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Yuki (愉姫) is a boss character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in the Sailor Suit Operation event in Senran Kagura: New Wave, which ran from April 18th-April 30th, 2013.



Yuki appears to be a young girl with an above average bust and fair complexion. She is often depicted with her eyes shut. Her dirty blonde hair is worn in large, fluffy pigtails held with green scrunchies. Her bangs are mostly brushed to the right, with a single brushed to the left, and short forelocks just reaching her chin. She has a single large cowlick that droops down.

Yuki wears a black school uniform with a green cloth tied at the collar, along with dark brown-red stockings and a pair of pink and white shoes.

In her shinobi form, she wears a white and black outfit with her eyes opened, revealing them to be red in color.


Yuki can appear bright and cute one moment, then dark and foreboding the next.

Like Shiki, she has some "gyaru" tendencies.

She is very good at disguises and gathering information, and can hide her power so that she can go unnoticed.


Yuki first appeared during the Sailor Suit Operation event, where she had puppets versions of Meimei, Tsubame, and Yugiri assisting her before she herself appeared as the final boss, first in her regular form and then in her shinobi form.

She would later appear alongside Maki and some Yōma to attack during a Christmas event.


Yuki was originally a shinobi with a different name at a Good Shinobi school. However, she was often belittled and looked down on by her fellow shinobi, and thought of as the small fry of the team.

One day, she and her team were sent out on a mission. Yuki scouted ahead and encountered a Yōma. Her group was not high enough rank to know about Yōma, so she thought it was some sort of monster or demon.

When Yuki came back to her team to report the monster, they didn't believe her and ridiculed her for believing in monsters. However, soon the Yōma attacked the group and only Yuki was able to get away.

Yuki's school refused to officially acknowledge the existence of Yōma, and so the "official" story of the mission became that Yuki had turned traitor and killed all four of her teammates.

Disgraced and cast out, Yuki was found by Reki who recruited her into Senki Shu and gave her the name Yuki. Afterwards, Senki Shu erased Yuki's original history.

However, while records could be erased, that couldn't stop people from talking. This would lead to Kochō eventually finding out that Yuki's past as a good shinobi that betrayed and murdered her team. However, she soon hears the true story from Yuki herself.

While Kochō and her allies sympathized with Yuki's backstory, they could not ignore the evil actions she had taken with Senki Shu and still had to stop her. In response, Yuki consumes an experimental drug she got from Reki and becomes strong enough to take them all on.


Yuki was initially a non-playable boss that appeared during events in Senran Kagura: New Wave, but was eventually made playable through the release of rare cards after the G Burst update.


  • Yuki's name means "Snow", however the kanji of her name (愉姫) can be translated as "Bride" or "Happy Princess".
  • During the New Wave finale event, after Yuki powers up with Reki's drug, she uses a Ninja Art called "Iron Ball Great Destruction Disaster!" to take out eight shinobi at once.
  • Yuki's first Shinobi Communication cutscene reveals that she's not currently a student anywhere, and works a job she hates as a waitress at a restaurant.
  • Yuki greatly enjoys taking photos with her phone.