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Yomi (詠) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura. She is a member of Homura's Crimson Squad.

A former second-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. She grew up in the slums, and so grew both her longing to live in an affluent house and a deeply-rooted hatred of those privileged enough to be born into wealth in the first place.

With no siblings of her own, she thinks of the other Crimson Squad girls as her sisters. She’s managed to master a wide variety of weapons, from her broadsword to her crossbow, and uses them all with flawless precision. She also has an extreme love for (and in many cases, obsessed with) bean sprouts.



Yomi is a fair skin girl with long blonde hair with a small green clip in it. Her outfit is somewhat reminiscent of a maid. She wears a teal green dress with a white slip underneath. The top of her dress only comes up to the bustline, and a single white collar wraps around her neck. On her arms, she has long white gloves and green diamond-shaped arm sleeves with white frill underneath. Around her waist is a small white apron with shuriken pattern on them, and a belt that holds a brown bag and a strip of replacement darts for her crossbow weapon. She wears a teal beret with a large white bow on the back of it and an even larger bow on the back of her dress. Under her dress is a pair of white stockings covered by long brown boots with black bows at the top, and her signature giant broadsword rests on her back.


“We're renegades. We can't afford to live in luxury.”
—Yomi, Shinovi Versus
Yomi is a well-mannered individual who shows deep compassion for those of less fortunate backgrounds like herself. Despite her pleasant demeanor, there is a significant gap between her polite tone of voice and what she's actually saying, as she's known for savage verbal abuse; her refined demeanor masks her aggressive and unpredictable side. She came from the slums and harbors both great hate and envy for prosperous houses/families. She deems those born with a silver spoon in their mouths as fragile people who don't know the true hardship and suffering of the less fortunate. Be that as it may, Yomi is seen to be quite pretentious.

As stated before, she harbors both hatred and great envy of the rich and wealthy. She does not see a need for large amounts of money (as noted when she turned down Haruka's offer of 10,000 yen and requested only 10 yen in its place), but still believes that money itself can fix any and all problems (having told Yumi that "money is her idea of justice"). She also tends to be cheap (or, as she calls it, "being frugal") with the group's money, spending what is necessary or--if possible--not spending at all.

She has a strange appreciation for bean sprouts, as this is the main ingredient in most dishes she cooks for her comrades. She favors wild grass and other plant life that grows on the mountain where their base is located, but would not turn down a meal if presented to her (and if it's free).

Despite this, Yomi has a very motherly persona when it comes to taking care of the needs of her comrades. She likes to cook and clean, as well as tend to them if injured. She feels as though her comrades are family and shares a deep connection with all of them.


Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Hanzō National Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yomi was smelling something she thought stank, the scent of luxury all around her. She found this unconscionable as comfort should be a shinobi’s last priority. Nobody knew how to live a simple life anymore so it was time for her to teach them all a lesson. Her stomach began to growl she didn’t care if she was hungry right now as her anger had nothing to do with her hunger. She decided that luxury had no place in an era where billions were struggling through terrible poverty, she knew what she had to do. She’d show them all how spoiled they were and set the world straight. She then ponders who should she start with before deciding on her first target.

Her first target was none other than her own teammate Mirai*. She sees Mirai drinking something and saying to herself she had to keep it up every day as it was important and thinks that tomorrow they’d start getting bigger. Yomi approaches her and asks what the white liquid was. Mirai was startled by her appearance and tells her it was nothing. Yomi tells her there was no use hiding it knowing it was milk and asks her how dare she waste such a precious luxury every day. Mirai tells her to stop as she didn’t understand she had to work on her breasts. Yomi decides to be honest with her, what she was doing was pointless. Mirai tells her it wasn’t. Yomi tells her it was a waste of resources and takes it upon herself to simplify her lifestyle. Afterwards Yomi says to herself that was one less wasteful habit in the world.

  • Surprisingly not Yozakura considering who the next four girls she’d be facing are.

She heads into town where she happens upon Shiki talking about a sale and her plan on returning tomorrow with a friend. Yomi asks her what the large bag was. Shiki tells her they had a sale and shows her some of the clothing she bought and asks if it was so her. Yomi asks her if she planned on wearing all the clothes. Shiki says to her whenever and how she had to get through the rest of her backlog first. Yomi tells her she only needed one set of clothes if she keeps them clean and anything more than that was luxury and luxury was her sworn enemy. Shiki asks her what was she so mad about and tells her if she wanted her clothes that bad, she could share some from last year. Yomi brushes her words off telling her she would never stoop so low as to accept other people’s clothes. Shiki then asks her what if her one set of clothes got wet in the rain, how would she dry them. Yomi responds by telling her if nature wanted her to wear wet clothes so be it as simpler was always better. A fight begins between the two because why not? With Yomi emerging the victor. Afterwards Yomi comments about all the waste in the world and wonders how she could stop it.

She later finds Murakumo knowing she was the daughter of a CEO and knows that no doubt she was swimming in luxury. Murakumo notices her and asks her if something was wrong. Yomi asks her what she had been eating recently. Murakumo was about to tell her what she had for breakfast. But Yomi interrupts her after hearing the word breakfast she tells her eating three meals a day was an unconscionable excess. Murakumo tells her one needs a proper diet and Yomi tells her to not underestimate the nutritional value of bean sprouts and as long as they have those everything will be okay. Murakumo tells her she needs more she needed a balance of nutrients. Yomi dismisses it as a blasphemy against all bean sprouts everywhere. She apologizes to her friend but she had to make her understand. After a fight between the two she breaths out a sigh and comments about how if only they could turn the waste of the world into bean sprouts everyone would be happy.

Her mind starts to turn to her empty stomach and how she can barely move and then she notices Yumi nearby. She notices her training and comments on the splendid movement it was like her kimono was an extension of her body. Her high-quality sheen it looked so light. Yomi then says that crunchy texture no matter if it was boiled, broiled, or friend she then hallucinates Yumi wearing bean sprouts. Yumi finishes up her training deciding that was enough for today only to take notice of Yomi and dodge her. Yomi tells her it was an impressive dodge considering her choice of clothing. Yumi asks her what had gotten into her all of a sudden and her kimono was a gift from her grandfather and not to scratch it. Yomi tells her it looked expensive but it wasn’t bean sprout-y enough, it had to be more stringy. A struggle between the two begins with Yomi being able to tear off a piece of Yumi’s kimono and comments that the best thing about bean sprout clothes is that they came off so easily.

Eventually her hunger grows to the point where she didn’t think she could move. Minori shows up and asks her if she wanted to play. Yomi being so hungry to the point she couldn’t speak properly is able to say her stomach was so empty she needed bean sprouts. Minori says she didn’t have any but she had a big bag of candy that was way better and asks if she wanted some. Yomi refuses saying no candy can compare to bean sprouts and she’ll never eat such garbage, never. Minori thinking she was mad tells her “Here, c’mon, let’s eat!” Yomi continues to refuse asking her how dare she offer her such filthy poison it was unforgivable. Minori asks her if it meant she wanted to play now and was excited about this. A short struggle between the two ensues for reasons and Yomi wins. She then asks Minori if she understood now that bean sprouts reign supreme.

Minori tells Yomi she wasn’t done with her yet as she said this she scowled and threw a treat at her which Yomi catches with her mouth. Yomi eats it and see’s it was good. She hides her reaction and taunts her asking if that’s the best she could do. Minori threw another treat at her saying she was going to get her. Yomi’s taunt worked and she catches the treat and scarfs it down. Minori cries about her snack attack not working. Yomi lies to her about it working as continues lying about her being weakened and tells her to keep it up. She wiped the drool off her mouth opened her mouth in preparation for the next treat. Minori then remembers Yomi saying candy was filthy poison. Yomi seeing the confusion on her face thought fast and started waving her finger remembering at the last moment to close her mouth. She tells Minori that poison is a valuable weapon in combat and to learn this lesson well. Minori sighs and threw another treat at Yomi which she catches and eats. She then says about how good it was and that the battle continued and to throw her more.

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yomi sniffs the air. She is disgusted to pick up the scent of shinobi wearing luxury clothing. To her it reeks of the kind of decadence and self-indulgence to which no shinobi should ever stoop. It's an affront to her belief that shinobi should live humbly (for example, wearing a simple green tracksuit with a swimsuit underneath). Yomi resolves to show these flashy shinobi the error of their ways and begins her Poverty Revolution.

Yomi seeks out Yozakura at the Gessen Academy and finds her admiring how soft her clothes feel. Yomi agrees that it's lovely and asks if it feels so nice because Yozakura used fabric softener. Yozakura asks how Yomi knew that and Yomi replies that she can tell from the horrible stench. She lectures Yozakura on how Shinobi don't need such luxurious cleaning and that she grew up wearing clothes that had been washed in puddles. Yozakura wonders if this would just make clothes dirtier rather than cleaning them, and Yomi angrily tells her not to hurt the feelings of puddles. Yomi defeats Yozakura in the ensuing fight and confiscates her clothing in the name of decency.

Ryōbi and Kafuru are the next target of Yomi's ire. She finds them in the Snow Festival Grounds where Ryōbi is asking Kafuru how her new clothes look, particularly around the chest. Kafuru tells Ryōbi that the padding is pretty obvious which Ryōbi says is tactless. Kafuru retorts that she's only being honest. Yomi is incensed at the idea of shinobi buying new clothes, especially over-padded clothes like Ryōbi's. She confronts Ryōbi and politely tells her that she's going to confiscate her clothes. For good measure she tells Ryōbi she doesn't technically even need a bra. Ryōbi and Kafuru agree that it's all over for them if Yomi manages to ban padded bras and so they square off against the Poverty Revolutionary. Yomi defeats them both and tells them bras are wasteful for women who don't need them, and that they'll be grateful that Yomi saved them the trouble of wearing them.

Yomi finds Hanabi in the Sensōji streets. Hanabi is complaining that her outfit is the wrong size so she wants to buy a new one. Yomi, filled with revolutionary zeal, cheerfully tells her that she's inviting divine punishment with that wasteful attitude. Hanabi says it's weird to wear clothes that are too tight but Yomi responds by saying a person can always lose weight if clothes are too tight, or get fat if they're too loose. It turns out that Hanabi bought the wrong size clothes in the first place because she's bad with numbers, so Yomi helpfully suggests she train her mathematics skills by shopping for discounts at a supermarket. Hanabi resents the implication that she's a bonehead and the two duke it out in the streets. Yomi wins the fight and says that Hanabi can hire her to repair her now tattered clothes instead of buying new ones.

Renka, Katsuragi and Minori are going out to dinner at a ramen noodle restaurant in the Downtown area. Yomi disapprovingly notes that they're well-dressed for the occasion. This she cannot allow. Renka asks Yomi why she's so annoyed. Yomi says that she wouldn't say she's 'annoyed' but rather 'furious'. Katsuragi tells Yomi that she's going overboard but Yomi replies that it's only because the other three are shinobi and that she wouldn't care if they were just normal people. Furthermore, she lectures, ramen is itself an unneeded luxury: noodles and broth are each fine on their own, one shouldn't need to combine them. Yomi says it looks like she'll have to beat some discipline into her three opponents, which she does. She generously leaves them with a pearl of wisdom: food, clothes and shelter - the simplest of these things is all that's needed.

Yomi's final encounter is with her friend Ikaruga on the roof of Hanzō Academy. Ikaruga has heard rumours about Yomi's recent actions. She accuses Yomi of resorting to common banditry. Yomi says that's an ugly way of putting it and that what's she's doing is teaching people the error of their ways. She then wonders if Ikaruga has bought any new clothes recently. Ikaruga hesitantly says that she has. Yomi tells her that she thought as much, and that she's going to have to confiscate them. This confirms what Ikaruga had heard about Yomi robbing people. Yomi defeats her in the following duel and proclaims that now a wind of honorable humility is blowing through the shinobi world.

Yomi EV SGH.jpg
Yomi returns to the Crimson Team hideout with the confiscated clothes. She breaks out her scavenged needle and thread made from a fishing hook and fishing line she found on the beach and makes the tattered outfits into new clothes for the rest of her team. Their enthusiasm for these patchwork garments is somewhat muted.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Stage Show

After finishing their 25-hour charity show starring their hero characters, BC Mask and Cropped Bean Sprout Mask, Yomi and Ikaruga find out that most of their audience were attracted to Minori and Murasaki's show that happens to be right next door to theirs.


Yomi: "One, dodging hunger -- to jump, roll and duck! Two, no such thing as a state of bad luck! ...Three, let us bloom from the depths of the muck!"

Yomi: "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask is here, with unmatchable pluck!"

Ikaruga: "A-and...the seeker of truth and justice... With black hair flowing in the wind, BC Mask..."

Ikaruga: "Everyone... Thank you for coming out today..."

Yomi: "We've been fasting since yesterday morning...and now our 25-hour charity show has come to a close. Please be careful on the way home..."

Ikaruga: "We did it, Yomi..."

Yomi: "We did indeed. We didn't draw much of a crowd, though."

Ikaruga: "It is what it is. Low turnout or not, if the spirit of the charity came across, that's still a success."

Yomi: "That's a good way to think of it."

Yomi: "...Still, I don't know if we should do this fasting show again. At least not without a bigger audience."

???: "I wanna be a Mino Mino Apple!"

Yomi: "...What was that? Whose voice was that?"

Ikaruga: "It seems someone else is putting on a little hero show nearby."

Yomi: "Hmm, sounds like they're having fun. I'm about to collapse from hunger, but let's go see."

Ikaruga: "There they are. Now that's quite a turnout."

Ikaruga: "Let's watch and learn. Maybe we can use a few of their tricks in our next show."

Minori: "I wanna be a Mino Mino Apple! Hey, everyone! That's all for today! Thanks for coming out!"

Murasaki: "Please, don't push... Please, form a line..."

Ikaruga: "...It's Minori and Murasaki. So they're the two performers, are they?"

Yomi: "H-how are they THIS popular?"

Ikaruga: "I'm a bit shocked myself, to be honest... Maybe our hero show is too...old?"

Minori: "There's still plenty of apple pies left! If you want one, you've gotta stay in line! Hey, you, usher! Could you help hand these pies out?"

Murasaki: "...S-sure... Please, enjoy Mino Apple's handmade apple pie."

Yomi: "What? Apple pie?"

Ikaruga: "Yomi... Please take a look at that sign... "Mino Apple's All-You-Can-Eat Show.""

Yomi: "Could it be...? They used food to lure people to their show?"

Yomi: "...That's why the audience for our fasting show was so low..."

Yomi: "We were doing a charity for the slums and going through hell...and they were doing this right next door!"

Minori: "See you guys later! Until next time!"

Murasaki: "Please be careful on the way home..."

Yomi: "Mino Apple and crew! Hold it right there!"

Minori: "Oh hey, Yomi, Ikaruga. What's up?"

Yomi: "Do not "What's up" us!! You are interfering with our business and our spirit of charity! It's blasphemy!"

Yomi: "And we're not Yomi and Ikaruga! We are Cropped Bean Sprout Mask and BC Mask!"

Yomi: "BC Mask! Please do not hold me back!"

Ikaruga: "Yo... I mean, "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask," I won't stop you... This may be the hunger talking, but I'm a bit irritated as well..."

Ikaruga: "I will fight alongside you!"

"What's a hero...?" -Yomi
"Let us show you!" -Ikaruga

Beginning of Mission:

Minori: "What's this, what's this?! Are we playing shinobi?"

Yomi: "Please don't joke around. Did you KNOW we were fasting for charity next door when you put on YOUR show?"

Minori: "Huh? What do you mean?"

Yomi: "It was a charity for hungry kids from the slums. And then YOU came along..."

Minori: "You must be real hungry. Here, have some Mino Apple pie..."

Ikaruga: "...No, that's not what I meant..."

Minori: "There should still be plenty of apple pie. You can take some for your whole staff. Yomi, too!"

Murasaki: "Uh... Umm, how did I become YOUR staff member...? I was just taking a stroll, and you roped me into this..."

Minori: "Yomi's waiting! I think she's hungry."

Murasaki: "O-okay... Then here..."

Yomi: "*gulp*"

Ikaruga: "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask! Are you allowing the enemy to tempt you?! ...*gulp*"

Yomi: "Y-you're right. What could have come over me...? *gulp*"

Murasaki: "Yomi, Ikaruga, please hurry up and eat... I want to go home as soon as possible..."

Yomi: "N-no... *gulp*"

Murasaki: "Please!"

Ikaruga: "I do not want any... *gulp*"

Yomi: "...Mmm. This is delicious. *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "Indeed. *munch* *munch* Did you make this yourself?"

Minori: "That's right!"

Ikaruga: "You are a wonderful chef. You should start a bakery. They'd recognize your talents all across the country."

Minori: "Really?! Squeeee!"

Murasaki: "Um... You said you didn't want any, but...you're eating quite a lot..."

Ikaruga: "Oh, excuse me... How rude of me... *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "No worries! Playing Shinobi was fun, so eat as much as you want!"

Yomi: "You said it yourself, Ikaruga. *chomp* We should study their tricks and use them for our show. *munch* *munch*"

Ikaruga: "I did say that. *chomp*"

Yomi: "Do you think we can use this same idea? *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "What do you mean? *munch* *munch*"

Yomi: "Well, maybe instead of a fasting show, we could bring the people of the slums out for an all-you-can-eat show. *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "That is a wonderful idea. *chomp*"

Yomi: "...I'd like to apologize, Minori. Please forgive my rudeness from before. *munch* *munch*"

Ikaruga: "I would like to apologize as well. Deeply. *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "Apologize? What for?"

Yomi: "This is wonderful. *chomp* Your kindness is boundless. You would be most suitable for our charity show."

Minori: "Whaa? What d'you mean, what d'you mean?"

Yomi: "I mean, for our next show, we'd like to include you. *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "Really? That sounds fun!!"

Yomi: "So for that event, could you bake a mountain of apple pies? *chomp*"

Minori: "Of course! I'm gonna bake tons of them!"

Minori: "Right, Murasaki?!"

Murasaki: "...Huh? Me too? I thought I was just the usher..."

Yomi: "Oh, is that what you were? Then I hereby promote you to full-time staff! *munch* *munch*"

Yomi: "Please help pass out the apple pies again next time. We'll do our best with the show. *chomp*"

Murasaki: "Whaaa?!"

Ikaruga: "No need to make that face. Here, you should have an apple pie yourself, Murasaki. They're blissful. *chomp*"

Murasaki: "O-okay... *chomp*"

Murasaki: "...Mm? This is really good!"

Minori: "Really? Yaaay!"

Yomi: "I think the people of the slums will say the same. High spirits, everyone. *munch* *munch*"

Everyone: "Roger! *munch* *munch*"

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes

Sushi Queen

While Yomi was experimenting with growing a new kind of bean sprout on the beach she sensed a strange presence behind her. She called out who was there but before she had a chance to turn around she was grabbed, blindfolded and taken somewhere. She was thrown into a room with her hands untied she removed her blindfold. She was in a house made out of cardboard she took a closer look and saw it wasn’t a house but more like a papier mache display the kind used in school plays. On a piece of cardboard she notices the words Ryugu Castle. She suddenly hears two familiar voices belonging to Hibari and Minori whom she sees in opposite corners of the room both were just as confused as she was. A figure suddenly appears. Yomi easily identifies her as Yagyū wearing an even more obvious fake beard. Hibari calls her by her name only for Yagyū to tell her she wasn’t Yagyū but the master of Ryugu Castle. Yomi had no idea what she was up to but decides to let her go with it. Yagyū tells them she summoned them for one purpose to save the Sushi Queen. When asked she further explains she was the Sultana of Seafood the Duchess of Delicacies. She who calls forth happiness from the ocean. Hibari even though Yagyū was playing asked if the Sushi Queen had been kidnapped and Yomi could tell Hibari looked deadly serious despite the cardboard walls and cheap costumes. Yagyū tells them the Sushi Queen had fallen into the clutches of an evil organization called the Fish Force Four, dark elites who hoard her talents for themselves. Hibari speaking with the conviction of a true believer. “The Fish Force Four... So they’re the bad guys!” Yagyū tells them she wanted the three young ladies to defeat the Fish Force Four and bring peace to the ocean gourmet world. They would be treated to a bountiful reward. Sinister voices waft into the room. Those voices being Kafuru, Imu, Haruka and Hanabi. They declare themselves as the Fish Force Four and how they savor the ocean’s bounty every day thanks to their generous guest and they’re never going to release her and they were going to wait for them at the stage. Yomi recognizes them but doesn’t jump to conclusions. Hibari happily shouts out to go out to save the Sushi Queen. Even Minori was swept up as she was. Yomi didn’t understand what was going on but she decides to join in.

The first member of the Fish Force Four they face is Kafuru the Dolphin. She calls out to them announcing herself as a member and her title. Minori calls out to her saying she didn’t know she was cool, something Hibari agrees with. Kafuru replies telling them they were easily swayed and tells them they will never save the Sushi Queen for she will crush them here and now, and her case was rested. Yomi giggles and tells her she got the role playing down. Kafuru tells her to stop yapping and to bring it with everything they got. Yomi tells her they won’t hold anything back. And thus the three defeated Kafuru in a water gun battle. Yomi declares that victory was theirs, only for Kafuru to tell her not to get so cocky as the other Elite Four were all stronger than she was.

Imu approaches them and comments about their victory against Kafuru the Dolphin telling them “Not bad!” Minori asks if they have to fight Imu. She confirms she was a member of the Fish Force Four. Imu the Atlantic Footballfish. Hibari asks why they call her that. Yomi tells them to be careful as Imu’s forehead was shining. Minori comments about how just looking at the light was like she was being sucked in. Yomi pleads with Minori to not go near it. Imu laughs telling them to behold the power of captivation and how she’ll suck them in and swallow them whole. Hibari tells the others that this was going to be tough and they’re going all in. And so they beat Imu in a water gun fight. After losing she says “G-Glory to the Fish Force…Four…” Yomi points out there were only two members left.

They find Hanabi the Goldfish. Who reveals herself as a member and her title and tells them to face her. Minori asks if goldfish live in the sea. Hibari answers with “no, they shouldn’t.” Hanabi tells them not the sweat the details as she was a fish and to just go with it. Hibari instantly agrees on spot. Minori tells the others to leave the goldfishing to her. Hanabi sarcastically tells her sorry but she couldn’t fish her that easily. Hanabi loses to the three in a water gun fight. Yomi comments that the final member of the Elite Four was next and to keep their guard up every step.

They find Haruka who praises them for making it so far. Hibari calls out to her saying she was the final member. Minori asks what she had to do with seafood. Yomi agrees with her saying she saw no resemblance to. Before she could finish Haruka was swishing. Minori pointed out to a slimy thing she was holding. Haruka tells them she was the most powerful member of the Fish Force Four and says her title Haruka the Sea Cucumber. Hibari confusingly asks Sea Cucumber. Haruka tells them she’ll make them all slippery with her special lotion. Haruka then loses to the three in a water gun fight. She tells them not to think they can relax. Yomi asks what extravagant act awaits them next.

They find the Sushi Queen who is none other than Asuka who welcomes them and asks what she should she prep for them, even calling them boss. When her teammate says her name Asuka tells her she was the Sushi Queen. Minori tells her they were here to rescue her. Asuka tells them she didn’t need any rescuing. She was there to make sushi out of all of them. This freaks Hibari out asking her what she meant. Yomi assumes that the Sushi Queen was brainwashed. Asuka begins listing several fish those being. Fatty tuna, Halibut, Sea eel, and Salmon. Yomi tells the others they need to snap the Queen out of it with their own hands. They then defeat Asuka in a water gun fight, who thanks them for saving her. Yomi declares their mission was complete.

Upon returning to Yagyū she tells them she prepared a feast in thanks and to take their time and enjoy. She had a large sushi bowl sitting in front of her with the aroma of vinegar rice pinching Yomi’s nostrils. Asuka tells them to leave it to her. She piles various fish on top of the vinegar rice. She ends up making chirashi sushi. But it wasn’t just chirashi sushi. In the middle of it the fish eggs spelled out Happy Birthday in Japanese.

Hibari, Yomi and Minori Birthday.jpg
Asuka then tells the three girls Happy Birthday. They looked at each other upon hearing those words. Yomi thinks about what she just heard and realized. Her, Hibari and Minori all shared the same birth month. Yagyū asks if they didn’t want some ordinary party did they. Asuka even comments that they thought they’d do something a little different. While they spell that out the Fish Force Four all step out. Hibari thanks everyone and Minori says this is the best birthday ever. Yomi finally realizes what all that awkward acting was for and it was entertaining. She thanks them and she’ll have to find a way to show her gratitude. This raised the bar for everyone else’s birthday they would seem underwhelming now if they weren’t on this level. As she ate the delicious chirashi sushi she had a few ideas floating in her head. She suggests a bean sprout party. Hibari comments that, that’d work for her but.


Main Articles: Yomi/Shinovi Versus  · Yomi/Estival Versus  · Yomi/Peach Beach Splash

Yomi is a Piercer, as she is armed with a large broadsword with a chainsaw mounted inside, a hand cannon and a hand repeating crossbow. Her moves are slow but very damaging, and the player is able to maintain the light or heavy attack button to use an heavier light attack. Her heavy attacks are generally her using her hand ranged weapons. Her light ninja art is a frontal narrow-zoned attack, her heavy à ranged  frontal  attack, and her ultimate a neighbor-crushing mobile attack.

Despite her strength, she is quite weak to fast attacking and moving or countering targets, as their moves and attacks may disturbs her attacks, or a counter repel her and interrupt a combo.

"Aside from her slow attack speed and mobility, Yomi's stats are great. She has no problem attacking head-on, and her range is exceptional. However, she has a hard time attacking speedy and/or projectile based-characters. In such situations, it's best to go into Frantic Mode despite the defense loss. As long as you avoid and attack, you'll be okay. Ragnarok is her most recommended Secret Ninja Art, as it can take out a powerful enemy in one strike. Also be aware that due to her slow speed, she will have a hard time maintaining combos and building meter, so make sure to connect each and every Secret Ninja Art." -Estival Versus: Yomi's Battle Card

Ninja Arts:

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Sprouts of Fire Shinovi Versus Yomi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Bean Sprouts and My Seafood Estival Versus Yomi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.