Yagyu Anime 2.jpg
Voiced By Kaori Mizuhashi (Japanese)
Bryn Apprill (English)
Gender Female
Birthday December, 23rd (Capricorn)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Guardian Squid
Weapon Bladed Oilpaper Umbrella
Personal Details
Hobby Sleep
Favorite Food Dried Squid
Family Unnammed Parents

Nozomi (younger sister; deceased)

Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Height 158cm (5'2")
Bust 85cm (33")
Cup 65E
Bust Volume 1218.0ml
Waist 60cm (24")
Hips 83cm (33")



Yagyū is a young girl with long white hair pulled into twin-tails held with shuriken. She has red eyes and wears a patch over the one; however, the eye it covers is functional. She is normally depicted with an indifferent expression.

In turnover she wears a pale brown jacket over a white school skirt, red plaid skirt, brown loafers, and calf-high black stockings. Around her shoulders is a black mantle with a triangle design along the trim and two extended tails.


Yagyū has a stoic and quiet demeanor, usually modest of her own ability, yet still very aware and in tune with it. She is also a very distant person, preferring to keep things to herself and relying on no one. However, she sees Hibari as a little sister figure, the two are always capable of making the other smile. She is extremely protective of Hibari, often rushing to her aid without delay and without question. Although this has saved Hibari on numerous occasions, it has also led Yagyū to underestimate her to a certain degree or even to Yagyū's own misfortune. She also has a habit of eating whole dried squid without chopsticks or her hands.



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