy to a Shinobi Battle Royale which confused Asuka because she doesn't know what it is.

At that moment, Hanzō appears and stirs up trouble with the girls, leading to them both chastising him. His words cause Yumi to change her mind about fighting the Hanzō girls later and decides on taking them down immediately so she can get her hands on him. While the rest of her team does their own battles, Yumi faces off against Asuka.

Before the battle, Yumi inquires on Hanzō Academy's relationship with Homura and the others. When Asuka says that they are rivals. Yumi asks if she would kill them, to which Asuka states there is no need since they can learn a lot from each other. This response does not sit well with Yumi as she stands firmly behind Kurokage's notion of true happiness only being possible if evil does not exist. Not wanting to hear anything else Asuka has to say, Yumi begins their fight.

Once the battle is over and Yumi is preparing to deliver the finishing blow, Homura steps in and saves Asuka. As she watches them interact, Yumi chimes in and comments on how they have a good relationship. Homura corrects her and clarifies that Asuka is nothing more than her rival and that the only reason she saved her is because she didn't want to be robbed of beating Asuka herself.

Again, Yumi does not understand and states that good and evil intersecting will not change anything. Homura counters her statement by saying that good and evil can't exist without each other, which Yumi simply dismisses. She tells Asuka that since they were interrupted, they will continue the battle at the real Shinobi Battle Royale before taking her leave.

Yumi and the others travel to Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy to challenge them to a Shinobi Battle Royale. She is met with Miyabi who gladly takes her up on her challenge, as it will be their chance to show off the power of the reborn Hebijo. Yumi disagrees, stating that Miyabi will see the power of good ninja. The two leaders then summon their own shinobi to fight – Murakumo from Gessen and Ryōbi from Hebijo.

During her face-off with Miyabi, Yumi suggests that Miyabi should just concede defeat since Gessen has already defeated the other Hebijo elite. Miyabi refuses, since as long as she stands there is still pride to Hebijo. After a few more words, the two fight. Once the battle is concluded and Yumi is about to deliver the finishing blow, Imu steps in to save Miyabi and even goes as far as trying to fight Yumi herself.

However, Yumi states that she has lost interest just as Shiki arrives. Despite not having killed Miyabi as she originally planned, Yumi says that Hebijo isn't worth going that far and views their victory as sufficient. Once they meet up with the others, Yumi says that Kurokage will be pleased with their great success in the Royale though the others start to question whether or not Hebijo is really evil at all based on their own fights and interactions with the other shinobi.

Yumi dismisses their pondering, stating that evil ninja should only be killed and to not hesitate in battle or allow their minds to be captured by trifles. Despite this, Yumi thinks back to when Imu protected Miyabi, and how even though Imu is an evil shinobi, her actions were not and that is why she couldn't kill Miyabi.

Gessen locates the hideout of the Crimson Squad to the challenge them to a Shinobi Battle Royale. While Homura's team isn't technically a school, she has no qualms with accepting Yumi's challenge. Yumi states that evil tempts good and therefore cannot be overlooked. Much to her distaste, Homura says that she and Yumi are the same, but instead of evil it was good that she couldn't forgive.

Yumi is convinced that evil overtakes good and that Homura has changed Asuka. Homura does not disagree, however she also states that Asuka has changed her as well and that they are best friends. This confuses Yumi as she cannot comprehend the concept of good and evil existing together. Homura tells Yumi that if she wishes to face Asuka then she'll have to get through her. Yumi takes her up on this challenge.

After the fight, Yumi points out how Homura was holding back but is fine with the result since it is Asuka who she wishes to fight at the limit with. She also brings up why it doesn't make sense for her to need to be Homura in order to fight her since Asuka isn't Homura's property. She goes as far as teasing Homura and saying that she and Asuka are more like lovers than friends. This flusters Homura and she quickly says Yumi can do whatever she wants and that she no longer cares.

When Yumi meets up with the other Gessen members, they talk about their own matches and how the Crimson Squad didn't really seem evil at all. Yumi finally admits to the fact that she saw good within the evil of both Hebijo and the Crimson Squad. She comes to terms with the fact that they aren't so different after all, but doesn't want betray Kurokage's teachings.

Wanpai appears and states that they are all shinobi and must think with their own heads and move with their own bodies. Yumi agrees and decides to find the answer she is seeking to her question regarding good and evil at Hanzō Academy. With that in mind, the girls head off to their final location.

Yumi and the others arrive at Hanzō Academy for their final match. She is greeted by Asuka, who had been waiting for her. Yumi explains that originally this was all so that she could fight Hanzō, however that matters little to her now because now she only wishes to fight Asuka. She also explains that she has come to realize that there are many different types of evil within people.

Before, she couldn't understand how Asuka and Homura could be such close friends. But, now she has reconsidered it a bit. In order to completely change her mind, Yumi says that Asuka will have to fight her. With this, the two begin their fight.

After the battle, Yumi is shocked to see that Asuka still has energy and wants to know the secret of her strength. When Asuka explains that her power is not a secret but rather pure determination not to fall behind and to become stronger so that she may be friends with everyone, Yumi understands. As a final request, Yumi asks that after this battle that she and Asuka may become friends. Asuka happily agrees to this and the two resume their fight.

The second half of the match ends with Yumi as the victor, but regardless both sides are completely exhausted. As promised, Yumi and Asuka become friends and shake hands. Though, Yumi can't help but feel bad about going against Kurokage's teachings and wonders if he'd ever be able to forgive her.

SKSV Gessen Ending CG.png

With the Shinobi Battle Royale now finished, Yumi decides she won't burn down Hanzō Academy, as they have now established a friendly rivalry with them. She then suggests that they all celebrate by going to visit Kurokage's grave.

During their visit, they clean Kurokage's grave and places the strawberry daifuku in front of it as they had planned to do previously. However, she noticed that there was already a strawberry daifuku there when they arrived. This causes her to question if someone else other than them is visiting Kurokage's grave.

Temporarily dismissing the thought, Yumi begins to pray with the others to report her personal growth to her grandfather. Originally, she believed that they were going against his will, but now she doesn't think so. If he were to see their faces now, she believes he would be proud of each of them because he always loved their smiling faces.

Wanpai appears as Yumi and the others pray which shocks them. However, what shocks them more is that it isn't Wanpai, but rather Hanzō. It is then revealed to her and the others that their teacher is none other than Hanzō himself. He explains that Kurokage told him to watch over them after he passed, so he acted as their teacher in Gessen. He also tells them that Kurokage said that they were much more important than his pride as a shinobi.

Yumi is overjoyed to hear these words and thanks Hanzō for everything he has done for them. And then to herself, she thanks Kurokage from the bottom of her heart and says that she will never forget him.

Hanzō National Academy

Yumi appears along with the other Gessen girls and preforms introductions. She then challenges Hanzō National Academy to a Shinobi Battle Royale. When asked by Asuka what it is, she merely tells her to ask her teacher for the details before leaving, saying they will return in seven days.

With Gessen having defeated all of Hanzō, only Asuka remains. Just as Asuka is about to take her fallen comrades to the infirmary, Yumi intervenes. While Asuka trying to help her friends is nice, she believes that Asuka's actions show that she does not properly understand what it means to be a shinobi and thus does not feel the need to fight her. Instead, she sends her subordinates at her as an alternative.

After the battle, Yumi voices her disappointment with Asuka, but acknowledges the fact that she has some power which she will only use for her friends which she believes has no meaning for a shinobi. Once the two exchange words, Yumi decides to let Asuka go for now since she is interested in her power and heeds her to prepare for the next time they meet.

Yumi and Asuka meet at Gessen Academy for their final battle. Yumi is motivated to win so that she can finally fulfill Kurokage's wish. The two of them have a conversation regarding good versus evil, and despite Asuka's attempts to change Yumi's mind, she does not budge. Determined to unite the world of the shinobi, Yumi is intent on killing Asuka.

After the first part of the battle, Yumi is exhausted but still determined to keep fighting for the sake of Kurokage's dream. The Gessen girls arrive just in time and they all give her their Ninja Art scrolls. Yumi then preforms a forbidden technique known as Cataclysmic Force to give her the power she needs to keep fighting. Asuka's comrades do the same.

Despite this, Yumi finds herself unable to win. She refuses to accept defeat, desperately wanting to show Kurokage his ideal world while he was still alive. The thought of being unable to do so pushes her to tears as she begs to herself for him not to die until she has done so.

Yumi, being unable to support herself, nearly falls over due to fatigue but is helped by Asuka who asks her what she meant by everything she said. Yumi tells her not to touch her and moves away before explaining how her grandfather is dying from a terminal illness. She says that he most likely won't make it to Spring, so that is why were trying to show him his dream world before he passed on.

Despite Asuka's attempt at showing her kindness and mercy, Yumi refuses to give up and even goes as far as trying to cut Asuka down with a blade, even though Asuka would more than likely win in a sword fight. Yumi declares she doesn't care about dying as long as she carry out Kurokage's wish. Immediately, Kurokage appears and stops Yumi and tells her it is over. As she is hugged by her grandfather, Yumi begins to cry as the battle comes to its most definite end.

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Chapter 3
Gessen invites Hebijo to a Shinobi Battle Royale, which they gladly accept. When it is Yumi's turn to fight Miyabi, she introduces herself but Miyabi is had very little interest in knowing her name because she will defeat her soon. Yumi comments on Miyabi's self-confidence to which Miyabi agrees that she would have been accurate with the statement in the past.

After hearing Miyabi's declaration of restoring pride to Hebijo by any means necessary, Yumi acknowledges that she and Miyabi are the same in that regard as she too is fighting for a dream. She states that no matter what, she will not lose. However, Yumi is overwhelmed by Miyabi's power and finds herself defeated. Just as Miyabi is about to burn down Gessen, they receive info on where the Homura Crimson Squad's hideout is located. It is unknown what happens to Gessen after this revelation.

Homura's Crimson Squad

Yumi is approached by an angry Homura who is upset with Yumi for defeating Asuka. Yumi tells her there is no need for such grandstanding and asks her what the life of a rogue ninja is like, as they must have a lot of free time when they're not claiming revenge on Hanzō Academy's behalf. Homura feels as though Yumi is mocking them, but in reality she is genuinely curious since her grandfather was also a rogue ninja.

This surprises Homura, and as Yumi asks more questions she continues to answer them. After hearing everything Homura has to say, Yumi feels as though she understands her and wishes to finally begin their battle. Once the fight is over, Yumi compliments Homura on her strength and wonders how far it will take her. She then states that she is looking forward to observing Homura's growth as she walks the path of a renegade shinobi.

SKSV Crimson Squad Ending CG.png
Later, as Homura and her team are ambushed by Yōma during a training exercise, Yumi and the other Gessen students, along with those from Hanzō and Hebijo, show up to battle the yoma together.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Shiki asks Yumi what exactly righteousness is. Yumi is unsure on how to answer her question since righteousness is different in the eyes of different people and thus it would be impossible to tell her what exactly it is. Shiki dismisses it after concluding that Yumi doesn't know, but determined Yumi states that she will go out and find what righteousness is

Yumi asks Yomi what she believes righteousness to be. Yomi says that, while she would like to say bean sprouts, perhaps righteousness comes from money as money solves most problems people have such as hunger, sickness, buying new clothes, and even balling out of trouble.

Yumi responds by saying that righteousness means living purely. If you live impurely, with or without money, she wouldn't consider that righteousness.

Yomi agrees, but asks Yumi what if money is more important than that. Yumi states that Yomi is mistaken which causes Yomi to say it's easy for her to say that since she's never needed money as much a many other's have.

Yumi replies with saying everyone has their needs and hardships, rich or poor. Yomi retorts with saying not all hardships are equal and that she doesn't even know what poor people go through. That's why she hates "princesses" like Yumi.

After the conversation Yumi says to herself that she would like to think money doesn't equal righteousness.

Yumi asks Haruka what she's doing. Haruka says it's a massage and asks Yumi if she would like one too. Yumi fails to see the need for such frivolity.

Haruka states that it's a way of heightening her "power", which is something she believes everyone strives for. Yumi says that power can make the world righteous, so perhaps righteousness comes from power. Haruka replies with saying there are many kinds of power. She asks which is stronger, the closed fist or the beckoning finger.

Yumi concludes that Haruka's sex appeal is her source of righteousness. Haruka likes the sound of it and beckons Yumi over saying she can make her as "righteous" as she wants to be. As Yumi comes over and asks what she should do, Haruka whispers in her ear.

After Haruka's lecture, Yumi says that it was very personal lesson and she doesn't feel very righteous about it.

Minori is distressed about having run out of sweets. Yumi tells Minori to restrain herself since she eats sweets all the time. Minori says that if she doesn't get any sweets, she doesn't have any "oomph" and she could really go for some curry omelette rice.

Yumi asks Minori what's the number one thing she's striving for. Minori says she's striving for food and will eat any food she sees as it will make her stronger to eat more yummies.

Yumi concludes that yumminess is righteousness to Minori. Minori says Yumi is making her hungry and asks her for something to eat. Yumi tells her to be patient and promises that they will have shaved ice when she returns.

Katsuragi suddenly appears and gropes Yumi's breasts which takes her by surprise. Immediately, Yumi tells Katsuragi that she should fix that habit of groping other people.

Katsuragi responds with that there is an overflowing shock of power when one grabs a great pair of breasts. If Katsuragi doesn't grab breasts, she won't get any stronger and that it's another form of training for her.

Yumi doesn't want to believe that Katsuragi's path of righteousness is groping breasts. Katsuragi says that it's true and goes to grope Yumi a second time.

Yumi feels hot where Katsuragi touched her and wonders if she was right about any of what she said.

Yumi ponders on what exactly Justice is and is asked by Hibari if she's seen the Mr. Bunny candy she lost. Yumi apologizes, saying she hasn't seen it.

Yagyū suddenly appears and instantly jumps to the conclusion that Yumi has done something to Hibari. Hibari apologizes to Yagyū, saying she's lost the Mr. Bunny candy.

Yagyū says that she will never forgive Yumi for stealing Hibari's smile. Yumi says Yagyū is being dramatic, but accepts her challenge anyway. Yagyū says that Hibari's smile will make her stronger while Hibari tries to explain that Yumi didn't do anything wrong and doesn't want them to fight.

Yagyū says Hibari's worried look is as cute as her smile and Yumi notices that Yagyū's power has increased. Seeing how cuteness made Yagyū stronger, Yumi concludes that cuteness is justice.

SKSV Yumi CG.png

After gathering Yomi, Haruka, Minori, Katsuragi, and Yagyū's take on the situation, Yumi concludes that cuteness is righteousness as it is what made Yagyū stronger. She comes to the conclusion that cuteness can do anything, literally anything. She thinks that if one is cute they can heal those around them, bring peace to the world, and that every crime you commit will be forgiven.

With this new sense of righteousness is, Yumi decides to become more cute herself and dresses up in a frilly dress while speaking in a manner somewhat akin to that of an extremely young toddler. This freaks Shiki out when she sees it and causes her to tell everyone that Yumi has gone crazy.

Estival Versus

“I shall step into the darkness and offer my own light for those who wish to let it guide their way.”

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Yumi and Yozakura start their training session which eventually ends with the two of them clashing Secret Ninja Arts and Yumi coming out as the victor. As the two converse about the battle that has just concluded, Yumi states that she has an eerie feeling that perhaps yet another large battle will unfold.

When Yumi and Yozakura return to the Gessen Ninja Room they see Minori, Shiki, and Murakumo slacking off. Yumi is clearly displeased by the fact they didn't train with her and Yozakura but says otherwise when Shiki asks. Minori says they received a letter addressed to them and reads it to find out that it's an invitation to the Grand Opening of the Midwinter Summer Festival at Wonderful Spa-Resort, but it doesn't say who it's from.

Despite everyone's desire to go to the spa-resort, Yumi denies their wishes as she believes spa-resorts are irrelevant to the path of justice and calls them lazy. She then says their hearts are covered in evil while pointing out all the things they've been too preoccupied with doing other than their training.

Yumi stands firm on her decision for them not to go and is surprised when Yozakura says she also wishes to go to the spa-resort. In order to resolve the situation, Shiki makes Yumi play booby rock paper scissors to decide if they'll go or not.

Naturally, Yumi protests to this but is forced to play as Minori and Murakumo take off her uniform jacket and shirt against her will. Shiki wins the game and Yumi unwillingly says she won't argue because she has lost, but hopes nothing bad happens when they get there.

The Gessen elite arrive at the spa-resort where Yumi still expresses her distaste of being there in the first place as it has nothing to with the path of justice. Refusing to give into the temptation of the resort's attractions, Yumi calls everything evil for a second time.

At that moment the Hanzō, Crimson Squad, and Hebijo shinobi show up. It is revealed that the too had invitations to the resort. They all decided to call a ceasefire for the day and just have fun.

After getting dressed into their bathing suits Yumi watches her comrades play in the pool and sees how happy they are, fearing she may have been far too strict on them. As Homura gives Yumi a lecture on how she should learn how to have fun at the right times, an argument breaks out between Homura, Miyabi and Asuka which leads to Yumi presenting a solution.

Yumi suggests that they have a shinobi cavalry battle as the deciding fight. Crimson Squad is the only team unable to participate due to Yomi being too full from eating so much. Yumi suggests they start without them and begin the match.

The battle comes to a draw as all three teams pull each other's headbands at the same time. Yumi is not satisfied with this result and insists on continuing even further by taking each other's clothes until there is nothing left.

Everyone thinks Yumi is going too far and that they should just let it be a tie. Yumi clarifies that she is still having that eerie feeling from before when Murakumo (whose mask was knocked off) asks. Yumi's bad feeling proving to be accurate, a large number of unknown shinobi dressed in black appearing in the spa-resort.

With no other choice, the girls of Gessen, Hanzo, Hebijo, and Crimson Squad join forces to defeat the unknown enemy. Yumi deduces that the shinobi they're fighting aren't just any normal shinobi. In order to get on equal footing with them, they all attempt to transform but realize an unknown force is preventing them from doing so.

Now being backed into a corner, Rin and Daidouji appear and give them a rousing speech. Yumi agrees with their words and tells everyone to use their trump-card. Yumi and the others all enter Super Frantic Mode and shed all their clothing for an extreme boost in power and speed.

Having successfully gotten the upper-hand, Yumi and the others are presented with another issue. Ryōna had accidentally consumed Haruka's "make anything bigger" potion causing her to increase in size. In order to shrink her back to her normal size, Yumi and the others attack Ryōna to get her to sweat the substance out.

After finally getting Ryōna back down to her normal size, Asuka asks if what had just happened was the big battle she was speaking of to which Yumi disagrees as the big battle she felt wasn't something as ridiculous as what had just happened.

On their way out of the spa-resort, Yumi's comrades apologize to her for not listening to her and training more. Yumi tells them that she should be the one apologizing to all of them because even though becoming strong is important, taking their smiles away in doing so makes being strong worthless and she wishes to protect those smiles. While they will still undergo grueling training, she promises that they can take breaks and relax together every so often. Happily, the girls all make their way back home.

Kagura Millennium Festival

Yumi tries to begin the Gessen elite's training for the day but she was cut off by the conversation between Minori, Shiki, and Murakumo which leaves her words ignored. However, thanks to Yozakura scolding everyone they finally pay attention. While it is normally her job to scold the others, Yumi says she left that bitter job to Yozakura instead and formally thanks her.

Yumi takes notice of a light coming from behind Yozakura and wonders if she thanked Yozakura far too much. When Yozakura asks what she means, Yumi clarified by saying Yozaura has a halo on her head. Everyone else but Yozakura seems to take notice of the light and eventually grows larger before sucking them all in.

The group appears on a summer beach, not knowing why they're there. Minori alerts Yumi of a strange person nearby and everyone prepares for battle. Yumi tells them all to be careful as she senses a murderous intent.

After managing to repel the group of enemy shinobi. Yumi takes notice of the fact that they seem to be the same shinobi that attacked them at the spa-resort. She feels as though they are trying to drag them to their place this time. Everyone suddenly get sidetracked as they want to play on the beach and Yumi tells them she would really like it if they could read the mood.

Yumi and the rest of Gessen eventually meets up with Hebijo and Hanzō who apparently have the same situation as them. With Ryōna and Ryōbi still missing, Miyabi asks Yumi and Asuka for help in finding them. They eventually meet up with Homura, whom Yumi comments looks as healthy as ever.

At that same moment, Sayuri appears and it is revealed to everyone that it is Asuka's grandmother. At the same time Ryōna, Ryōbi, and Ryōki show up and Sayuri says that since everyone is now gathered they can start the festival.

Sayuri welcomes Yumi and the others to the Kagura Thousand Year Festival. When she explains that Kagura Thousand Year Festival is an event that allows dead shinobi to live once again as they calm their souls to eventually rest in peace, Yumi ponders on the chance of Kurokage also being present.

When the Mikagura sisters appear, Yumi states that she remembers hearing about a family of shrine maiden. After hearing Sayuri say that while they are in the world where the festival takes place that time is stopped in their own, Yumi is impressed at Sayuri's abilities. However, Yumi still questions why they were even summoned in the first place.

Sayuri finally explains that the reason she summoned them all is to do the Shinobi Bon Dance. Renka goes into further detail saying all the groups gathered, including the Kagura Thousand Year Festival executives will preform a flashy five group team battle in order to destroy eighty-one festival platforms.

Yumi is hesitant to agree at first but Sayuri says who ever destroys the most towers will open the path to becoming Kagura. When she asks Sayuri what that means exactly, Sayuri says she will know when the time comes.

Yumi finally decides to participate in the event despite not fully understanding what's going on. Renka volunteers to be her first opponent.

After Yumi's defeat, Renka asks if Yumi was serious or just going easy on her. Yumi says that she wasn't holding back, but just can't focus on the battle.

SKEV CG 03.jpg
Shiki says that Yumi may be feeling the same presence as all of them. Yumi believes that the presence they feel is Kurokage. Renka, being displeased with how things went, tells Yumi she better make it up to her in their next battle before she takes her leave.

Yumi and the rest of Gessen try to search for Kurokage, but to no avail. Yumi is certain she sensed his presence but decides it's probably best to forget searching for him at the moment and focus on the Shinobi Lantern Festival. With that said, Shiki goes off to scout Hebijo and see what they're up to.

SKEV CG 08.jpg
While Shiki is away, Yumi and the others decide to have fun and just go with the flow for the time being due to seeing Yozakura so upbeat. Shiki suddenly shows up and is upset at them all for having fun when she's not there. Yumi and the others apologize, saying they forgot she went out for scouting. Shiki quickly forgives them.

Miyabi, Imu and Murasaki appear to get revenge for Shiki beating Miyabi, saying that the three of them will be more than enough to take down Gessen. Much to Yumi's surprise, Yozakura says that she will take all three of them down because she doesn't like the way they look down on them. Yozakura pleads to Yumi to let her fight alone to make up for letting her emotions get the better of her.

Yumi accepts Yozakura's request, but tells her that she should call on them if she's in danger. After Yozakura's victory and Hebijo's retreat, Yumi feels Kurokage's presence yet again and deduces he must be somewhere in the area. However she wonders why they can't find him in person like Ryōki.

SKEV CG 09.jpg
Haruka gathers everyone together to discuss a new name for the Shinobi Bon Dance. After eventually deciding on a name, Haruka begins the competition starting with Gessen for a panty eating event. Naturally Yumi disagrees to this as she states panties are for wearing, not putting them in one's mouth.

The rest of Gessen also state their own displeasure to the event which prompts Haruka to take matters into her own hands and forcing the underwear into their mouths, marking a win for Crimson Squad in the first event.

Later on, Yumi approaches Sayuri to inquire about the shinobi who appear in the world they currently are having any attachment to the real world. Sayuri explains that the shinobi who appear there are unable to rest in peace and comes to the conclusion her question is related to Kurokage. Yumi confirms this as such as she and the others have been feeling his presence since arriving.

When asked what she intends to do when she meets him, she says that she will stay with him until he's ready to move on. Sayuri tells her plan won't work and calls the Mikagura Sisters over so she can feel what she means rather her explaining. Ryōna and Ryōbi also show up by chance and partake in the battle alongside Yumi. Kafuru challenges all three of them at the same time. After losing to Kafuru, Sayuri says that Yumi and Ryōbi are flled with doubt, much to Yumi's confusion. Sayuri says it'll be difficult for them to focus on the Shinobi Bon Dance in their current state, and asks Yumi to help her gather everyone up to show them all something.

Yumi and all the others gather around on the beach to witness Sayuri's showing of the yoma Shin in the sky through an ultimate secret ninja art. Despite Sayuri's attempts as using it means to rile everyone up for the festival, Yumi and the rest of Gessen aren't particularly enthused about going home.

Later on, having felt Kurokage's presence, Yumi and the rest of Gessen run frantically through a forest in search of his location. She and the others soon find him standing at the edge of a cliff. During their heartfelt reunion, the girls tell him of everything that has happened since his passing and how much they've missed him.

Yumi blissfully states how she doesn't want to go home now that she can be with Kurokage, and the others agree. Kurokage is against the idea, as she expects. However she can't find it in her heart to say goodbye so soon after just finding him.

After a bit motivation from Kurokage, he beseeches them all to show him how much stronger they've all become. Yumi, wishing to give back to the man who raised them all tells the others to keep moving forward with a smile for Kurokage.

SKEV CG 15.jpg
After the meeting with Kurokage, the girls go and confront the Overseers of the Festival for a battle. After their victory, Yumi consoles her teammates who are overwhelmed with grief at the thought that they will soon be forced to part with Kurokage after the festival. She tells them they can't face him with tears and must report their victory with pride their hearts and smiles on their faces.

Yumi receives a report on the current situation with the other groups from Murakumo. Upon hearing Murakumo's intentions of trying to stay with Kurokage, she tries to advise her against it. When Yomi steals Murakumo's mask in an attempt to get through to her, Yumi praises her actions saying that she would have never had it in her to go that far, and believes she should find a way to thank her. Hikage advises Yumi to give Yomi a big bag of bean sprouts, to which Yumi agrees.

Yumi and Kurokage engage in heated battle, during which she recalls all of her fondest memories of him. After their fight reaches their climax, Kurokage begins to fade away. Yumi is filled with sadness, Kurokage tells her to become a beautiful moon for all to see. After the two exchange farewells, Yumi vows to take up his wish and swears to shine like a moon for everyone.

Shortly after this, Yumi confronts Hanzō with intention of destroying their festival platforms. Homura appears during this and challenges Yumi which results in her resolving to defeat both her and Asuka to show Kurokage that his soul can rest in peace.

Yumi wins the battle, much their dismay. But she tells them that the battle between them cannot be decided in one single match and that they each have their own light that they should nourish as they face one another. She speaks to herself and wishes for Kurokage to rest assured that she has many friends such as Asuka and Homura, and to watch over them all from heaven.

SKEV CG 24.jpg
During the end of the Shinobi Bon Dance, Gessen is the last school Jasmine (Sayuri's young form) goes to in order to "teach them a lesson". Yumi mildly shocks Jasmine by destroying the last of Gessen's festival platforms and does battle with her, not because she is required to, but rather to satisfy both of their desires. This also results in Gessen being knocked out of the tournament. Jasmine is impressed with Yumi's resolve and they do battle.

Yumi emerges victorious, though Jasmine is weakened and reverts back to her normal state as Sayuri. Sayuri praises Yumi for overpowering her, but Yumi states that it wasn't power alone, but also her emotions which she converted into willpower and fought with. After an exchange of words, Yumi manages to sway Sayuri's thoughts on throwing away one's emotions and Sayuri instead tells her to go down her own path. She thanks Sayuri and tells her to rest with Gessen's deepest thanks.

SKEV CG 26.jpg
After Ryōna and Ryōbi's fight with Ryōki, the festival still doesn't have a conclusive winner and as such continues. Yumi happily comments on how it means that they'll be able to continue their summer vacation for a little while longer as they continue to fight one another. Afterwards, she and the others gather on the beach and watch as Ryōki finally disappears.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yumi wonders what to strive for after mastering the Path of the Shinobi. The only thing she can think of is striving to become a splendid bride. She wonders what she would have to do in order to become an ideal bride. While she stands firm on her beliefs regarding cuteness being justice, she knows that just being cute will not make her the bride she should be. Having no idea what areas she should polish in order to become the ideal bride, Yumi seeks out the advice of others.

Yumi seeks advice from Ryōna on how to become a resplendent bride.

Ryōna agrees to help her but tells her to first "smack her ass around like there's no tomorrow". Afterwards, Ryōna tells Yumi that in order to become the perfect bride that she needs to have the perfect cry to tickle her master's heart. The two of them practice various cries and Ryōna is pleased by her efforts and says that her master will be pleased. Yumi comments on how the path to bride-hood is more difficult than expected.

Yumi seeks assistance from Hikage and Yozakura regarding advice on becoming the ideal bride. Yozakura says guts and that one must be strong and stubborn. Hikage comments that when she hears 'guts' she tends to think more about moms than brides. Yumi becomes somewhat flustered at the thought of people potentially calling her mother if she toughens up and feels as though it may be a bit too early for such a thing.

Yumi is approached by Renka who assumes that she's in the middle of a fight when really she's just asking people for advice on how to become the perfect bride. Renka is put-off by Yumi's 'cutesy' act and says that she's not a fan of such things. Yumi quickly tells Renka that she's not trying to act cute and questions if she's never thought of bride-hood herself. Renka becomes flustered and immediately denies it, but Yumi can see her trembling and assumes she's only lying. Renka continues to fervently deny her claim, but Yumi seems rather unconvinced. Renka is desperate to end the conversation, so Yumi just leaves it at the thought that perhaps not every dreams of bride-hood.

Yumi is approached by Murakumo who is aware that she's been searching for ways to become a perfect bride. Yumi asks if Murakumo knows anything that can help her. Murakumo says she can help as she did some research on a related matter for her comics and agrees to help her in exchange for using her moves in battle for her next comic.

Murakumo says that every resplendent bride needs to have a 'destined encounter' such as a being captured by a demon king and then being subsequently rescued by a warrior. Yumi comments on how that doesn't sound very realistic, but Murakumo goes on to say that Yōma possibly have at least one king. Yumi begins to slowly see the possibility of it but then wonders that if there isn't a demon king then that means she can't become a perfect bride.

In the end, Yumi is no closer to becoming a perfect bride than she was from the start. Asuka notices that Yumi doesn't seem very happy and asks her if she's okay before inviting her to a little workout to help improve her mood. Asuka asks Yumi what's on her mind, and so Yumi tells her that she wishes to know how to become the perfect bride. This prompts Asuka to mention her grandmother whom she deems to be the perfect bride and lists her resplendent qualities. This causes Yumi to become excited as she believes she's finally found the way to become the perfect bride.

SKEV CG 27.jpg
Yumi goes to Sayuri for help in becoming the perfect bride. Sayuri takes Yumi under her wing, saying it's just as tough as the Path of the Kagura. Yumi understands and accepts this fact. Sayuri begins to grope Yumi as she states that a great wife needs to have a great pair of breasts. In order to make this happen she needs to be groped. Yumi is flustered by this as she realizes the path to bride-hood is far steeper and much more embarrassing than she originally thought.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

I Love Them Thick!
Yumi and Asuka are making futomaki together. With this being Yumi's first time making them, she's not confident they'll turn out very well. When asked by Asuka how big her mouth is, she questions if there's a point to what is being asked. It is revealed that Asuka wants to make the futomaki so big that it barely fits in her mouth.

Yumi immediately rejects the idea, preferring something slimmer and easier to snack on. The two of them end up in a back and forth of exchange about slimness versus thickness. Mirai and Yomi happen to walk in during, with Mirai not understanding what the conversation is about and Yomi taking the context of the conversation out of place. Once Mirai complains to Asuka about not knowing what's going on, Asuka ends up getting annoyed.

Yumi decides to try a thick futomaki roll after Asuka's insistence. The situation is made clear to Yomi and Mirai when Asuka tells them that she and Yumi were just getting really heated over what kind of rolls to make.

The two of them are invited to make rolls as well but during the process, Yomi and Asuka end up having an argument about Yomi putting bean sprouts on her roll. Yumi suggests to Mirai that the two of them just finish making their own and go about their way until they're finished.

Special Missions

Yumi, Haruka, Homura, Asuka, and Miyabi talk about the events of the Anime OVA, which eventually leads to Asuka, Miyabi, and Homura bickering among themselves due to Haruka's virus that makes people spew insults. Aside from Haruka who took the antibody, Yumi is only one who is immune to the effects of the virus due to her earnest nature.

Yumi asks Haruka if there's anything they can do to help them. It is then that Haruka gives the three a virus that makes people say their true feelings.

Yumi tries to calm them all down through battle, leading to them sweating out the virus. Everyone begins to make amends for the previous insults and all seems well until Homura points out that none of them have heard Yumi's true feelings.

Asuka, Homura, and Miyabi unanimously agree to find out Yumi's true colors even if they have to force her. This causes Yumi to become highly distressed as they all go after her.

During a trip to a hot spring, Asuka complains about how she feels as though her role in the story has been becoming smaller as of late, and that everything seems to revolve around Yumi and Miyabi's groups. Yumi tries to mitigate Asuka's concerns, but to no avail. Homura says that she'll give Asuka her chance to stand out by fighting her. Yumi and Miyabi also decide to participate.

During the battle, it is revealed that Asuka just wants to have the lead role. This leads to Asuka, Miyabi and Homura to have a heated exchange about who of the four of them is most fit to be lead whilst Yumi only states her personal disinterest on the subject. Yumi's stance on the matter results them all acknowledging her as the perfect candidate for the lead role, and this makes Asuka view her as the threat.

Asuka manages to come out victorious in the four-way brawl. Yumi comments on how Asuka seemed more motivated than usual, to which Miyabi follows up by saying she seemed desperate. Homura agrees with them both and says Asuka was being pretty pathetic considering the subject matter.

The three have yet another exchange about who's more fit to be the lead, but Yumi says there's no reason for any of them to fuss about something so trivial.

As they prepare to fight yet again, Yumi comments to herself on how Asuka is like the sun in the middle of all of them, which suits a lead very well. However, she also says that "when the sun sets, the moon shines brighter, entrancing the world with its quiet kindness." With that said, Yumi regards herself as being the lead.

Yumi and the rest of Gessen approaches Hanzō with the intent of settling their differences through battle. They have a long discussion about their differing forms of justice and their stances on how to deal with varying types of evil.

Yumi makes it a point to say that Hanzō has the justice of the sun, which is warm and takes in all regardless of good or evil. However, Gessen has the cold and piercing justice of the moon which shines on the evil that lurks in the night. Their power comes from the the worlds righteous indignation, it's yearning for justice at any cost.

After their battle against Hanzō, both sides reach the conclusion that both of their forms of justice are equal and opposite, and that in essence they are both a sword and shield. Yumi states that she believes the world needs both of their lights and wishes for the two groups to continue to devote their selves to their beliefs and dance on the path to justice.

Yumi and the others are training with one another. She's impressed with their growth, but know that staying long term could lead to problems as they will continue to age despite time in their home world being stopped. Yumi concludes that it will be best for them to conclude their session.

It's not until Homura suggests that they all fight one more time to determine whose the strongest between them. This leads to them playing a quick round of rock, paper, scissors they determine that Gessen and Hebijo will be on one team and Hanzō and Crimson Squad on the other.

The battle concludes with Gessen and Hebijo emerging victorious, much to the displeasure Hanzo Crimson Squad. Eventually they decide to take a break before having a rematch.

The scenario is the same as Shinobi of the New Generation except this time Hanzo and Crimson Squad emerge victorious. Miyabi blames Yumi's cold aura for distracting her, and Yumi retorts saying that it's unbecoming of Miyabi to find excuses for her lack of strength.

Yumi and the others are all gathered up by Sayuri who intends to bring the festival to a close, but not before having all the groups face her at the same time. Yumi is hesitant as she knows Sayuri's health has taken a terrible toll already, but Sayuri assures her she's fine.

Hearing Sayuri's offer to acknowledge them all as being able to fight Shin if they can beat her strengthens everyone's resolve to fight and win. However, Sayuri overpowers them all. Yumi is completely awed by the amount of power Sayuri possesses. With the festival coming to a close, Yumi feels as though something new will begin when they arrive back home.

The scenario is the same as Don't Underestimate the Elderly except Yumi and the others emerge victorious.

Peach Beach Splash


Yumi and the rest of her team are making the most out of the strangely hot weather they've been having during mid-winter by spending time on the school roof with a small pool. She and Yozakura speak about how peaceful things have been and how shinobi should strive to protect such peace. While Yumi agrees with this notion, she admits to yearning for something exciting to happen every now and again.

It is at this moment that an arrow lands near her with a letter attached stating that all students of Gessen Academy have been cordially invited to PBS. Though uncertain about what PBS is, she feels as though a thrill may be awaiting them there and happily encourages her team to participate.

Gessen Arc

Yumi expresses her displeasure with PBS and how she finds it humiliating. She strongly disapproves of them participating in the tournament, though Yumi is convinced by Shiki to at least participate in the first round as it could possibly prove beneficial to their training, leaving Yumi to request that they at least keep the lewdness to a minimum if they are to participate.

During the first round, Yumi becomes more accepting to the idea of PBS as she finds herself actually enjoying herself. Once the match is over, she agrees to allow them all continue on with the tournament as she believe it could help improve their skills -- so long as they keep their decency.

PBS CG 7.png

Yumi explains to other Gessen members that it is their duty to win as participants in the tournament. Due to the nature of PBS she believes their experience and training will not apply and therefore they must compose a new strategy.

In light of Murakumo's advice "squeezing" the trigger of the gun. Yumi and the others are puzzled by the concept wondering if they could practice to fully grasp the concept. The girls all begin to grope and squeeze their own breasts.

After the second round Yumi and the others are confronted by Miss R and Mr. K who commend them for their performance. Yumi overhears Miss R accidentally mention something about a plan which piques her interest. Though before she can inquire further the two leave.

While she has no idea what they're up to, she feels as though something troubling will begin soon. Shiki states that that if anything comes their way, to which Yumi agrees. However upon hearing Shiki making a concerning comment about how they probably wouldn't even need her for that, Yumi begins to grow worried about her.

Yumi speaks to Yozakura about Shiki's strange behavior though before the conversation can go anywhere Shiki appears and talks about how sketchy Miss R and Mr. K are. Yumi agrees and believes the two of them consider their group as apart of a secret projects, so they should keep it in mind. She states that if PBS is indeed nefarious then they may need to stop it.

Yumi and Yozakura resume the previous topic of Shiki after she leaves, but Yozakura thinks she just seems a little more excited than usual -- probably because they're on the island -- and Yumi hopes that everything is just her imagination.

The group continues to contemplate the true nature behind PBS during the third round, and upon winning they are met by Miss R and Mr. K once again. Yumi directly inquires about the true purpose of PBS but fails to acquire any information from the two before they leave.

Yumi notices Minori seems to be in low spirits, and it becomes suspicious of her hiding something when she becomes defensive. Before she can be pressed any further, Ayame appears and challenges them to a match outside of the tournament. Yumi accepts and says they won't give any less than their full force.

During the match Yumi continues to wonder about Minori's decline in moo. Upon the match's conclusion Ayame asks if they can be rivals, but Yumi is uncertain and says they can just be friends instead. This pleases Ayame greatly.

Yumi begins to grow more concerned about Shiki's strange behavior, and tells her that she can tell them anything if something is troubling her and that she should let her friends help if her secrets are causing her pain.

After the fourth-round preliminaries Yumi and the others finally learn that Shiki has been scouted by International Shinobi School, leading to Yumi asking if she plans to leave Gessen Academy.

The group is in low spirits due to the news of Shiki being scouted, but Yumi tries to remain positive, believing it to be wonderful that Shiki can finally follow her dream. Shiki expresses her lamentations about being unsure of what to do as accepting the offer would mean leaving all of them. She asks Yumi what she should do, but Yumi is uncertain herself.

The team makes it to the semifinals and are greeted by Mr. K and Miss R and Mr. K offers words of encouragement for them in relation to their situation with Shiki. His words are enough to motivate them to proceed on with the next round. Shiki believes that after the finals she'll have the answer she seeks, and Yumi tells Shiki that as her friends they'll fight beside her towards victory.

Team Gessen is set to go against Team Hebijo in the finals. The match begins after a short exchange of words with the opposing team. Once Gessen wins, Yumi congratulates everyone on their victory. Just as Shiki is about to reveal her choice, Mr. K interrupts which causes Yumi to become a bit peeved. Mr. K and Miss R state that they have one more match to do, and it's against them.

Yumi accepts Mr. K and Miss R's challenge, but inquires once more about the true nature of PBS. It is revealed that the tournament is a means of gathering shinobi energies to strengthen Shin's seal, and the reason Team Gessen has to fight them is because they need just a bit more energy for the seal. Hearing this, Yumi eagerly beckons them all to begin right away.

PBS CG 6.png
Once Gessen emerges victorious, Yumi asks about Miss R and Mr. K's role in everything, but Mr. K says he'll explain it all once they leave the island. Shiki tells the team that she's planning to accept the offer to go to International Shinobi School. This leads to an emotional moment between them all followed by them planning a victory party so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Hanzo Arc

Episode 8

Yumi and the rest of Team Gessen greet Team Hanzo before their match against them is set to begin. Despite Minori claiming that Gessen already knows what they want if they win the tournament it becomes clear they don't which causes Yumi to become flustered and state that they are simply forming a consensus. Though Yagyuu says that just means they don't know what they want. Yumi cuts the conversation short and says that chatter is empty if they don't win and that they must surmount the semi-final round.

During the match, Yumi grows worried of Katsuragi's claims of wishing for boob-groping tickets if they win, and upon Team Gessen's defeat, she requests for Katsuragi not to wish for them which Asuka assures her they won't let her.

Hebijo Arc

Episode 8

Yumi and the rest of Team Gessen greet Team Hebijo before their match against them is set to begin. Miyabi grows noticeably anxious when she sees them, and Yumi notices that Ryoubi and Imu seem to be missing which causes. Upon Murakumo pointing out Miyabi's anxiety, Yumi comments that she would have preferred to compete against them all at their best, to which Miyabi replies that they are always at their best. Yumi accepts seemingly accepts her claim as truth and says she looks forward to their match before leaving.

During the course of the match, Yumi takes notice of how Miyabi is simply charging in by her lonesome, much to her and everyone else in Gessen's confusion. Though her team is a bit taken back by Miyabi's display of sheer will she encourages them to fight on. In the end, they ultimately lose.

Crimson Squad Arc

Episode 7

Team Gessen is met with Team Crimson Squad for the next match. Yumi is somewhat surprised, having heard that they had originally planned to leave the tournament. Homura tells her that they have a job lined up and they're going to fight for it.

During the match, Yumi inquires about what Homura knows regarding what PBS is hiding, though Homura refuses while telling her they have job to do. The mention of a job piques Yumi's curiosity, causing Homura to gloat about how they're working like fully-fledged shinobi way before them. When Team Gessen is defeated, Homura proceeds to gloat even more and Yumi simply commends her display and accepts defeat.

P-1 Climax Arc

Yumi and the others attempt to escape the island after Meiun reveals his plans to keep them all on the island to keep them safe from Shin's arrival in the near future. They attempt to use a ship on the island to escape, but their plan's are thwarted by Meiun who destroys it.

Yumi, Asuka, Homura, and Miyabi and the other leaders express their displeasure with the idea of being confined to the island as a means to escape Shin. She states that their vision of paradise is a place where anyone can smile, no some fool's paradise for just one person. The four decide to find a way off the island.

Yumi and her team are told by Kiriya and Rin that the rainbow bridge that was used to get them to the island goes both ways. While uncertain of whether or not it will be a viable option due to the barrier that surrounds the island, Yumi knows that they will never be able to fulfill Kurokage's wishes if they're trapped on the island. With this said, she leads her comrades to the rainbow bridge. The group makes it to the bridge but sees that the barrier is causing it to crush. Not wanting to miss their chance, the group rushes towards it on Yumi's command. However the bridge is broken by Ryouki who uses it come down from heaven by accident.

With the rainbow bridge almost back up, Yumi encourages her team to push just a bit farther. In order to gather their energy for the battle ahead, the group prepares to eat one of Yozakura's Super Dishes. However the food is erased by Meiun who tries to stray them from their attempts at leaving the island. While Yumi is upset she can't enjoy Yozakura's meal, she requests that she make another for them all to enjoy once they return.

Yumi is questioned by Meiun as to why she spurns his paradise. She states it's because she has no intention of running from Shin, and that Gessen doesn't turn their backs on their troubles. When Meiun criticizes Kurokage's life and how he died a meaningless death, Yumi says that the meaning of his death is for Gessen to decide, by living for his teachings.

She makes it clear that nothing Meiun can do or say will change their minds and that there isn't a future in a place where time stands still, but rather forward. With that said she encourages for her team to build the new bridge. However despite fighting their hardest the bridge remains down.

Yumi begins to doubt her strength and feels as though she's shamed Kurokage's teachings. Whilst putting herself down, Minori gives her a pat on the head followed by her whole team to raise her spirits, much to her surprise. After a few encouraging words from her teammates Yumi, in brighter spirits, gives Minori a pat on the head as thanks.

Yumi recalls the time during the Kagura Millennium Festival in which Kurokage told her to "become a beautiful moon for all to see." While she knows the moon shines all across the world and that she can't possibly do it alone, she knows that with her friends gleaming alongside her that she can perhaps become the moon he wished for. To herself, she thanks Kurokage for leaving her with such wonderful friends.

During a match against Crimson Squad, Homura says that she can never forgive Yumi, and Yumi has no idea why. She only receives the hint from her that it's something in relation to "win ratio," but even then Yumi still has no idea what Homura means. After the match, the two groups notice the bridge is almost up and Meiun continues to try and dissuade them from leaving by saying their efforts are pointless.

Though the bridge is almost done, Yumi and the other shinobi are still unable to get it complete fast enough. In order to get it done they all decide that combining their power in one big fight would be more beneficial. However even with Kiriya and Rin helping they'd still need even more energy, possibly from a legendary shinobi. It is at this moment that Jasmine shows up, and Yumi challenges her to a match on the group's behalf. Amused, Jasmine accepts and the fight commences.

After the match against Jasmine, the bridge is repaired and Yumi is pleased to see that they'll finally be able to return home. However, this joy is fleeting as Meiun simply destroys the bridge again to show everything they've done has been for nothing.

Meiun continues to shatter the group's will to leave the island, but Yumi and the others stand strong and refuse to be discouraged. Upon hearing his claims that he will let them off the island if he sees they have even a remote possibility of standing against Shin, Yumi encourages the other to fight.

Despite their efforts, Meiun still doesn't feel as they have a chance against Shin, causing Yumi to doubt whether or not their best is even good enough. He proposes one last challenge to prove themselves worth of leaving: Final Splash.

Final Splash

Yumi and the other team leaders are taken to the final battle against Heaven's Casket to prove themselves worthy of leaving the island and fighting Shin. Upon their victory, Meiun acknowledges their strength and passion and permits them all to leave. Yumi asks if Meiun would like to leave with them as he has more experience with Shin than any of them and would value his insight. Meiun refuses as must remain in the island to maintain its seal.

PBS CG 4.png

When the rainbow bridge is repaired, Yumi expresses her desire to stay on the island a bit more due to how rare it is for all of them to come together without any missions at stake. The others agree with her sentiment and decide to play around a bit longer before heading back and have a race down the beach.

Paradise Episodes

Summer FES

Yumi was in the makeup room staring into the mirror practicing her baby talk in preparation for the Summer Fes. It was an event for young shinobi in which they crown the year’s top idols. This year the contestants will be competing in pairs Yumi suspected that the judges will have two main criteria: performance in PBS and cuteness. The reason she chose to challenge the Summer Fes. Idols were cute and cute is justice. If she were to master justice and therefore righteousness this was a natural step in the path. She gave the mirror her most adorable smile and says “Nice to mee’chu” She could surely place in the contest but winning the honors. She brushes off her concerns saying to herself, she must be more confident she will win and will master justice. The door then suddenly opens and Murakumo approaches her. She asks her for a favor in a serious tone. When asked what it was Murakumo changes her mind and immediately leaves. Yumi knew that Murakumo was going to say something and was going to go after her until she saw time it was. It was almost time for the Summer Fes to start. Yumi still didn’t have her partner so she sets out to find one.

She comes across Haruka asking her if she wanted to enter the Summer Fes together. Haruka giggles telling her it was a joyous invitation. Yumi then tells her that “Cuteneth ith juthtith!” That was going to be her theme and asks Haruka what hers was. She then tells Yumi she’d rather enter as herself. Yumi asks her if she wasn’t going to make herself sound cute. Haruka tells her she might have a few qualms about that. Yumi comments that, that was unfortunate. She questions why Haruka would resist the cuteness, she didn’t understand.

As she continues her search, she stumbles upon Katsuragi and Ayame. Katsuragi approaches Yumi asking what she was up to. Yumi asks her if she wanted to be on her team. Katsuragi declines as she was already with Ayame. Who tells Yumi that Katsuragi belonged to her. Yumi then says there was nothing for it. Yumi in her baby talk says “I hafta huwwy and find a pawtner, how twoublethome!”

She then finds Daidōji and asks her if she wanted to be her partner. She tells her no she had no interest in that she was busy striving for power. Yumi tells her today’s youth consider cuteness a sign of strength “Cute ith juthtithe,” if you will. Daidōji falling for this, questions what is she driving at. Yumi tells her to change the way she speaks. Daidōji tells her she didn’t understand. Yumi responds with “No! I don’t underthtand!” Daidōji asks her if that is the key to strength and justice. Yumi tells her “That’s wight” Daidōji then begins to mimic Yumi’s baby talk. Yumi tells her she was terribly sorry as the way she was doing it wasn’t right.

Yumi is now in a dilemma as she couldn’t keep looking for a partner forever. Hikage unexpectedly approaches her telling her she didn’t have a partner asking if she wanted to pair up. Yumi asks her if she was serious. Hikage tells her she was deadly serious and tells her she was going to test her first if she didn’t mind. Yumi accepts. Hikage then shouts Samba confusing Yumi. In the end Hikage decides against having Yumi as her partner as she didn’t feel any samba spirit from her. Yumi then leaves to find someone else.

Murakumo approaches Yumi and asks her if she was still looking for a partner. Yumi confirms and that at this rate she’ll miss the festival and begins questioning what she should do. Murakumo tries to say something but is unable to say a sentence and apologizes for being useless. Yumi then asks her if she wanted to join the festivities.

PBS CG 5.png
Yumi grabs Murakumo’s hand as she tried to run away and asks her if she would be her partner. Murakumo then finally tells her she wanted to join her in the first place but if she went without her mask, she didn’t want to hurt her chances. Yumi now knowing what Murakumo was keeping inside tells her to have no fear mask or no mask true cuteness will prevail. Murakumo tries to say something but Yumi tells her “To be cute ith to be adowable!”. Yumi began to help Murakumo practice her baby talk, and tells her she’ll gain her wings confusing her teammate. Yumi goes on about how her friend would break out of her cocoon and her body would be engulfed in true moon’s cuteness and from then on, she’d dance in the shining light with no regards to her mask and they would win the Summer Fes. Murakumo didn’t understand but she’d take her word for it. They continue to practice her baby talk. Yumi sees her teachings were helping her grow if Murakumo could find it in herself to take another step they can win.

Ghost Hunt

Miyabi just finishes telling Yumi, Asuka and Homura a ghost story with their eyes wide open. Something she should’ve expected much, there are some things that are too much to accept even for elite leaders. But for this mission she needed their cooperation, no matter what. So, she had to convince them to believe her. She then tells them again she saw a ghost. It was on the outskirts of the island she saw the ghost of a bloody woman floating in mid-air. The further she went into detail the paler their faces grew. She then tells them she needed their assistance to exterminate the ghost. Homura refused to mess with ghosts. She even questions why Miyabi needed to exterminate it. Ghosts just like to hang around and be ghosts just let them be. Yumi tries to calm her down she understood how she felt but if there is a ghost on the loose, they can’t turn a blind eye. Asuka agrees with Yumi she even says what good is shinobi who are afraid of ghosts. Homura makes a retort as Asuka and tries to leave. Only for Asuka and Yumi to stop her. Miyabi tells them she appreciates their commitment. She then shouts out to the ghost that it won’t know fear until it faced shinobi.

They search the shinobi estate first during the search Yumi hears a crack. Asuka thinks it’s the rapping sound ghosts are supposed to make when they show up. Homura couldn’t hear it. Yumi notices a scent that smells raw. Homura begins freaking out thinking the ghost was there. Yagyu suddenly arrives asking what all the commotion was. Homura asks her if she was the ghost. She tells her she was just broiling cuttlefish. Miyabi then realizes that was the cracking sound. Yagyu asks if she wanted some which Miyabi declines. Miyabi then decides to check elsewhere for the ghost.

As they continue their search Homura screams out pointing to a floating face. The others take notice and Murakumo arrives apologizing to them as it was her mask that she was drying out in the sun. Miyabi realizes it was just Murakumo’s mask to which Homura says she knew it was that all along. Asuka dismisses her words as they all heard her screaming. Homura tells her they were all nervous so it was a draw. Asuka confusingly asks if they were having a match. Miyabi sees there were no ghosts in the area.

Sometime later Homura asks Miyabi why she wants to beat the ghost so badly. Miyabi tells her to become a true leader she must conquer fear. Something Homura agrees with. She then tells her that it was nice having someone to talk about with that sort of thing. Miyabi agrees pointing out they were both evil shinobi, Homura feels a chill. When questioned by Miyabi, Homura tells her she can feel eyes on them. Full of hate. Miyabi calls out to the ghost. They could hear a voice saying vengeance and Homura. Homura screams asking what she did. The voice tells her she wanted to take her place next to Miyabi. Homura realizes it was just Imu. Miyabi apologizes to her and tells her to pay no mind. Miyabi realizes something was wrong, the ghost was nowhere to be found.

Homura comments that the ghost knows how to hide as they couldn’t find it. Yumi questions where could it be hiding. Miyabi began to think it was her imagination but dismisses it because she knew what she saw. They heard a scream whom Miyabi identifies as Kafuru who approaches them telling them of a ghost. Miyabi asks if she was sure. Kafuru says it was floating in midair with its face drenched in blood. Now having confirmation that her ghost was real Miyabi tells the others there was no time to lose. Miyabi says to herself that she will defeat her ghost.

They arrive to where Kafuru saw the ghost. Miyabi tells the others to stay alert as she could sense another presence. Homura tells Asuka to snap out of it and to not be a wuss. Asuka tells her she can’t walk if she was stuck to her. Homura tells her to cut it out and not to step away from her they were destined rivals she wouldn’t let her disappear. Yumi tells them both to silence themselves or the ghost would escape. Something Homura was fine with. Yumi then sees something nearby. Miyabi knowing it must be the ghost they had no choice but to go. They corner the ghost.

Miyabi sees the ghost gliding through the darkness like a shadow. Homura and Asuka scream out each other’s names and grab onto each other shaking in fear. Yumi also in fear begins holding her head and repeats a buddhist chant. Miyabi seeing as how she was on her own shouts out to the ghost to prepare itself, draws out her sword and charges into the darkness. It then shouts out for her to stop and the way she says Miyabi’s name was “Me-a-bee” The second she hears this Miyabi stops knowing there was literally only one person on earth, heaven or hell who would ever call her that. Miyabi asks the ghost if it was Shiki.

Ghist Hunting-dbsm8bu.jpg
Turns out Shiki was just practicing for a Halloween party and got too into it and got carried away. She even wipes the fake blood on her face with a towel. Miyabi questions Shiki why would she practice for her Halloween party here of all places. Shiki tells her that a lot’s been going on so she thought it might help her get used to foreign culture. She then stops speaking and bows her head to them repeatedly in apology. Miyabi knowing she was the one who started all this as she failed to recognize Shiki because she was completely engulfed in fear. Miyabi apologizes to everyone for the fact that her fear took control of her. She thinks to herself that all this could have been avoided if her mind and will had been stronger. She tells them all she would embark on a fear to conquer her fear. By going on a pilgrimage all around the world to each of the most haunted places and proceeds to ask who’d join her. Everyone flees at full sprint Miyabi calls out to them saying they should conquer ghosts together.

Pain! Pain! Pain!

Yumi approaches Ryōna and asks her what she was doing. Ryōna tells her she wanted pain she was at her limits. Yumi remarks about how that was unfortunate. Ryōna asks Yumi to punish her. Yumi apologizes as she cannot punish someone who has done nothing wrong. Ryōna complains that she was mean. She was glad she was being mean but she wanted pain. Yumi apologizes about how she couldn’t be of any help to her. Ryōna begins to shout out she wanted pain now.

Ryōna continues asking Yumi to punish her which she keeps declining. Yumi in an attempt to calm her down gives her handmade shaved ice. Ryōna appreciating Yumi’s kindness takes it but was still looking for someone to be cruel to her. Yumi asks her if it didn’t suit her tastes. Ryōna tells her it did and thanks her. Unfortunately Yumi inadvertently gave Ryōna exactly what she wanted due to the brain freeze she'd received from consuming the frozen treat fast she then asks for more confusing Yumi although she was pleased that Ryōna liked it. Ryōna kept finishing the shaved ice and Yumi kept giving her more. Ryōna asks her master for more to freeze her brain. This confuses Yumi who questions when she became Ryōna’s master.


Main Articles: Yumi/Shinovi Versus  · Yumi/Estival Versus  · Yumi/Peach Beach Splash

Yumi fights with two Japanese Tessen, metal hand fans, and wind and ice based moves and ninja arts. Her movements are based on traditional noh dance, and her assets rely on a high defense and freezing capabilities. It is at the cost of bad offense, lowly efficient attack power, as well as easily escapable arts and relatively short range. One is advised to compensate with a good use of combos and Aerial Raves.

Yumi has an awakened state called Ice Queen which involves her entering a state where her ice abilities are enhanced even further, and her attacks empowered. She gets more mobility by skating around on ice in large bows. Her fans are replaced by a sword of ice and despite using such a weapon, she is capable of firing projectiles from her blade.

"Even though Yumi's defense is high, she has low endurance and attack power. She makes up for these, however, with the majority of her moves having freeze abilities. This can stop opponents in their tracks, allowing her to easily gain the upper hand even in the most futile of situations. To make up for her various weaknesses, she must take advantage of her chain attacks, Aerial Rave, and Secret Ninja Arts. Her Frantic Mode makes her range even shorter, so use it in conjuction with her Secret Ninja Arts for optimal effect. Deal quick attacks to build her Ninja Arts gauge, then use her Secret Ninja Arts as much as you can. When surrounded, Ice Pillar Fan is the recommended Secret Ninja Art, as it has a large attack range and can rack up a major combo." -Estival Versus: Yumi's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Other Appearances


Yumi was chanting “Cuteness is justice!” in her baby talk. She struck a pose in front of the mirror. She repeats the word, yes to herself. Her mirror image shined more than usual. “Yes. Flawless.” She says to herself. She came to learn that cuteness is justice, her pose was a part of her daily regimen and day, by day it felt more natural. Soon, she would become a beacon of adorable righteousness. She repeats twinkle, sparkle. To maximize her cuteness for even greater justice, she began practicing her poses. One hundred times a day. She was beginning to grow tired as sweat poured down her head and her arms began to grow numb. She refused to give up as the road to cuteness couldn’t be mastered in a day. Shiki approaches her and asks if she was still doing her cuteness workouts. Yumi looked above herself and saw Shiki, she had been so focused on her training she failed to notice her approaching. She confirms and says cute was justice. To grow closer to that source of all things good, she had to commit the whole of her being. Shiki says she respected people who worked hard. But she made it clear she had a question without asking. Yumi takes notice and wonders if there was an issue with her hard work. Shiki then flat out asks, what was cute. Yumi had no answer. Shiki asked for one good answer, specifically the meaning of the word cute. Yumi tried to come up with an answer, but this made her realize she never gave that any thought, no clear definition of the concept of cuteness. Any answer she could give would leave so much out. It was pitiful, unacceptable how could she pose if she lacked such basic understanding. She then takes notice of something Shiki had in her possession; it was a flyer about a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. Yumi decided this was it, cuteness was a bride who can cook. True cuteness did not derive solely from one’s appearance, this had to be it. Shiki agreed that it was cute if a girl could cook, but asks her if she knew how to cook. Yumi says to her it would be unseemly to boast and to view her cooking skills for herself instead. Yumi then set out to enter the Cook-Off hoping to master true cuteness.

Round 1 The first girl she was facing against was her teammate Murakumo. Yumi comments on this and took note on how formidable she looked. Murakumo then says “Yumi... I not gonna howd back at aww...” Yumi was shocked and asked her what she said. Murakumo then says “I didn’t thay nuffin...” Yumi realizes she was trying to sound cute. “I have the wight to thound cute as well...” Murakumo says. Yumi understood but tells her she didn’t have to sound like her. Murakumo continues her baby talk by saying “Tho naïve... The woad to cuteneth ith altho a battwefiewd...” And continues on with “Tho I’m gonna fight all da way thwoo it, even againtht my vewy own comwades...” Yumi says to her that she would have never guessed her commitment. And commends her by saying. “Impwethive, Muwakumo.” She then decides to begin their battle by saying “...Now then. Wet us do battwe!” And “To thee who’s da vewy cutetht one of all! Wet’s have a faiw fight!” And tho the furth rown of the cook-off begun wiff Yumi wimming. With the first-round over she takes note that it seemed she “twiumphed”. Murakumo questions how she lost, and says she should’ve known better than to mimic Yumi. Who tells her friend that her speech was impeccable. Murakumo points out she lost and will seal away this manner of speech, never again would she lisp or babble. Yumi tells her not to, and how cuteness is something all girls strive for, she couldn’t hoard this speech to herself and pleads with her to babble to her heart’s content. Murakumo asks if she was certain which Yumi confirms. They both say each other's name in a burst of happiness. Yumi at this point decides to move onto the next “Thage”. She was determined to attain true cuteness and she’d be the cutest bride ever.

Round 4 Her next opponent was another member of her team this time being Minori. Yumi takes a note on this and comments this could be another harsh battle. Minori calls out to her and says it was nice to “See-ya-see-ya!” Which Yumi repeats. Minori asks if that was cute and mentions she learned that a little from her. Yumi admits it was cute and all she did was repeat a word. “Repeat-a-peat-a-peat!” Minori says twice. Yumi began to feel defeated as Minori’s cuteness exceeded her own. But she refused to withdraw and made it clear she will triump in the end. She wasn’t going to “wose-wose!” Minori was angered by what Yumi just did and said she took her cute words. "W-whaddya mean-mean? I dunno what you're tawkin' about-about." Yumi says in response. Minori repeats “That’s no fair!” and those are her words. Yumi begins lecturing her about how the road to cuteness was a battlefield, friend or foe she would not “Howd nuffin’ back-back!” Minori said to her she wasn’t going to hold “back-back” either and how her super dish would kick Yumi’s dish in the butt-butt. Yumi then decides for the round to begin and for them to have a “Fair-fair fight-fight!” The next round of the cook-off began with Yumi winning. Yumi mentions that as she expected Minori was very formidable. Minori begins crying over her loss, but admits Yumi’s dish was really good, so she wasn’t that sad and proceeds to giggle. Hearing those words brought happiness to Yumi’s heart and Super Dishes brought happiness to everyone. She thanks her teammate but says her name as “Minowi”. She takes notice of how she talked and asked Yumi if she wasn’t going to repeat like her anymore. Yumi confirms and says she was going to talk cute her way and Minori would talk cute her way. Minori was okay with this and says Yumi’s way fit her way better. She wishes her luck and to aim for the “top-top!” She was going to be rooting for her. “Much obwiged!” Yumi says.

Round 5 Yumi takes notice of some Inari sushi lying around leading her to question why they were present and reaches for what she described as “a cute fried sack.” Imu suddenly arrives and orders her to keep her hands off the salty, sweaty sack of sushi as it was hers. Yumi apologizes and points out it was left there so she assumed anyone could have a taste. Imu tells her she was awfully careless for the start of a match. Imu decides to drop the subject and get to the reason why both girls were there. She begins boasting she could beat Yumi at anything. Super Dishes, cuteness, whatever she had. Yumi tells her she was afraid she couldn’t let that comment stand and says to her. “So, you wish to chawwenge me to a battwe of cuteneth? Do you know who you’we deawing wiff?” Imu replies with “Of course... Cheep! I won’t lose, cheep-cheep-cheep!” She begins chirping like a bird. Yumi shoots down what Imu was doing as it wasn’t cute at all. Imu defends what she was doing saying she was a cute little bird and asks if she got it and once again chirps. Yumi dismisses it as there was nothing cute about it. Imu was insulted and asks how dare she say that, she’d gone too far. Yumi tells her tells her she couldn’t defeat her “adowable lithp” for she spoke those words upon the path of justice. Imu angrily utters she hated her and seeing how she wanted it decides that their Super Dish battle was on and tells Yumi to watch her win this and makes one final chirp. Sadly, for Imu, Yumi is the one who emerges the victor of the final round of the tournament.

Epilogue With the competition over Yumi comments on how she was the victor and how she was one step closer to true cuteness. Imu was angered by how she couldn’t out-cute Yumi and that the whole battle was humiliating. Yumi tells her it wasn’t the battle was lovely but losing would not have surprised her. Imu tells her she didn’t have to be nice but she felt something inside her, she had loathed Yumi so much before the battle but she didn’t hate her at all. Yumi suggests it must’ve been from the food as Super Dishes are delicious enough to heal the human heart. Imu decides she was right, Yumi saved her heart with her Super Dish. She commends Yumi for a great job and admits defeat and chirps again. Yumi says Super Dishes make people happy before realizing what it meant without a doubt. Yumi later cooked a large Super Dish onto the table for her friends placing the food on the table made her realize, a Super Dish was the true definition of righteousness. All those who participated began to smile, awash in bliss. What greater righteousness could there be than that and one mustn’t ignore the role of cuteness in such things. After all a cute bride who can also cook is on a level of righteous justice all on her own. Yumi’s purpose was clear: she had to hone her cooking skills and cuteness until she became the cutest bride ever. Unfortunately for her a distressing thought crossed her mind, she didn’t have a groom so therefore she couldn’t become a bride. Her path to bridehood was sealed shut. However, there was more than one path to true justice. For now, she will continue to make Super Dishes for everyone. She announces there was plenty more and there was no need for hesitation. Despite the setback of not having a groom she still had hope that someday she hoped she could “cook-cook... as a beautifuw bwide...”


  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.2


Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • High School DxD: New Fight: As part of a collaboration gacha.
  • Unlimited VS: As part of the Senran Kagura card collection.
  • Million Arthur: As part of a collaboration gacha.
  • Sansuma Ultimate: As part of a collaboration gacha.
  • Senran no Samurai Kingdom: As a playable character in a collaboration gacha.
  • Megami Engage: As part of of a collaboration gacha.
  • Kakotama: As part of a collaboration gacha.
  • DEAD OR ALIVE: Her kimono is a costume for the character Kokoro.
  • Venus Eleven: As a playable character in a collaboration gacha.
  • Chloris Garden: As part of a collaboration gacha.
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Crossover fighter. Representing her home series (DLC).
  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).
  • Neptunia × Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars: As a playable character in the main roster.

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Resolution of Blooms Shinovi Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
For Master Kurokage Yumi's theme. It plays when she transforms and when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Requiem Mass in D minor/Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) composed by Mozart, and Piano Sonata No. 8 (Sonata Pathétique) composed by Beethoven. 
Pretty Prisoner Bon Appétit Yumi's character song. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
SUNSHINE FES Estival Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
SUNSHINE FES (Yumi ver.) Yumi's solo version of the opening song.
Grandfather's Wish Yumi's theme. It plays when she transforms and when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor/Lacrimosa (Day of Tears) and Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals "Aquarium". Also plays as her Astral Heat theme in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.
RAINBOW KISS Peach Beach Splash The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
RAINBOW KISS (Yumi ver.) Yumi's solo version of the opening song.


Creation & Development

“For the face of a new subseries, we decided to go with a "cool" image as opposed to well established "heat" of Asuka and Homura. Also, there are certain colors that I see when I think of different gaming hardware: red for Nintendo 3DS, and blue for the PS Vita. So I kept that in the back of my mind during the design process.”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • The kimono Yumi wears was given to her by Kurokage.
    • It is revealed during Ryōbi's character story in Shinovi Versus that the only reason why Yumi wears her furisode kimono in such a fashion is because her breasts are too large to wear it in the proper fashion. She wishes she had a smaller pair so she could properly wrap her kimono.
  • Yumi's hand fans are specifically Tessen: A type of Japanese war fans designed to look like normal, harmless folding fans or solid clubs shaped to look like a closed fan.
  • Yumi's fighting style incorporates a variation of traditional Japanese Noh dance.
    • Yumi's Aerial Rave techniques Takasago, Kiyotsune, Obasute, Utou, Sesshōseki are all the names of traditional Noh plays.
  • Her character seems to be based on the Yuki-onna, a snow spirit from Japanese lore as she possesses many similar traits based on legends, further supported by her Ice Queen Mode.
    • The characteristics include the association with winter and snowstorms, whereas Yumi's techniques incorporate the usage of both wind and ice; floating across the snow and leaving no footprints whereas Yumi floats in her dashing animations instead of running; and finally her desire to become a bride.
  • Yumi has placed first in every official character poll she's been in since her debut. Her current position to date is the most popular character in Senran Kagura series.
  • Yumi takes classical Japanese dance lessons in her spare time.
    • By talking to Yumi after completing the Gessen arc in Shinovi Versus, it is revealed that she personally prefers classical Western music to traditional Japanese music, and believes that combined with the solemnity of Japanese dance coupled with Western dynamism is a heavenly experience.
  • Yumi bears a strong resemblance to the character Shiki Ryougi from the Type-Moon series.
  • Yumi shares the same first name as her Japanese Voice Actress, Yumi Hara.
  • Kurokage gave her the name "Yumi" at age 8, implying that she had another name to be referred by before then. To this day, Yumi's birth name has never been mentioned or revealed just yet.


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