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Yozakura (夜桜) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A second-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. Being the oldest of twelve brothers and sisters, she knows how to discipline her peers, which comes in handy in her work as Yumi's right-hand woman and chief enforcer.

She rarely allows her own discipline to slip, but she does know how to party, and when pushed far enough, she lets loose – not only with her huge gauntlets, but with the full verbal force of her hometown accent.



Yozakura Concept Art (Heads) 2.png

Yozakura has short blue hair in a sort of bowl cut, with a cherry blossom in it, and she has blue eyes. She wears an outfit similar to a kimono, but exposes her midriff. The top parts of the outfit is white, which fades to a sea-foam green color, decorated with white, lavender and purple flower designs.

The bottom half of the outfit resembles the bottom half of a regular kimono, but is open down the middle. It's sea-foam green in color, and slowly fades to a dark teal color as it goes down. Like the top, it's decorated with small flower designs. She wears a pale blue sash around her waste, which is decorated with white flowers. She wears long white tabi, and wooden sandals. On her arms are large, ornate gauntlets, which have pistons.


“Kicking is for men and girls with no shame. A real lady knows how to use her fist, and look good in doing it.”
—Yozakura, taken from the Shinobi Syllabus.
Yozakura is considered a no nonsense individual that takes a lot of things seriously while disciplining her peers when necessary. This is due to her harsh past where she was responsible of looking after her younger siblings while her father was at work. Yozakura also has a temper that causes her hometown accent to come out when pushed to the edge.

Despite her serious nature, Yozakura can be a kind, caring mother figure that is capable of knowing when to relax and take it easy, as seen when she is having fun interacting with her peers. On rare occasions, her childish side is shown either when she's frustrated or she wants to let loose. This is shown in Shinovi Versus when Yozakura was sparring with Yumi and she was getting frustrated at herself for not being able to approach Yumi and lay a hit, resulting in her complaining to Yumi on how she's not able to do so. In Estival Versus, while Shiki was out gathering information on the other teams, Yozakura was busy having fun as she was playing in the ocean, filled with excitement without a care in the world.

Yozakura also has a competitive side as seen in her story in Bon Appetit where she mocks her opponents, telling them to give up as they're no match for her cooking skills.


Yozakura's Backstory CG (SK SV).png

Being the oldest of the family, Yozakura was responsible for looking after her younger siblings while her father was at work as a shinobi. Her mother died when she was eight years old on duty as a shinobi while a year later, her father died while on duty as well. This led to Yozakura being separated by her siblings as her other family relatives started to take each of them in, including herself. However, Yozakura rejected them as she stated that she wanted to be the one to look after her siblings. Sadly, she couldn't which caused her to run away.

Face Kurokage.png

With no food, water or proper shelter, Yozakura had no idea on what she'll do from there on out while also feeling hopeless about not being able to protect her younger siblings. Suddenly, a man who called himself Kurokage approached her as he gave out his hand to her, telling her this; ""I'll give you the strength to protect what is important to you." With nowhere left to go and no other plan, Yozakura accepted the conditions in hopes that one day, she'll be able to reunite with her younger siblings. By living with Kurokage, Yozakura met four other people named Yumi, Murakumo, Shiki, and Minori, where she developed a strong bond with them, thus allowing Yozakura to be part of a new family as she continued to work hard in getting stronger so that she can reunite with her younger siblings one day.


Shinovi Versus

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzo appearing before Gessen Elites.

Yozakura and the other Gessen Elites are on their way to the grave of Kurokage. As they’re getting closer, an old man appear before them who calls himself Hanzō. Recognizing the name, Yozakura and the others raises their guard. However, Hanzō disappears right before their eyes and begins to squeeze each of their breasts one by one. They all try to fight back but to no avail. Yozakura watches Yumi interact with Hanzō with Hanzō telling her that if she wants to fight him, she’ll have to defeat his granddaughter, Asuka, first. Afterwards, he disappears right before them. Feeling humiliated, Yumi tells Yozakura and the others that they’re heading back to their school for the day.

As they arrive, their teacher, Wang Pai, gives the Gessen Elites orders from the higher up to wage a Shinobi Battle Royale, with Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy being their first opponent. However, Yumi asks Wang Pai if it was okay to wage one to Hanzō Academy, which Wang Pai approves, as it was a good opportunity to be able to fight and defeat Asuka and then be able to fight Hanzō. With their new motivation, Yozakura and the rest of the Gessen Elites prepare themselves for their next challenge.

1-02: Spartan Cleaning
As Minori was playing by herself, Yozakura approaches her and tells her that she should clean up the mess she made. However, Minori denies that it is, but Yozakura wasn't having any of it as she threatens to discipline her if she doesn’t do what she say, causing Minori to finally understand, but she then tells her that she’ll clean up later on. Yozakura reminds Minori that she never actually does it, but the reason for that is because Minori knows that Yozakura is kind enough to clean up after her. Having enough, Yozakura finally decides to teach Minori a lesson with stricter measures.

After a harsh session, Yozakura asks Minori if she understands what she must do now, which Minori nods to. Feeling glad, Yozakura comforts Minori, cheering her up. Minori then begins to clean up her mess, only to get side-tracked when she found her lost stuffed cow. Yozakura couldn’t help but sigh while watching her. Although, she then tells Minori to go outside and play while she stays and clean up her mess for her. Minori thanks Yozakura as she dashes off, but as soon as she left, Yozakura tells herself that she’ll make sure she straightens Minori out in regards to how she behaves in general.

1-04: Evil Eating Good
While Yozakura and Yumi are busy cooking dinner, Yozakura asks Yumi if she cut the tofu needed for the miso soup, but Yumi replies with a sigh. Feeling concerned, Yozakura asks her what’s wrong, but Yumi tells her that it was nothing, only to have Yozakura point out that she’s cutting a sponge instead of tofu just to confirm that something is bothering her. Finally coming clean, Yumi tells Yozakura that she is thinking about Kurokage as she reconfirms that their wish and Kurokage’s is to rid the world from evil in order to end the world’s suffering. While Yozakura agrees, Yumi knows that defeating evil isn’t all it takes to accomplish said wish. Yozakura wonders what Yumi is trying to say, with Yumi telling her how she did some research on Hanzō Academy and found out that they consort with evil shinobi, despite being good shinobi. This makes her think that evil can easily corrupt good and consume it. With that in mind, both Yozakura and Yumi decides that they have to get stronger to prevent evil from corrupting them, which leads to Yumi requesting Yozakura a sparring session, which Yozakura accepts.

After the session, Yozakura begins praising Yumi for her skills, but Yumi saids otherwise as she feels that Yozakura is more skilled than herself. The two went at it for a bit, only to have the other Gessen Elites come out and remind them that they’re all waiting for dinner to be finished. Both Yozakura and Yumi apologizes with Yumi putting the blame on evil for their behavior, but Shiki tells her that she can’t blame evil for everything they do wrong.

2-04: Supreme Pleasure
When Yozakura and the other Gessen Elites arrive at Hanzō Academy, the Hanzō Elites greet them themselves. From that point, it was the start of the Shinobi Battle Royale. Yozakura’s opponent was Katsuragi. As the two interact with one another, Katsuragi prepares herself to grope Yozakura. Her action questions Yozakura as she asks her if she goes around sexually harassing people and if it’s her M.O.. Katsuragi confirms it but that confirmation causes Yozakura to get angry as she begins scolding her about when it’s a good time to feel someone up. She then decides that she’ll teach her a valuable lesson about it.

Afterwards, Katsuragi admits defeat but she compliments Yozakura for her strength while stating how she hasn’t had that much fun in a fight in a long time. Although, Yozakura didn’t take the statement lightly as she then questions Katsuragi about how much pleasure does she like overall. Katsuragi tries to explain herself but to no avail as Yozakura decides that she’ll be making a long-term plan to help to “correct” her. The thought of it causes Katsuragi to be frighten.

3-03: Is Evil Bad?
The Gessen Elites’ next target was Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. When they got there, Yozakura’s opponent was Ryōna. Ryōna greets Yozakura as if she was her mother while giving her masochistic tendencies. However, Yozakura denies all of that and asks Ryōna why she became an evil shinobi. Feeling confused, Ryōna asks Yozakura about why being an evil shinobi is considered a bad thing. Yozakura tries her best to explain exactly why but instead, she writes it off as evil being evil. She then decides that it was about time she disciplines Ryōna for switching sides.

Afterwards, Yozakura asks Ryōna to come back with her to Gessen, but Ryōna rejects the offer while explaining how she’s actually comfortable staying at Hebijo. Yozakura knows that Ryōna isn’t the type to lie, making her feel conflicted about how she’s feeling. Instead, Yozakura tells Ryōna to leave, making Ryōna question her about whether or not she’s going to finish her off, but Yozakura tells her again to leave before she changes her mind. After Ryōna left, Yozakura begins to wonder how exactly being part of Hebijo is considered “comfortable”.

3-05: The Path of Good

With all of the Hebijo Elites defeated, Yozakura and the other Gessen Elites regrouped. The Shinobi Battle Royale has concluded with everyone feeling happy about their accomplishment. However, Shiki questions if what they all did was the right thing as she was thinking that the Hebijo Elites didn’t act like they were evil at all. Yozakura and Murakumo was feeling the same way, but Yumi reassures them that evil shinobi must be eliminated regardless of how they are. With that in mind, they all start to head back to their school.

4-04: Free Spirit
The Gessen Elites decide to locate Homura’s Crimson Squad as they’ve decided to eliminate them. As they arrive at their location, Yozakura chooses to go up against Haruka. Despite being ready for battle, Haruka was liking the kimono Yozakura was wearing, but Yozakura decides to criticize the outfit Haruka was wearing. The two went back and forth in regards to their outfits, only to have Yozakura getting angry but Haruka was liking the interactions as she was thinking that the two make a good pair since there’s a saying that “opposites attracts.” The idea was only making Yozakura angrier as she decides to go after her.

Afterwards, Yozakura advises Haruka to use her energy for fighting instead of perverted antics. Although, Haruka points out to her that she was showing some concern towards her, which causes Yozakura to begin feeling conflicted about being nice to an evil shinobi. Haruka then advises Yozakura to stop being serious all the time and let loose every now and then in order to be able to see things clearly from every viewpoint. Yozakura agrees reluctantly but first, she wants to get rid of the world’s evil before doing such a thing. Haruka then asks her why she doesn’t finish her off despite what she said, but Yozakura explains that she can’t bring herself to hate her. As Haruka thanks her for that, Yozakura begins to wonder if she can really be free and if Kurokage would actually want that for her.

4-05: Light in the Dark
With Crimson Squad defeated, Yozakura regroups with the other Gessen Elites. However, all five of them were feeling conflicted about not being able to finish off Crimson Squad. Yumi then tells the group that through their battles between Hebijo and Crimson Squad, she notices a light within their evil, which they all agree to. Knowing that, Yumi wishes to know what light and dark, good and evil truly means, even if it means going against Kurokage’s teachings.

Suddenly, Wang Pai appears right before them and tells them that they must act for themselves and that they should head for Hanzō Academy to find the answer they’re seeking. He then reassures them that whatever conclusion they find, Kurokage would be pleased. With that in mind, Yozakura and others decide to head back to Hanzō Academy.

5-03: To Understand
The final showdown between Gessen Girl’s Academy and Hanzō Academy has arrived as Yozakura encounters Katsuragi once again. Katsuragi begins using her sexual antics on Yozakura, but this time, she wasn’t fazed by it as she asks Katsuragi if she was free. At first, Katsuragi didn’t understand her question, but she then tries her best to explain why she sexually harass people, which is because it’s her way of communicating to people. Yozakura was able to understand it from Katsuragi’s perspective, which then allows her to fight her without feeling uptight.

After the battle, Yozakura was victorious but deep down, she has this desire of wanting to keep fighting Katsuragi more, which Katsuragi agrees as she was feeling the same way. She then admits that she was feeling this way ever since the Shinobi Battle Royale started but she couldn’t understand it as she felt that fighting only led to people hating each other. Now, Yozakura feel that she can understand Katsuragi better as she likes the feeling of being friends with one’s enemy. However, Yozakura then starts wondering if Kurokage would accepts her true feelings.

Gessen Elites enjoying themselves after Shinobi Battle Royale

As Yozakura and the other Gessen Elites finish cleaning up Kurokage’s grave, they then start to give him their prayers while feeling proud about the lessons they’ve learned throughout the Shinobi Battle Royale. They all felt that Kurokage was happen for them and the decisions they’ve made. Suddenly, Hanzō shows up behind the Gessen Elites, which surprises them as they thought it was Wang Pai. Hanzō then explains to them that he was Wang Pai all along as he was fulfilling was a promise he made to Kurokage, which was to take care of them if something were to ever happen to him. While they all understand, Yozakura asks Hanzō why he ate all of their strawberry daifuku and groped them earlier, which Hanzō then tells them that he needed to find a way to provoke them in order to motivate them to go through the Shinobi Battle Royale in order for them to grow.

With everything explained, Hanzō put down a Sushi container filled with sushi rolls and nigari-sushi as it was for both Kurokage and the Gessen Elites. As they all dig in, Yumi thanks Kurokage for everything he did for her and the others.

Hanzō National Academy

1-04: The End of Peace

Yozakura along with the Gessen Elites invade Hanzō Academy as they confront the Hanzō Elites and formally introduce themselves while proposing a Shinobi Battle Royale to them. They all left after giving them a one week warning before they come back for it, except for Murakumo, who has personal business with Ikaruga.

2-01: Shinobi Resolve
The Shinobi Battle Royale begins as Yozakura’s opponent was Katsuragi. As she introduces herself to Katsuragi, Katsuragi realizes how mousey she was, but Yozakura already knows that people tells her that in general, but not before she pounds them. Katsuragi was glad to hear that as she was ready to kick her ass. However, Yozakura begins to feel disgusted at the idea of fighting with your legs as she personally feel that women should fight with their fists while looking good. Despite that, Katsuragi wants to show her what an ass kicking really means.

Afterwards, Yozakura was defeated but Katsuragi was in critical condition. Yozakura asks Katsuragi why she’s hesitating to finish her off, only to have Katsuragi question her. She then explains how a Shinobi should take the lives of their opponents, otherwise, they haven’t won the battle. Katsuragi reinstate that she wants to win but not while taking away Yozakura’s life. However, Yozakura demands her to do so as she didn’t want to receive any kind of mercy. With Katsuragi still hesitating, Yozakura criticizes her for seeing fighting as a sport and not serious, while explaining to her that she threw the match so that she can test her. She then calls Katsuragi a failure as a shinobi for not having the intent to kill. Feeling disgusted even more, Yozakura takes her leave while telling Katsuragi to be prepared with the intent to kill the next time they meet, while Katsuragi was speechless as she begins to rethink her actions.

5-03: Mortal Combat
Yozakura encounters Katsuragi once again as she tells her that they’re going to fight to the death this time. However, while Katsuragi tells her that she will fight her to the death, then asks her if she tell Kurokage that she did that. The question catches her off-guard, causing her to get defensive, but she tells Katsuragi that Kurokage doesn’t want her and the other Gessen Elites to kill people. The only way to fulfill Kurokage’s wish is to unite all shinobi schools, even if it means having Gessen kill people to do so. Katsuragi understands her as readies herself for battle with Yozakura ready to put her life on the line in this fight.

After the battle, Katsuragi is victorious with her calling it, but Yozakura reminds her that the battle isn’t over until one of them is dead. Even though Katsuragi already told her that she has no plans on killing her, Yozakura criticizes her for being naïve while questioning her if she can protect those she cares about that way. Katsuragi knows that, even though Yozakura tells her that she knows about the situation her parents are in and what Katsuragi has to do. No matter what Yozakura tells her, Katsuragi still say that she has no plans to kill her, even if it means turning her backs on her parents. Yozakura asks her why she keeps on insisting while Katsuragi explains to her that if she did kill her, it would break their hearts as it was her parents that saved Yozakura life and she knows that they’ll do it again. The realization causes Yozakura to be shocked but finally, Yozakura admits defeat as she also realizes that she hasn’t wondered how Kurokage would feel if she dies. With that said, Yozakura thanks Katsuragi for teaching her something.

5-05: The Ideal World

As Asuka and Yumi are fighting, Yozakura, along with the other Gessen Elites show up and gives Yumi their Ninja Art Scrolls with Yozakura feeling conflicted about what’s right and what’s wrong, so she decides to let Yumi make the decision.

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

3-03: Reason for Treason
As Hebijo Clandestine Girl’s Academy invades Gessen Girls’ Academy for the Shinobi Battle Royale, Yozakura encounters Ryōna but she was upset about the fact that Ryōna poached her target from Hanzo Academy. Ryōna tells her that she had to do what she did, including leave Gessen and join Hebijo. Yozakura tries to ask her why but it was no use as Ryōna’s motives was top secret. However, Yozakura makes an assumption and think that what Ryōna is doing is related to Ryōki, only to have Ryōna become surprised about the fact that Yozakura knows about her. Ryōna then asks Yozakura if she told anyone about it, which Yozakura says no. To make sure it stays a secret, Ryōna decides to fight Yozakura.

Afterwards, Ryōna tells Yozakura how much she’s sorry about leaving Gessen, only to have Yozakura collapse to the ground and die.

Homura's Crimson Squad

3-02: Talking to the Wall
As Homura Crimson Squad invades Gessen Girl’s Academy for defeating Hanzō Academy, Yozakura encounters Hikage as she asks her what business she has with them. Hikage tells her that Katsuragi is hers, only to realize that if that’s the case and she’s not hers, then Katsuragi would probably do all sorts of things to her, until she then realizes that Katsuragi isn’t really hers after all. Yozakura then asks Hikage what exactly she wants to do, only to have Hikage tell her that she wants to fight Katsuragi one more time. As their interactions continue with Hikage asking Yozakura want she means by the questions she asks, Yozakura begins to wonder if she’s being mocked by her, only to give up on her and decides that she’ll her mouth up.

After the battle, Yozakura begins to feel ashamed for losing to someone like Hikage while questioning how she can work with her team if no one can figure out what’s she’s thinking usually. This causes Hikage to feel that she should work on her communication skills. She then thanks Yozakura for helping her with things to think about, but Yozakura was feeling conflicted about the interaction she just had.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Both Yozakura and Yumi are sparring with one another with Yumi giving Yozakura pointers on how to fight efficiently. As they’re doing so, Yozakura begins to complain about how Yumi has more tools than her to be able to fight both in close and long range. However, Yumi wasn’t fazed by Yozakura excuse as tells her that in a life-and-death battle, everything is fair, while advising her that if she’s content with her current gauntlets, then she should switch to a weapon that has more reach.

As Yumi leaves, Yozakura wonders what she should do as she didn’t want to get rid of her gauntlets. She then thinks that she should learn her gauntlets’ advantages and disadvantages and to do so, she has five people in mind. With that said, Yozakura leaves to seek these people out.

Yozakura encounters Imu as she asks her if she wants to spar with her. However, Imu tells her that her Ruyi Bang is currently be repaired as they speak. Yozakura understands and thinks that she should go look for someone else if Imu doesn’t have any sort of weapon as a substitute.

Suddenly, Yozakura was about to leave, Imu surprises her with a surprise attack with a regular staff. Yozakura questions her if it was okay for her to fight with one, but Imu insists that it’s okay as they need to improvise when their signature weapon isn’t with them. Yozakura understands as the two begin their spar.

Afterwards, Yozakura was surprised about how Imu was able to put up a good fight with just a regular staff.

Yozakura calls out Ryōbi for a duel, which was convenient for her as Ryōbi needed someone to blow off some steam. As they’re fighting, Yozakura begins to have trouble closing in on Ryōbi with Ryōbi telling her how guns are better in this case due to its range. Yozakura wonders how she can close in while Ryōbi continues to taunt her. Not letting the taunt get to her, Yozakura decides that she’ll keep trying until she get through Ryōbi’s defense.

Afterwards, Yozakura learns that she’ll be able to win during odds like those if she learns how her opponent fights.

As Yozakura is thinking to herself, Ikaruga spots her. Trying to get her attention, Yozakura notice her and apologizes for ignoring her. However, Ikaruga scolds her for letting her guard down as that’s not what a shinobi is supposed to do. Yozakura understands that and asks Ikaruga if she could spar with her, which Ikaruga accepts as she feels that she has enough time due to feeling that her quickdraw will end the match in an instant. Yozakura then figures that she’ll just have to beat Ikaruga before she can even draw her weapon.

Afterwards, Yozakura learns that every weapon has some sort of weakness that needs to be exploited in order to get pass them.

Yozakura encounters Miyabi and demands a fight which Miyabi accepts, even though she wonders why all of a sudden. As they’re fighting, Miyabi asks Yozakura if she’s having second thoughts, but Yozakura wonders how she can get past Miyabi’s demon blade. Miyabi then asks if she thinks she’s going to win by running away but Yozakura was focusing on trying to see an opening for her to strike. As Miyabi was about to end it, Yozakura found the opening and defeated her.

Afterwards, Yozakura starts to feel exhausted but she realizes that she won her match.

Homura notices Yozakura and asks her to take her on, which Yozakura accepts without hesitation. As they’re fighting, Yozakura figures that her usual style of fighting will not work against Homura due to Homura wielding six claws. Homura asks her what’s wrong as she was about to come over to her, but Yozakura starts to study Homura’s movement as she tries to find her weakness. However, Homura counters her, causing her to fall back and realize that she’s strong and contemplating if she can really beat her. Homura tells her if she gives up, the fight is over.

Afterwards, Yozakura learns that she must never ever give up in a fight, even if she’s backed in a corner.

Yozakura and Homura going at it for round 2.

With another victory under her belt, Yozakura wonders how Yumi will feel about her gauntlets now, with Homura realizing that Yumi was the one that provoked Yozakura to get better. Yozakura realizes that and decides that she should put in more effort in training. She then asks Homura if she’s okay after the fight, only to have Homura brush off the bruises she has. Feeling glad, Yozakura asks her for another round, in which Homura gladly accepts. As they fought, Yozakura begins to feel that she understands her weapon better and how to fight. She then thanks Homura to herself and feel that she’s ready to take on Yumi once again.

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yozakura mumbles as she cleans the Ninja Room from the leftover food all over it, and Minori joyfully eats a cookie, making crumbs fly as she bites in. Yozakura guesses that Minori is responsible of the mess and thinks about that Minori acting like in Kindergarten at her age is nonsense, and scolds her to watch her manners. Minori asks her why, to which Yozakura replies that her bad manners should embarrass her. Minori pouts and asks if other shinobi are more mature than she is, to Yozakura's understanding, and informs her that she saw these other shinobi have worse manners than her.
Yozakura is incredulous of Minori's affirmation, as she can't believe any other shinobi can be worse than Minori in terms of manners, and Minori adds that she saw a lot of other people eat weird stuff in weird poses. This depress Yozakura, who sees it as a corruption of eating, the essence of living, which will corrupt everything, such corruption that is toxic to their "nation's shinobi community".

After having finished to clean up the Ninja Room, Yozakura leaves to chase the persons Minori informed her.

"Your table manners are terrible! I need to teach you the basics again!" - Yozakura
Yozakura faces Ryōna at the Hebijo Castle's roofs, where Ryōna is eating something like a dog, as Yozakura calls and scolds her for it. Ryōna thanks Yozakura for the leftovers that she loved eating, scandalizing Yozakura who hesitates about where to start reminding Ryōna about manners, to which the latter replies that Yozakura can start how she wants to. Yozakura becomes perturbed by Ryōna's implicit invitation, and Ryōna shows her several places of her body for Yozakura to punish her, embarrassing Yozakura by these lewd incitation.
When the duel against Ryōna begins, Ryōna asks Yozakura again to punish her, and about having fun by herself, to Yozakura's confusion. When Ryōna was about to explain, Yozakura tells her she doesn't want to know if what she meant is indecent, to which Ryōna admits that Yozakura could indeed call it indecent, pushing Yozakura to refuse her explanation. Ryōna explains anyway that she meant having fun by imagining a master feeding her scraps. Yozakura is quizzical to this, and tells she can't define this when Ryōna asks her if she could call it indecent. Ryōna shows incomprehension, and Yozakura continues by telling that taking eating as lightly as she does will end up very painful, interesting Ryōna who requires her to show it. Yozakura finishes by commenting on Ryōna's perversity.

After the end of the fight, Yozakura tells she can't hang around Ryōna.

"Why does everybody have all these weird eating habits? I need to fix this!" -Yozakura
Yozakura confronts Hibari and Murasaki at the Sensōji temple grounds, where Yozakura spots Hibari eating and Murasaki enjoying pizza. Yozakura scolds them for their manners, to their confusion, and asks her why are they folding their pizzas to eat them. Murasaki timidly replies that she thought of eating her pizza like a pancake/crepe, to which Yozakura scolds her and tells that pizzas has to be sliced and put on plates.
When the fight against Hibari and Murasaki starts, Yozakura comments about Hibari having her mouth full of cotton candy, to which Hibari replies that be sticky is okay, with her mouth full. Yozakura is perturbed, and Hibari continues by saying she will take chocolate donuts after her cotton candy. Murasaki continues Hibari by telling that as she will be sticky anyway, her habits are not problematic, but Yozakura interrupts her by telling that's not the subject, and Hibari marvels about that she doesn't need dinner because of the amount of food she just ate. Yozakura launches that candy is candy and not a meal, and Murasaki replies that what and how she eats is only up to her, and Yozakura prepares to teach them table manners, starting with a knuckle sandwich.

After the end of the fight, Yozakura stands as the protector of the integrity of Japanese culture.

"No filling up on candy and popsicles! Save some room for dinner!" - Yozakura
Yozakura faces Kafura inside of the Hot Springs, where Kafuru is sucking a popsicle. At first, Yozakura doesn't mind it, assuming it's a popsicle, surely still perturbed by Ryōna's earlier perversity. It's when Kafuru starts to suck another popsicle that Yozakura start to protest and ask her how many popsicles she had so far. Kafuru replies that the one she just started is her 20th, to which Yozakura declares that she will not tolerate this.
When the duel against Kafuru starts, Yozakura attacks by declaring that too many popsicles eaten will result in stomach ache. Kafuru ignores her and Yozakura requires her to reply. Kafuru then asks her insolently if she had a problem with her, Yozakura, perturbed, tells her that she indeed have a problem and Kafuru comments that thus she disturbs her. Yozakura concludes that Kafuru needs to be taught table manners.

At the end of the fight, Yozakura finally says "Only one popsicle per day!".

"You can't add that much flavor! And no WEIRD flavors, either!" - Yozakura
Yozakura fights Asuka, Katsuragi and Jasmine at the Festival Grounds, where Katsuragi organizes an outdoor sukiyaki, with Yozakura's curiosity. Jasmine affirms that most food taste better outdoor, and Yozakura approves them. Suddenly, Katsuragi throws ramen and futomaki rolls in the sukiyaki, upsetting Jasmine, Asuka and Yozakura, Asuka because the futomaki rolls was hers. Yozakura asks Katsuragi what she is doing with a "perfectly good sukiyaki".
When the fight against Asuka, Jasmine and Katsuragi begins, Katsuragi savors her mix of sukiyaki, ramen and futomaki to Yozakura's flabbergasted eyes. She proposes some to her, but Yozakura protests, to which Katsuragi replies that her mix is delicious and can be called trailblazing. Yozakura, in reply, announces she is going to teach a special lesson of table manners to the three, surprising Asuka and Jasmine who are also made responsible of Katsuragi's initiative. When they protest, Yozakura just shouts "NO QUESTIONS!".

When the fight ends, Yozakura shouts "No wasting food!".

"Everybody's forgotten the most important thing about having a meal!" - Yozakura
Yozakura confronts Minori at the Gessen indoors, where Minori exclaims that she made too much of something. Yozakura asks her what, and Minori shows her that she made too much pancakes, scandalizing Yozakura who asks her how much of them did she bake exactly. Minori replies that she baked a lot of them, but Yozakura replies that "a lot" is quite an euphemism for this. Minori thus tells her she prepared about one thousand pancakes, and Yozakura darkly tells that Minori definitely needs to be disciplined, like the others.
When the duel against Minori starts, Yozakura asks Minori if she will be able to eat all the thousand pancakes, and Minori affirms she can. Yozakura affirms she can't, Minori affirms again she can, and Yozakura affirms it's impossible for Minori to contradict her again by telling she can. They do it until Yozakura announces that it's time to discipline Minori, to the latter's protest.

At the end of the fight, Yozakura remarks about her tiredness.

Yozakura SGH's final CG.

Minori childly cries repetitively to Yozakura that the latter is wrong, and Yozakura asks her what she is wrong about. Minori answers that she was going to eat all these 1.000 pancakes with everyone. Hearing this, Yozakura thinks, wonders if Minori has baked all these pancakes for everyone, and doesn't believe that everyone can eat all of them, but recognizes Minori's act as a generous gesture, and apologizes to Minori about her harshness and inconsideration of her feelings.
Minori excuses her and asks her if she got that besides manners, everyone has enjoyed their food, and that's the most important about meals that Yozakura might have forgotten. Delicious food ought to be enjoyed and meal times are more than nutritional balance. This reminds Yozakura about a nostalgic scene with her entire family at dinner together, when her 11 siblings screamed a lot as they ate, totally lacking of manners, but yet she remembers these meals as the happiest she had.

She forgot about heart too focused on rules and image, and on this she invites Minori to eat pancakes together, which Minori accepts. Yozakura rests her curiosity exceptionally, thinking in conclusion despite keeping up appearance being nice most of the most precious things are invisible.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Dangerous Concoction

Hibari and Minori drink a concoction from Haruka's collection that will make them more mature by deepening their voices. Yozakura and Yagyū are in denial for them to drink anything that's been made by Haruka, however.


Hibari: "Here! I brought it, Minori. The medicine I got from Haruka the other day!"

Minori: "Is this really going to make us all womanly?"

Hibari: "Yup, Haruka says it will."

Hibari: "Haruka's medicines always work lickety-split. Let's try it right now!"

Minori: "But is it going to be fun being all mature?"

Hibari: "U-umm, when you say it like that..."

Hibari: "Well, at least when you're mature, people take you seriously, and nobody talks down to you."

Hibari: "So that sounds pretty good to me!"

Minori: "Okay! If you say so, I'll believe you!"

Hibari: "So here goes, Minori."

Hibari: "Say hello to the new young lady us-es!"

Minori: "Hello!"

Minori: "Ahh!"

Hibari: "..."

Hibari: "...Huh? Did anything change?"

Minori: *deeper tone* "...I wonder."

Hibari: "Huh? M-Minori... Your voice!"

Hibari: *deeper tone* "Your voice...seems more mature."

Minori: "Oh, wow. Yours as well, Hibari."

Hibari: "...How surprising. Who would've guessed that we would change this much?"

Yagyū: "Oh, Hibari! There you are."

Yagyū: "I had Yozakura sew you those Mr. Bunny panties you'd been asking for. They're very well-made."

Yozakura: "I made a pair for you too, Minori."

Hibari: "Mr. Bunny panties? I have no interest in such things."

Yagyū: "...Hmm?"

Minori: "Nor do I. Tee hee."

Yozakura: "What?"

Hibari: "I'd much prefer something more ladylike. Right, Minori?"

Minori: "Yes, indeed. None of this "Mr. Bunny" business. Rather, a leopard print, perhaps."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what's wrong, Hibari?!"

Yozakura: "Why are you talking like that? Are you playing some kind of game?"

Minori: "Tee hee. This is no game. Hibari and I have simply embraced our womanhood."

Hibari: "Indeed we have, thanks to Haruka's medicine."

Yozakura: "...Haruka's medicine?"

Yagyū: "...I see. So that's what this is."

Yagyū: "Let's make them spit it out, Yozakura! Haruka's medicines are no joke. I have a terrible feeling!"

Yozakura: "R-right!"

Hibari: "Please, stop. We've both wanted to be this way for quite some time, you know."

Minori: "Yes, and we've scarcely had time to enjoy it."

"Goodbye, playtime!" -Minori
"Hello, maturity!" -Hibari

Beginning of Mission:

Yozakura: "Spit it out, Minori!"

Minori: "I would never."

Yozakura: "If you spit it out, I'll play tag with you!"

Minori: "Tag? I have no need for such frivolity. Isn't that right, Hibari?"

Hibari: "Yes. We have other games we play now."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what? "Other games"...?"

Hibari: "Do you not understand, Yagyū? How sad. You are still so young..."

Hibari: "Minori, please explain to them. What other games are we talking about?

Minori: "Hee hee. Well, the kinds of games responsible adults play behind closed doors, such as..."

Yozakura: ""S-such as..." what?"

Minori: "..."

Minori: "...Hibari, if you would."

Hibari: "Of course. For example..."

Hibari: "For example... Ah, paying the bills."

Minori: "Ah, yes. Nothing says "maturity" like taking care of the household finances."

Yagyū: "You count that as a game?"

Minori: "Hee hee. You'll understand the fun of it one day."

Yozakura: "They may have "matured," but they sure haven't learned anything."

Minori: "Manners, Miss."

Yagyū: "Ack... We couldn't make them spit it out..."

Yozakura: "What is this? I think they're stronger than normal."

Minori: "Of course we are. We've matured in every way."

Hibari: "And on that note, we have to go rent a car, pay our bills and drink black coffee."

Minori: "That sounds wonderful. Ah, it's great to be so mature and independent!"

Yozakura: "...Their concept of "maturity" isn't all that mature, is it?"

Minori: "I'll take some black coffee and some alcohol-filled sweets."

Yozakura: "So you do still want sweets."

Minori: "Tee hee. Say what you will. You're clearly far too young to understand. Well, au revoir, Yozakura."

Yagyū: "Hibari, I...I know you've got bills to pay, and that's fine, but..."

Yagyū: "...I'm begging you. Please spit that medicine out, or drink a lot of water, or..."

Hibari: "Why would I do such a thing? Have I outgrown you? Do I have to be your adorable little sister for you to be infatuated with me?"

Yagyū: "That's not it. I have a feeling something bad is about to happen, and I just want to make sure you're..."

Hibari: *dry tone* "...Ah, put a sock in it! And don't you worry 'bout nothin', ya little whippersnapper!"

Yagyū: "What?"

Minori: *dry tone* "Hibari? Did yer voice just go all caddywumpus?"

Minori: "...Huh?"

Hibari: "Minori.... This is..."


Minori: "*cough* *cough* *hack*"

Hibari: "Wh-what'n tarnation is happenin'...?"

Yozakura: "...Now they sound like old people."

Yagyū: "Ack... Sometimes, I hate being right."

Hibari: "Well, heck, now what do we do? Guess we'd better mosey on back to Haruka's place and see if she can fix this whole mess up."

Minori: "You're darn tootin', we should."

Minori: "Maybe it's just me, but this maturity business is wearin' me out in my old age."

Hibari: *high tone* "Mm'kay, Yagoo. I go."

Yagyū: "Huh?"

Hibari: "...H-huh? Whuff diff...?"

Minori: *high tone* "Hibawi tawk wike baby!"

Minori: "...I tawk wike baby!"

Yozakura: "Hmm, from young ladies to old ladies, and then babies... I think they're in a loop."

Yagyū: "Does that mean we can just wait, and they'll turn back to normal?"

Hibari: "Gaga!"

Minori: "Googoo!"

Yozakura: "...You know, Yagyū, for some reason, I feel like this might not be a big deal."

Yagyū: "You might be right. When do we ever get to hear Hibari talking like a baby? Maybe we should just enjoy the moment."

Hibari: "Googoo! Pweaze, diff is fewiouf!"

Minori: "Dat's wight! Dat's wight!"

Yagyū: "Oh, what's wrong? Do you need a new diaper? Or do you want some breast milk?"

Yozakura: "Aww, I'm sorry. Our breasts don't make milk..."

Yozakura: "Oh, I know! How about some Mr. Bunny underwear! I'm sure it'd look perfect on you."

Minori: "Goo goo!"

Hibari: "Baboo! Baboo!"

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team on the Gessen rooftop with a small pool they set up. She and Yumi at first talk about how the others were having fun. Yozakura mentions that at first they were talking about the strangely hot weather before deciding to make the most of it. Yumi agrees with her and talks about how aside from all the heat there has also been a lot of peace recently. Yozakura brings up that these peaceful days are what they should protect as shinobi. Yumi agrees with her but made it clear that something was wrong. Yozakura asked what was wrong. Yumi tells her that she doesn't find the peace and tranquility dissatisfying she thought it would be nice to have few thrills again. As if on que an arrow lands in front of them with a piece of paper attached to it. It was an invitation to something called PBS. Yumi didn't understand what it was but she was willing to go as she could sense a thrill. And with that all five throw their hand up before heading out.

Paradise Episodes


Main Articles: Yozakura/Shinovi Versus  · Yozakura/Estival Versus  · Yozakura/Peach Beach Splash

Yozakura imbues every punch with all of her strength and tends to go for one-hit KOs. The gunpowder hidden in her gauntlets adds even more power to her explosive punches - enough to shake the very heavens and earth.

"Yozakura's weapons of choice are her large, pilebunker-inspired gauntlets. Her range is short, and even though her damage is high, her moves leave her fairly open. You will need to to take caution when going against long-range enemies or big groups. For long-range enemies such as Ryōbi or Kafuru, approach them with jump attacks and deal massive damage with One Thousand Palm Fists of Paradise." -Estival Versus: Yozakura's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Other Appearances


Yozakura was out and about in the shopping district having just gotten a daikon. Every time she went grocery shopping in the shopping district she always thought about her family. She was the eldest sister in a big family so she looked after everyone younger than her. Food preparation was a part of her job, so she always had to buy enough ingredients to fill all those hungry bellies. She lives away from all of them now, but she always thought about them. She never forgot them. She hoped she could still make Super Dishes the way she used to. She was growing worried as there could be a time, she’d need to make Super Dishes once again and if they didn’t taste good it would really hurt. She didn’t know if she could even call herself their big sister if that happened. She then decides to make a Super Dish again. To check up on her skills she decided to gather all the usual ingredients she needed in the shopping district. But the stuff she needed was too expensive. She began to wonder about how she’d solve her problem, then she came across a flyer announcing a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. This was the chance she needed. She could use all the ingredients she’d need; she could also sharpen her Super Dish skills as well. She believes this lucky break was fate. In her words justice prevailed. She then ran to the cook-off's venue.

Round 1 Her first opponent was Ryōbi whom she comments about going up against first. “Well, now, look who’s here!” Ryōbi says. She then brings up the fact that Yozakura liked to cook a lot and maybe she’d put up a fight. Yozakura asks her if she was ready to concede. Ryōbi was taken aback as they haven’t done anything yet. Yozakura asks if she knew before deciding to tell her. She goes on about how everyone knew Ryōbi was obsessed with her bust size and all she did was spend her days trying to make her breasts bigger, she was busy cooking for her family. So, experience-wise she wasn’t in the same league as her. She ends off with asking if she wanted to let the judges know she gave up. Ryōbi was angered by this and angrily said “H-hellll, no!” The first round of the cook-off begun with Yozakura winning. Yozakura bragged about how it wasn’t a surprise she won. Ryōbi was upset at her lose and questioned how she could’ve lost. Yozakura tells her she could’ve practiced kneading the hamburger patties instead of her hamburger patties and sarcastically points out she might’ve won that way. Ryōbi defensively says she doesn’t knead her patties. Yozakura dismissively states she already knows and says Murakumo could be a real chatterbox at times. Ryōbi shouted “Ah...ah...ah... NNNOOO!!!”

Round 4 Her next opponent was Rin whom she comments about being her opponent. Upon seeing Yozakura, Rin says this would be a pleasure. Yozakura proceeds to ask her a question: If she wanted to concede. Rin questions this. Yozakura realizing she wouldn’t know what she was talking about tells her what she meant. Yozakura starts by telling Rin she had been around longer than she has, she then points out the marks on Rin’s face clearly, she’d been through a lot, but what about cooking? How often has she stood in a kitchen, not much she never had time to cook. She’d give up everything for her training food, sleep, everything. She ends off by saying Rin was just a great shinobi, but it just goes to show she barely cooked at all. Rin admits she was mostly correct and Yozakura asks if she was ready to concede. Rin then asks about one thing, what marks on her face. “The ones that show all your years and YEARS of experience”. Yozakura remarks. “I see. Then let it be war,” said an angered Rin. Unfortunately for Rin her anger was unable to drive her to victory. Yozakura congratulates herself on another victory. Rin didn’t give any response. Yozakura said it worked for her and her skills were as sharp as ever. Rin begins to lament about how if she was ten years younger. Yozakura smugly agrees with her, if she was still young. Rin interrupts her by repeating she was still young. Rin then breaks down. Yozakura ends off by saying “Youth is like...a haze above a flame. It fades away as the flame disappears.”

Round 5 Her final opponent was her teammate Shiki who takes note about going up against Yozakura whom she addresses as “Yozakoo”. She complains about how it was unfair and how Yozakura was better than her. Yozakura tells her to feel free to concede. Shiki refused and says she couldn’t say that. She then says if it would be sweet if she conceded. Yozakura questions why would she do this. Shiki then begins to explain how they all know Yozakura was a great cook who was probably great at Super Dishes. But she had something even she couldn’t beat. Yozakura demanded an answer to what it was. Shiki reveals it was, she built it up before admitting she had nothing. Yozakura was confused. Shiki admits she was sure she would’ve come up with something but nothing came. Yozakura tells her she never took anything seriously and asks if she would concede or not. Shiki once again refused a battle was a battle. They had to do this. Even if Shiki did concede the outcome wouldn’t have changed as Yozakura once again emerges the victor in the final round of the tournament.


Yozakura's Ending CG (SK BA).png
Having emerged the winner Yozakura chants about her victory. Yozakura brags about no matter how you look at it she was the winner. Shiki agreed pointing out her obvious victory. Yozakura continues to brag about how nobody could challenge her, she was the undisputed champion. Shiki agrees with her. Yozakura says the tournament proved once and for all that her Super Dish skills were in great shape, but she didn’t make enough just yet. Later in the Gessen Ninja Room, Yozakura finished whipping up more than enough Super Dishes for everyone who participated in the tournament to have seconds. “A growing body’s gotta eat, so eat as much as you want!” She says. When Yozakura was making her Super Dishes during the tournament, she was thinking about her younger siblings. The time she spent at the table with her family was priceless and irreplaceable. She had to become a strong shinobi as quickly as she could, so she could go and make food for her family once again. Until then she’ll keep practicing her Super Dishes. She’ll make more and more of them, even if everybody was full and started getting roly-poly. “That’s the way it goes! This is all for my family!” She declares.


  • Shinovi Versus: Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Shinovi Versus: Comic Anthology Vol.2

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Floral Freedom Shinovi Versus Yozakura's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. It is based on the Classical Music Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 1st Movement[1].
My Ultimate Feast Bon Appétit! Yozakura's theme. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
Ready To Say Goodbye Estival Versus Yozakura's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Manuel de Falla's Ritual Fire Dance.


Creation & Development

“As a foil Katsuragi, our kicker, I felt we needed a punching character. That wasn't the original plan, but Yozakura just sort of naturally evolved that way during the design process. Her special feature is her Okayama dialect, so when Kitajima-san wrote the script in regular Japanese, I had to change it myself. But I kept thinking, if I completely changed her lines into full-on Okayama dialect, people would be like "What? I can't understand a word she's saying!" I had to really struggle to keep a good balance between comprehensible and regional with her.”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • Yozakura's name means "Cherry Trees in the Evening".
  • Her fighting gauntlets look similar to The Big O hands.
  • Yozakura's character theme, Floral Freedom, is an arrangement of Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata) (Beethoven). A play on the "Evening" part of her name.
  • In the Gessen Ninja Room after completing Gessen's story in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, speaking to Yozakura will trigger a conversation that reveals where her gauntlets came from. She explains that they were given to her by Kurokage shortly after joining Gessen, who had retrieved them from a couple who made iron weapons. She also states that the couple also made a pair of greaves (iron boots) and she wonders where they are now.
    • This implies that Yozakura's gauntlets and Katsuragi's boots were made by the same people, thus explaining their similar color scheme and overall design.
      • Senran Kagura: Estival Versus confirms this in Yozakura and Katsuragi's Dual Shinobi Hearts mission, where they learn their weapons are part of the same set.
        • Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal further confirms this with a Top Secret File that tells us that the boots were used by Katsuragi's father and the gauntlets by her mother, and that her mother gave them to Yozakura as an apology for showing up to kill Kurokage. Though this contradicts Shinovi Versus saying she got them from Kurokage after joining Gessen.
  • Yozakura shares the same birthdate with Seimei.