Yagyū (柳生) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura.

A first-year student at Hanzō National Academy. She’s only just begun her training this year, yet she knows that the shinobi world is ruthless and is fully prepared to accept that way of life.

This resolution is born from the considerable power she wields, but it’s approval she seeks above all else; she exists to be acknowledged by her fellow shinobi class members. Although she’s rather taciturn most days, her need for acceptance occasionally causes her to come across as lonely.

Being the same age as Hibari, the two of them have formed something of a sisterly bond, making Hibari one of the few people with whom she’ll willingly open up.



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Yagyū is a young girl with long white hair pulled into twin-tails held with shuriken. She has red eyes and wears a patch over the one; however, the eye it covers is functional. She is normally depicted with an indifferent expression.

In turnover, she wears a pale brown jacket over a white school shirt, red plaid skirt, brown loafers, and calf-high black stockings. Around her shoulders is a black mantle with a triangle design along the trim and two extended tails.


Yagyū has a stoic and quiet demeanor, usually modest of her own ability, yet still very aware and in tune with it. She is also a very distant person, preferring to keep things to herself and relying on no one. However, she sees Hibari as a little sister figure, the two are always capable of making the other smile. She is extremely protective of Hibari, often rushing to her aid without delay and without question. Although this has saved Hibari on numerous occasions, it has also led Yagyū to underestimate her to a certain degree or even to Yagyū's own misfortune. She also has a habit of eating whole dried squid without chopsticks or her hands.


Shinovi Versus

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Yagyū is suffering from hay fever. She's having trouble seeing through her watering eyes and so she can't find Hibari. In her miserable state she needs Hibari's comforting presence more than ever. Imagination doesn't suffice. Despite her blurred vision and blocked ears she begins looking around for her friend.

"I have found you, Hibari." declares Yagyū... to a confused Hanabi. Yagyū has wandered into the Festival Grounds fighting cages and mistaken the middle Mikaruga sister for Hibari. Hanabi tries to explain that she's not Hibari but Yagyū calmly insists that she is. Hanabi says she looks completely different to Hibari. Paying no attention, Yagyū tells 'Hibari' to come to her. Hanabi again tries to explain but Yagyū is beyond reason. Hanabi does reflect that she and Hibari are both sporty girls so maybe they're a bit similar in that respect. Yagyū says that she can feel Hanabi has an energetic vibe, and that means there's no doubt she's Hibari. Hanabi still denies this and a battle begins. Yagyū defeats her and realizes she wasn't Hibari after all. Offering no apology or even comment, she cries out for Hibari.

Yagyū next runs into Mirai and Mursaki at the Sensōji Temple grounds. Again, Yagyū mistakes another person for Hibari, and won't listen to Mirai's protestations. Mirai is upset that Yagyū can't even recognize her greatest rival. Yagyū says she has Hibari's temper and so she must be Hibari. Mirai angrily tells Yagyū there must be something wrong with her and to get it together. Murasaki smugly asks Mirai how it feels to not be remembered by your supposed great rival and Mirai tells her to shut her mouth. Mirai notes that Yagyū is really devoted to Hibari and it makes her a little jealous. Murasaki suggests that Mirai must be jealous of Hibari for lots of reasons, a reference to Mirai's flat chest. The usual brawl breaks out with Yagyū emerging as the victor.

Yagyū encounters Minori next. Again she mistakes her for Hibari, though Minori doesn't notice at first and just wants to play. Only when Yagyū calls her 'Hibari' does she get confused. Yagyū says it must be Hibari because she smells like sweets. Minori realizes there's some mistake but decides to play along anyway. Yagyū starts to sneeze from the hay fever and Minori is disgusted at all the snot and suddenly doesn't want to play any more. They duel, Yagyū wins.

Yagyū wanders into Mt Orochi village and finds Imu, Kafuru and Shiki. Shiki greets her and notes that Yagyū seems unsteady on her feet. Of course Yagyū immediately assumes Shiki is Hibari. Imu asks Yagyū if she's OK, and Yagyū thinks she's another Hibari too. Kafuru becomes a third Hibari when she comments that Yagyū is really not looking OK. Yagyū tells all the Hibaris to play with her. Kafuru asks Yagyū why she isn't weirded out by so many 'Hibaris' but Yagyū replies that the more Hibaris, the happier she is. They could all join together in the Hibari Kingdom, ruled over by Queen Hibari and King Yagyū. The delusional Yagyū fights against the other three girls, prevailing despite her fever. She continues to babble feverishly about the Hibari Kingdom.

Yagyū finally finds Hibari on the roof of their school. Hibari is very concerned that Yagyū doesn't look well. Yagyū starts babbling and Hibari tells her not to worry because she'll help her. Yagyū continues to gabble about there being lots of Hibaris, confusing the real Hibari. They battle on the rooftop for no real reason, unless perhaps Hibari plans to beat some sense back into Yagyū. Yagyū wins but passes out right after.

Yagyū is asleep, dreaming of Queen Hibari and her kingdom. She wakes up to find Hibari spoonfeeding her some porridge. It turns out Yagyū wasn't just suffering from hay fever but a severe cold as well. She recalls all the damage she caused while blundering around feverishly and is embarrassed, but feels better when she concentrates on Hibari nursing her back to health. She says that maybe she should get sick more often, but Hibari tells her not to say such silly things. Yagyū reluctantly agrees to get well.

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown alongside the other Hanzō girls attending a barbeque. During this their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament suddenly strikes the grill Asuka was using.

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Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Ribbon of Sorrow Shinovi Versus Yagyu's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
I'll Make Sure to Protect You! Estival Versus Yagyu's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.


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