Yomi Portrait Render

Hebijo-Yomi Burst Render

Yomi DC Render

Voiced By Ai Kayano
Faction Hebijo (2nd-year) (Formerly)
Crimson Squad (Currently)
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday February 10 (Aquarius)
Blood Type B
Laterality Ambidextrous
Guardian Burrowing Ratsnake
Weapon Ragnarok (Broadsword), Wrist-Cannons, Bombs
Personal Details
Status Alive
Occupation Akunin (Evil Ninja)
Affiliation Hebijo (Formerly)
Crimson Squad (Current)
Hobby Sewing
Favorite Food Bean Sprouts
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 95cm (37")
Cup I
Bust Volume 2293.2ml
Waist 58cm (23")
Hips 90cm (35")

Yomi (詠) is a playable character in the first timeline of Senran Kagura. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, and becomes playable in Senran Kagura Burst.



Yomi is a fair skin girl with long blonde hair with a small green clip in it. Her outfit is somewhat reminiscent of a maid. She wears a teal green dress with a white slip underneath.

The top of her dress only comes up to the bustline, and a single white collar wraps around her neck. On her arms, she has long white gloves and green diamond shaped arm sleeves with white frill underneath. Around her waist is a small white apron with shuriken pattern on them, and a belt that holds a brown bag and a strip of replacement darts for her crossbow weapon.

She wears a teal beret with a large white bow on the back of it, and an even larger bow on the back of her dress. Under her dress are a pair of white stockings covered by long brown boots with black bows at the top, and her signature giant broadsword rests on her back.


Yomi is a well mannered individual who shows deep compassion for those of less fortunate backgrounds like herself. Despite her pleasant demeanor, there is a significant gap between her polite tone of voice and what she's actually saying, as she's known for savage verbal abuse; her refined demeanor masks her aggressive and unpredictable side. She came from the slums and harbors both great hate and envy for prosperous houses/families. She deems those born with a "silver spoon in their mouths" as fragile people who don't know the true hardship and suffering of the less fortunate. Be that as it may, Yomi is seen to be quite pretentious.

As stated before, she harbors both hatred and great envy of the rich and wealthy. She does not see a need for large amounts of money (as noted when she turned down Haruka's offer of 10,000 yen and requested only 10 yen in its place), but still believes that money itself can fix any and all problems. She also tends to be cheap (or, as she calls it, "being frugal") with the group's money, spending what is necessary or--if possible--not spending at all.

She has a strange appreciation for bean sprouts, as this is the main ingredient in most dishes she cooks for her comrades. She favors wild grass and other plant life that grows on the mountain where their base is located, but would not turn down a meal if presented to her (and if it's free).

Despite this, Yomi has a very motherly persona when it comes to taking care of the needs of her comrades. She likes to cook and clean, as well as tend to them if injured. She feels as though her comrades are family and shares a deep connection with all of them.


Senran Kagura Burst

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 2
Section 4: Ikaruga vs Yomi
At the location Ikaruga went to for her match, she calls out for her opponent. A woman that goes by the name of Yomi slowly walks up to her and apologizes to her for making her wait while also calling her a princess. She then tells Ikaruga not to be tense since it’s not a trap while also telling her how much she loves her western-style outfit and wonders if her parents bought it for her. Ikaruga asks Yomi what she meant by that Yomi tells her how nice it must have been growing up with no end of love and affection, being able to never want for anything. As Ikaruga’s begins to lose her patience, she tells Yomi to get the point. Yomi apologizes again as she tells her that she’ll be killed in the location they’re in. She begins to feel a bit bad for Ikaruga, but school orders are absolutes. With that said, the two prepare for their one on one fight.

In the middle of it, Ikaruga tells Yomi that she can’t win the fight, but Yomi questions her. Ikaruga replies by telling her that she has no intention of killing her from the start. Yomi appreciates the concern but she tells Ikaruga that she has to kill her. Ikaruga asks why and Yomi explains to her that since she’s a princess, she has to die because all princesses must die. Ikaruga tells Yomi that it’s not a worthy reason as the two prepare to continue their fight.

After the fight, Ikaruga begins huffing and puffing but Yomi was unfazed by the damage Ikaruga inflicted on her. Ikaruga questions Yomi why that’s the case, but Yomi laughs at how Ikaruga’s strikes couldn’t faze her, even though they were elegant. Despite that, Yomi considers her mission a success. Ikaruga doesn’t understand but Yomi tells her good bye and to rest a little while. Before she can do that though, Ikaruga questions Yomi why she’s letting her go despite saying that she’ll kill. Yomi explains to Ikaruga by telling her how those that sneer at bean sprouts will die by bean sprouts. As she leaves, Ikaruga wonders what Yomi is planning on doing.

Chapter 3
Section 6: Hebijo Academy
At Hebijo Academy, Hibari examines the entire building from outside and recalls how the building used to be a famous sightseeing attraction in the city. Suddenly, Haruka ask Hibari what she thinks about Hebijo. Hibari tells her that it’s amazing. Haruka then takes Hibari to the North Gate Square. As they were going, Hibari realizes how Haruka is now acting really nice to her now that she transferred to Hebijo. Haruka wonders what she was thinking while Hibari explains to Haruka how she stopped talking about wanting to turn her into a doll. Haruka begins to giggle at her while asking her why would she turn all of her Hebijo friends into dolls. Hearing the word “friend” come out of Haruka’s mouth made Hibari feel a bit uncomfortable and how she’s shocked and amazed at how Hebijo accepted her without a second thought. Hibari figured that the students at Hebijo were cool and collected with who had no use for friends. With that in mind, Haruka shows Hibari to the North Gate Square, where gravel has been laid down throughout the area. Hibari asks Haruka if they really used an area this huge for training and then Haruka giggles once again and nods. Haruka then stomps on the ground when suddenly, Hibari starts hearing a faint voice groaning beneath them. Haruka then tells the students down below to stay silent no matter what as they’re supposed to be camouflaging and become part of the Earth. Hibari’s uncomfortable feelings starts to grow twenty sizes larger.

Haruka explains to Hibari how they must stay in for around 30 hours, which surprises Hibari. The two then walk under the North Gate. They then head for the South Gate area, where they saw a long bridge. Hibari looks out over the bridge and notices bubbles popping in the water with bamboo pipes swaying down there. Hibari figures that the students down there were practicing water escape. Haruka then throws a knife at them when suddenly, blood starts showing and then the student. Hibari tells her that she didn’t need to do that, but Haruka insists that this is what the students wish for since if failure is permitted, no lesson would be learned. Suddenly, the student scramble out of the water and bows, thanking Haruka for the advice.

Lastly, Hibari and Haruka reaches the castle keep when suddenly, Hibari feels that she’s being watched. She begins to look around but she couldn’t find anything. Inside the castle keep, Hibari realizes how much the rooms looks like a luxury resort while also looking confusing. She also notices lectures taking place in several rooms with a lot of students in each one. She also sees how all of the students look focused on the lectures. Hibari then begins to realize just how similar it is at Hebijo to Hanzo Academy and how she never really gave it some thought. She also realizes how the evil shinobi at Hebijo aren’t evil at all. All of the realization shocks Hibari. Before they know it, Hibari and Haruka reaches the top floor. Haruka points to Yomi and Hikage while those two are speaking casually about bean sprouts. She then requests Hibari to come to window to see something. Hibari did so and saw an incredible view of the entire town. She also look down below and saw a lot of shinobi students training. With that in mind, Hibari came to realize that the only difference between the Hanzo Academy and Hebijo Academy students is who’s employing them. Besides that, everything those two do are the same. Hibari then begins to wonder what exactly is a good shinobi and what exactly is an evil shinobi.

Hibari Meeting the Hebijo Elites CG (SKB)

Later on, the other Hebijo elite members entered the room one by one. Haruka introduces Hibari to all of them, making Hibari feel nervous. Suddenly, Mirai walks up to Hibari as she holds up a throwing knife and tells her that if she ignores her, she’ll kill her. Quickly, Hibari tells Mirai how she’s not ignoring her. With that said, Mirai understands and states how there’s no problem between them. Next, Yomi and Hikage walk up to Hibari with Yomi scrutinizing her closely. Yomi realizes how Hibari came from a middle class family while Hikage reprimands Yomi as she looks away from Hibari. Hibari introduces herself to them while telling Yomi how bean sprouts are really tasty. The comment changes Yomi’s expression as she looks back at Hibari. Yomi asks her if that’s true, which Hibari nods to, and then Yomi begins talking about how the prices are going up for it. As for Homura, she jumps lightly and hides the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll in the celling. Eventually, all of them leave the upper-level room.

As they leave, Hibari decides that it was time for her to go ahead and get the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll back, which was the main reason why she transferred to Hebijo to begin with. Suddenly, Haruka realizes that she left her bag back in the room and asks Hibari to go back and get it for her. Hibari understand and went back to the room, using the time to get the scroll. As she arrives, she begins to wonder how she’ll be able to get back to Hanzo Academy without being discovered. She then decides that she’ll think about the rest later. As she was about to get the scroll, Haruka walks in and tells Hibari that if she wants to take the scroll, take it. Hibari turns around and notices Haruka looking at her coldly.

Chapter 5
Section 4: Haves & Have-Nots
At Ikaruga’s location, Yomi greets her by still calling her a princess. Ikaruga demands Yomi to step aside, but Yomi wasn’t surprised at all. Ikaruga then ask Yomi why she irritates her while Yomi replies by telling Ikaruga how she won’t understand her hatred for the rich. Ikaruga asks Yomi to elaborate on what she means and then Yomi tells her that she’s an orphan and how her parents died. Ikaruga still doesn’t understand so Yomi continues by saying how she had no money and then asks Ikaruga if she knows about the slum. Ikaruga nods to the question and then Yomi tells her that she grew up at the slums while also telling her that she hasn’t forgotten the pain of not knowing when her next meal was coming as she wanders the streets. She tells Ikaruga how one day, she saw her and her family at a fancy restaurant on TV while also hearing how Ikaruga’s father was talking about donating a lot of money to help the poor overseas. Yomi was wondering why Ikaruga’s father wanted to donate a lot of money to help the poor overseas instead of those in Japan. Ikaruga tries to correct the misunderstanding, but Yomi continues by telling her how she have money fall into her lives while she has to work in order raise enough money to live. Next, she asks Ikaruga if she can understand what it’s like to go hungry, live on the streets, and picking through garbage. With that said, Yomi declares that the fight they’re about to have is a class warfare. Ikaruga understands and tells Yomi that if she cannot forgive her, then she’ll fight her. However, she will not go silently. With that said, the two begin their fight.

Afterwards, Ikaruga is victorious as she declares the fight to be over. Yomi tells Ikaruga how her parents died suddenly before she finished elementary school and how she was all alone. Only recently, Yomi found out that her parents saved up an inheritance in order for her to live a decent life before passing. Ikaruga becomes surprised while Yomi continues by saying how she decides to use that inheritance to donate to the poor in Japan. As a Hebijo elite, her tuition and basic living expenses are covered. Ikaruga begins to wish that she could talk with Yomi some more. Despite that, Yomi tells Ikaruga that it wouldn’t accomplished anything while also telling her to go and keep her pity. Ikaruga tries to reason with her, but Yomi demands her to just go. Ikaruga understands and tells her that she should be okay since the wounds aren’t fatal. As Ikaruga leaves, Yomi becomes glad that she’s not around for her final moments as she believes her pity is far bitter than death. Right before she uses the poison, Yomi tells herself that she’ll be seeing her parents soon.

Deep Crimson


She uses a large, two-handed sword as well as artillery, allowing her to use long-range combos complimented by explosives. She's also mastered a form of Wind Ninja Arts, enabling her to generate intense pressure with a swing of her sword.

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Super Secret Ninja Arts

Aerial Ninja Arts

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Envious Gaze Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls Yomi's theme before transforming.
Senran Kagura Burst OST - Envious Gaze
A Silent Fury Yomi's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.
Senran Kagura Original Soundtrack - 10
Initial M.Y.S. Deep Crimson Yomi's theme. It plays after she transforms.
Senran Kagura 2- Deep Crimson - 14 Initials M
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