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Yomi (詠) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


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Yomi lived most of her life growing up in the slums and harbors great hatred towards people who are satisfied with life. She watched her own parents die because of their poverty. In the street when she was having a meal, on the TV she saw that Ikaruga's foster father was giving enormous aid to overseas countries. This turned Yomi's hate towards Ikaruga. Yomi doesn't know the full details but it seems that her parents sold her off for their own desires.

In the Hanzō arc even until the end she held onto her hatred, but in the Hebijo arc, due to a certain item, she and Ikaruga eventually became friends. In Deep Crimson she is originally hostile towards Ikaruga while fighting her in Hebijo Castle, however when Ikaruga divulges Yomi in the secret of her adoption and true origin, she has a little change of heart. Even though she has grown a certain respect for her, Yomi is still troubled opening up to Ikaruga due to their social differences. Eventually however the two are able to overcome their barriers and become friends.

Other Appearances


Bon Appétit!

Yomi was in the hideout eating bean sprouts as usual until the unthinkable had happened, she had raised her voice in denial without thinking, no matter how many times she cried out it wouldn't change anything, the disastrous truth was in front of her eyes. She was tired of bean sprouts. She says this twice to make sure of her feelings and began to cry. It was true she understood she was tired of bean sprouts. She thought some people might think her situation was cruel and unfair, they were right. All her years of endless love for bean sprouts just turned out to be less than endless. She shouldn't even be able to fathom such a horrifying thought. But now that thought consumed her, she felt like a stranger to herself. She quietly murmurs to the bean sprouts before her they may have grown too close. Perhaps their affections grew with such intensity that it burned away and vanished into the air before they knew what to do with it. They spent their love too fast, when she first met them, every day became a song of bliss and satisfaction. She swooned to watch them grow, she gave thanks at every harvest. Her tongue rejoiced at every taste. But day by day, little by little, their passion and intimacy gave way to complacency and routine. And finally boredom. She says farewell to her sprouts and expected to start crying again. But she refused to do so she threw away all they gave her, they didn't need the tears of a selfish woman. She hid her face and ran. That's when she saw it. She could almost hear the bean sprouts asking her to stop. She turned and caught a glimpse of a flyer announcing a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-off. She realized this was what the bean sprouts wanted her to see. This tournament can be their fresh start. She understood, they were going to do this together. She didn't want them to be apart, she was going to enter the cook-off and what better way to spice up their love life.

First Round
Her first opponent was her teammate Hikage who noticed Yomi didn't seem happy. Yomi then flat out tells her she was tired of bean sprouts. Upon hearing this Hikage was taken aback and shouted out she couldn't comprehend. Yomi seeing her reaction asked her what that was about. Hikage then tells her if she had to guess it might've been shock. As she further points out Yomi bored with bean sprouts was impossible. Yomi asks her if she was raising her voice, Hikage says there was no way that was possible she couldn't say those things. Yomi asks her to calm down as she didn't say she was completely bored with them. Hikage asks her if she loved them and left them and began to feel sorry for them. Something Yomi agreed with so she was searching for a way to rekindle her love. Hikage hearing this says to her she was hurting more than they were Yomi tells her not to be sorry it was all because of her selfishness. Hikage having had enough chit-chat says for them to get this battle started she wanted to see Yomi's bean sprout dish. Yomi was in full agreement. And so the first round of the cook-off beings with Yomi winning. After the round Hikage says to her the thought she and the sprouts still get along well. Yomi understood and Hikage tells her breaking up is easy you could do that anytime. But she should take a good, hard look first and to think about their future together. It was her decision in the end she was just a bystander it was none of her business. But bean sprouts they were good to her. Yomi tells her she was right and thanks her. Hikage continues on about the feelings between a woman and her bean sprouts were complicated.

Fourth Round
Her next opponent was Ikaruga who calls out to her. She approaches her and tells her she knows about Yomi's current situation and goes on about how she was an outsider and had no business butting in between the two of them. However she's never seen her happier than she had been before. Whenever she saw her with bean sprouts she was envious, she always hoped that one day, somehow, someone will do for her what the sprouts did for Yomi. People came and went in life she understood, but even so. Yomi interrupts her asking her not to say anything further. Ikaruga apologizes she knew Yomi was in pain. Yomi tells her not to apologize her words reached her heart. Ikaruga hearing this decides it was best for them to move on and get on with why they were there. Yomi agrees with her. And so Yomi proceeds to beat Ikaruga in the next round of the tournament. After the round Yomi felt there was a path somewhere ahead. A path of intimacy between her and the bean sprouts. Ikaruga hearing this asks if that was so. She was very happy to hear that and begins to tear up. Yomi asks her why she was crying as this was her trouble and not Ikaruga's. Ikaruga tells her it was because it was so beautiful. Yomi proceeds to thank her it was because of her, she helped her feel this way. Yomi noticed she began to cry too. The two girls began to giggle. Ikaruga then wishes the two happiness and leaves. Yomi could finally see it. A bright future for herself and the sprouts.

Final Round
Her final opponent was Katsuragi. Who starts telling her to just forget about it and to just let the bean sprouts go. That's all she had to do. Yomi was surprised to hear this. Katsuragi tells her she was acting really girly, and to not be tied down to old ingredients. The world had tons of ingredients, even ones that weren't bean sprouts. Yomi agrees with her that it was true, she was definitely right. But among all the ingredients her bond was with bean sprouts. That is why she couldn't forget about them so easily. Katsuragi then tells her she'll make her forget about it and continues on about how the ramen she makes doesn't have bean sprouts, but it tasted freaking great. Yomi hearing this says it was impossible, a ramen without bean sprouts. Katsuragi tells Yomi to accept ramen without bean sprouts and to taste it. And finally ends off by telling Yomi to battle. And thus the final round of the tournament begins with Yomi emerging the victor.

Upon winning the tournament Katsuragi laments she blew it and began to think she shouldn't have skimped out on the bean sprouts. She then says noodles alone weren't enough for a competition she took the bean sprouts too lightly and tells Yomi to go ahead and laugh at her sorry ass. Yomi tells her she wouldn't and says that thanks to her she understood. Bean sprouts and her still had possibilities ahead. Katsuragi was surprised at what she was hearing, and with this Yomi says she could once again live together with the bean sprouts. Katsuragi hearing this says that everything is turning out alright. Yomi begins to thank her. She now had a way to reconcile with the bean sprouts. She began to perform the vision she saw during the battle against Katsuragi. She first decided to make ramen, she used various ingredients as the soup base and slowly created a golden soup. Even when the soup was done she didn't add noodles. Instead she threw bean sprouts, it was a new possibility: Bean sprout ramen without noodles. She put the noodle-less bean sprout ramen in front of her, she felt resistance. She took a sip of the soup and when she ate the sprouts. She shouted out it was delicious, the hot passionate love for bean sprouts blossoms within her. She felt the crunchy consistency, the watery texture. She felt the love for everything about them. There was still one more issue, the bean sprouts' feelings. She wanted to start over with them, but that didn't mean they'll want her back. Even if that happened she wouldn't harbor a grudge. She was the one who left them, she was the selfish one. She then asks them if they could start all over again and suddenly heard their answer. They forgave her a person like her. Tears began to flow from her eyes, but there was no time to start bawling. In order to make up for lost time she needed to eat more and more bean sprouts. But that was okay, it was wonderful even. Because she and the sprouts left all their troubles behind. She shouted out "Bean sprouts are unbeatable! Long live bean sprouts!"


Senran Kagura: After School (Anthology Comic)

Senran Kagura:Guren no Uroboros

Senran Kagura:Senshi Bankō no Haruka

Senran Enji Kyonyū-gumi


Ninja Flash!

Shinovi Master

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Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).


  • Yomi's name means "Recite".
  • Yomi's sword strongly resembles that of the blade wielded by Gamma Akutabi from the manga series Zombiepowder. From the handle, in which both are wrapped in fine bandages, the hilt, where both have a chain piece centered on it (in which Gamma pulls to activate the inner chainsaw), to finally the blade itself. Both are very large and shaped extremely similar (despite Yomi's blade being a broad sword and Akutabi's an actual katana). But the most defining feature is that both have a chainsaw mounted inside of it for increased cutting strength.
  • The names of Yomi's "Ninja Arts" all references to Norse Mythology.
    • The weapons Yomi wears on her wrists are known as a "wrist bow" and an "arm canon." She uses them interchangeably with her primary weapon.
    • Her overall theme and character design alludes to Norse motif. She bares garments of that of Viking women; mainly that of a simple house wife. Combat wise, her boots, gloves, and weapon choice are of Viking warrior women.
      • They also contrast Ikaruga's choice of weapon and outfit (which are eastern themed)