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Voiced By Ai Kayano
Faction Hebijo (2nd-year) (Formerly)
Crimson Squad (Currently)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday February 10th (Aquarius)
Blood Type B
Laterality Ambidextrous
Guardian Burrowing Ratsnake
Weapon Ragnarok (Broadsword), Wrist-Cannons, Bombs
Personal Details
Hobby Sewing
Favorite Food Bean Sprouts
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 95cm (37")
Cup I
Bust Volume 2293.2ml
Waist 58cm (23")
Hips 90cm (35")

Yomi (詠) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura. She is a member of Homura's Crimson Squad.

A former second-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy. She grew up in the slums, and so grew both her longing to live in an affluent house and a deeply-rooted hatred of those privileged enough to be born into wealth in the first place.

With no siblings of her own, she thinks of the other Crimson Squad girls as her sisters. She’s managed to master a wide variety of weapons, from her broadsword to her crossbow, and uses them all with flawless precision. She also has an extreme love for (and in many cases, obsessed with) bean sprouts.



Yomi is a fair skin girl with long blonde hair with a small green clip in it. Her outfit is somewhat reminiscent of a maid. She wears a teal green dress with a white slip underneath. The top of her dress only comes up to the bustline, and a single white collar wraps around her neck. On her arms, she has long white gloves and green diamond-shaped arm sleeves with white frill underneath. Around her waist is a small white apron with shuriken pattern on them, and a belt that holds a brown bag and a strip of replacement darts for her crossbow weapon. She wears a teal beret with a large white bow on the back of it and an even larger bow on the back of her dress. Under her dress is a pair of white stockings covered by long brown boots with black bows at the top, and her signature giant broadsword rests on her back.


“We're renegades. We can't afford to live in luxury.”
—Yomi, Shinovi Versus
Yomi is a well-mannered individual who shows deep compassion for those of less fortunate backgrounds like herself. Despite her pleasant demeanor, there is a significant gap between her polite tone of voice and what she's actually saying, as she's known for savage verbal abuse; her refined demeanor masks her aggressive and unpredictable side. She came from the slums and harbors both great hate and envy for prosperous houses/families. She deems those born with a silver spoon in their mouths as fragile people who don't know the true hardship and suffering of the less fortunate. Be that as it may, Yomi is seen to be quite pretentious.

As stated before, she harbors both hatred and great envy of the rich and wealthy. She does not see a need for large amounts of money (as noted when she turned down Haruka's offer of 10,000 yen and requested only 10 yen in its place), but still believes that money itself can fix any and all problems (having told Yumi that "money is her idea of justice"). She also tends to be cheap (or, as she calls it, "being frugal") with the group's money, spending what is necessary or--if possible--not spending at all.

She has a strange appreciation for bean sprouts, as this is the main ingredient in most dishes she cooks for her comrades. She favors wild grass and other plant life that grows on the mountain where their base is located, but would not turn down a meal if presented to her (and if it's free).

Despite this, Yomi has a very motherly persona when it comes to taking care of the needs of her comrades. She likes to cook and clean, as well as tend to them if injured. She feels as though her comrades are family and shares a deep connection with all of them.


Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzo National Academy

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yomi sniffs the air. She is disgusted to pick up the scent of shinobi wearing luxury clothing. To her it reeks of the kind of decadence and self-indulgence to which no shinobi should ever stoop. It's an affront to her belief that shinobi should live humbly (for example, wearing a simple green tracksuit with a swimsuit underneath). Yomi resolves to show these flashy shinobi the error of their ways and begins her Poverty Revolution.

Yomi seeks out Yozakura at the Gessen Academy and finds her admiring how soft her clothes feel. Yomi agrees that it's lovely and asks if it feels so nice because Yozakura used fabric softener. Yozakura asks how Yomi knew that and Yomi replies that she can tell from the horrible stench. She lectures Yozakura on how Shinobi don't need such luxurious cleaning and that she grew up wearing clothes that had been washed in puddles. Yozakura wonders if this would just make clothes dirtier rather than cleaning them, and Yomi angrily tells her not to hurt the feelings of puddles. Yomi defeats Yozakura in the ensuing fight and confiscates her clothing in the name of decency.

Ryōbi and Kafuru are the next target of Yomi's ire. She finds them in the Snow Festival Grounds where Ryōbi is asking Kafuru how her new clothes look, particularly around the chest. Kafuru tells Ryōbi that the padding is pretty obvious which Ryōbi says is tactless. Kafuru retorts that she's only being honest. Yomi is incensed at the idea of shinobi buying new clothes, especially over-padded clothes like Ryōbi's. She confronts Ryōbi and politely tells her that she's going to confiscate her clothes. For good measure she tells Ryōbi she doesn't technically even need a bra. Ryōbi and Kafuru agree that it's all over for them if Yomi manages to ban padded bras and so they square off against the Poverty Revolutionary. Yomi defeats them both and tells them bras are wasteful for women who don't need them, and that they'll be grateful that Yomi saved them the trouble of wearing them.

Yomi finds Hanabi in the Sensōji streets. Hanabi is complaining that her outfit is the wrong size so she wants to buy a new one. Yomi, filled with revolutionary zeal, cheerfully tells her that she's inviting divine punishment with that wasteful attitude. Hanabi says it's weird to wear clothes that are too tight but Yomi responds by saying a person can always lose weight if clothes are too tight, or get fat if they're too loose. It turns out that Hanabi bought the wrong size clothes in the first place because she's bad with numbers, so Yomi helpfully suggests she train her mathematics skills by shopping for discounts at a supermarket. Hanabi resents the implication that she's a bonehead and the two duke it out in the streets. Yomi wins the fight and says that Hanabi can hire her to repair her now tattered clothes instead of buying new ones.

Renka, Katsuragi and Minori are going out to dinner at a ramen noodle restaurant in the Downtown area. Yomi disapprovingly notes that they're well-dressed for the occasion. This she cannot allow. Renka asks Yomi why she's so annoyed. Yomi says that she wouldn't say she's 'annoyed' but rather 'furious'. Katsuragi tells Yomi that she's going overboard but Yomi replies that it's only because the other three are shinobi and that she wouldn't care if they were just normal people. Furthermore, she lectures, ramen is itself an unneeded luxury: noodles and broth are each fine on their own, one shouldn't need to combine them. Yomi says it looks like she'll have to beat some discipline into her three opponents, which she does. She generously leaves them with a pearl of wisdom: food, clothes and shelter - the simplest of these things is all that's needed.

Yomi's final encounter is with her friend Ikaruga on the roof of Hanzō Academy. Ikaruga has heard rumours about Yomi's recent actions. She accuses Yomi of resorting to common banditry. Yomi says that's an ugly way of putting it and that what's she's doing is teaching people the error of their ways. She then wonders if Ikaruga has bought any new clothes recently. Ikaruga hesitantly says that she has. Yomi tells her that she thought as much, and that she's going to have to confiscate them. This confirms what Ikaruga had heard about Yomi robbing people. Yomi defeats her in the following duel and proclaims that now a wind of honourable humility is blowing through the shinobi world.

Yomi returns to the Crimson Team hideout with the confiscated clothes. She breaks out her scavenged needle and thread made from a fishing hook and fishing line she found on the beach and makes the tattered outfits into new clothes for the rest of her team. Their enthusiasm for these patchwork garments is somewhat muted.


Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes


Yomi is a Piercer (T2): She is armed with a large broadsword with a chainsaw mounted inside, a hand cannon and a hand repeating crossbow. Her moves are slow but very damaging, and the player is able to maintain the light or heavy attack button to use an heavier attack. Her heavy attacks are generally her using her hand ranged weapons. Her light ninja art is a frontal narrow-zoned attack, her heavy à ranged  frontal  attack, and her ultimate a neighbor-crushing mobile attack. Despite her strenght, she is quite weak  to fast attacking and moving or countering targets, as their moves and attacks may disturbs her attacks, or a counter repel her and interrupt a combo.

Ninja Arts:

- Light Ninja Art: Sigmund

- Heavy Ninja Art: Niflheim

- Ultimate Ninja Art (Secondary Mode): Ragnarok

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Sprouts of Fire Shinovi Versus Yomi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Bean Sprouts and My Seafood Estival Versus Yomi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
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