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Yūyaki(夕焼) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst. She is one of the 10 new girls that were announced at the Senran Kagura live stream on January 8th, 2014 and were released on the February 14th, 2014.



Yūyaki has long white hair tied into a ponytail, to complement her brown skin. Her upper body only has what seems to be a black and white bikini top with a collar on it. She has short shorts and knee-high boots, and large black feathery drapes make up her detached sleeves and loincloth. Two crossed swords rest on her back, with a crow perched on her shoulder.


Yūyaki is considered a gentle, soft-spoken individual towards everyone and tends to not go into conflict at times. She is very much aware of what it is to be a leader, and her strong sense of responsibility leads her to mediate in various troublesome situations.

On the other hand, her personality does a complete 180 into brutality when she's got an unsheathed weapon in her hands. She's remains her quiet side while she's mediating, but once she loses her patience, snaps, and draws her blade, she ends up becoming the center of the trouble herself.


Yūyaki is the leader of the Tohno Tengu Shinobi Group and a second-year student in high school.

Her fighting style centers on slashes from her two long blades.

New Link's story reveals that Yūyaki had the Yōma known as Yasha sealed within her by Nachi's family. Yasha eventually escapes, but Yūyaki manages to come to an agreement with her, and now Yasha can lend Yūyaki her power to allow Yūyaki to have a super form like other faction leaders (ie. Ultimate Asuka, Crimson Homura, etc.).


Peach Beach Splash


She is shown to be sleeping at first only to be suddenly awoken by her invitation to participate in the Peach Beach Splash tournament. Although she accepts the invitation she apparently decides to travel to the island by herself as the rest of her team is never seen nor are they mentioned to be present on the island, the only friend she does take however is her crow.

Paradise Episodes

Crow Loves Shinies

While exploring the island with her crow it wanted to take a break. This irritated Yūyaki who being the leader of her team she had the responsibility of solving the mystery of the island and returning to the village as quickly as possible lashed out at her crow. This in turn upset it causing it to fly away leaving her alone. Yūyaki began searching for her crow as the village had few people her age and fewer she called friend. Her crow was the only thing protecting her from loneliness. She eventually hears someone shouting nearby recognizing the voice as Leo's she decides to go assist her as she is unable to ignore a cry for help even if her search is more important.

Upon noticing Yūyaki, Leo begins demanding answers from her. Yūyaki asks her if she did something. Leo reveals that her crow had stolen her golden brooch which had been passed down from her ancestors. Yūyaki was shocked by this. Leo asks Yūyaki to get it back as it was a precious treasure. Yūyaki apologizes to her promising to get it back.

As she was chasing the crow she began hearing noises in the direction the crow flew in. Upon reaching where her crow went she sees Hikage and Homura the latter whom discovers her swords were missing, Hikage points out to her that the crow (despite what their weight must be) has them. Homura angrily threatens the crow. Yūyaki pleads with her to stop as it was her friend. Homura angrily tells Yūyaki to do something about her crow, Yūyaki then apologizes for the trouble. Yūyaki begins to speculate that her crow was upset because she had been scolded. Yūyaki apologizes to Homura promising to get the swords back.

Yūyaki eventually comes across Ryōna who much to her enjoyment was being pecked at by the crow. Yūyaki sees that it's really after the tiara Ryōna was wearing. When Yūyaki got her attention, Ryōna began asking her what was wrong as she was busy. Yūyaki offers to stop her friend only for Ryōna to protest. Unfortunately the crow succeeds in stealing Ryōna's tiara and flying away. Yūyaki says to herself that she will punish her crow.

She then sees Shiki chasing after her crow. Upon noticing her Shiki asks Yūyaki if the crow was her friend. When asked if the crow took something of hers, Shiki confirms the crow did take something but she says she can get it back herself. Yūyaki refuses to stand down deciding to take responsibility and retrieve the stolen item. Shiki however insists on getting it back not wanting Yuyaki to see it. Yūyaki questions what the crow took from her. She takes a look at the crow and notices a shiny cloth in it's mouth. Upon taking a closer look she finally figures out what it was that was stolen from Shiki. It was her glossy satin shorts.

Leo at this point having grown tired of waiting decides to step in. She had noticed the crow only went after shiny things so she went to the store and bought everything that glitters in an attempt to catch it. Yūyaki thinking of all the people affected by her friend decides to escalate her attempts to catch her friend, by charging at it as if it were an enemy. Leo protests knowing what would happen if Yūyaki held a weapon. Unfortunately Yūyaki is able to hold a weapon in her hand leading her to her call out her friend insulting and taunting the crow. Fortunately this doesn't last as her weapon is withdrawn from her hand leading her to comment that it had stirred her primal instincts.

Leo's plan works and Yūyaki catches her crow who reluctantly gives up it's hoard of stolen goods. Yūyaki asks her friend why she'd steal all that however the answer comes to her as she asks. The crow had taken all that to amend their friendship, it even nods the confirm this. Yūyaki says to her crow that although she appreciates the gesture it was wrong to steal other's stuff. They then set out to apologize to everyone who forgive them. Yūyaki in turn apologizes to her crow for lashing out at her, the crow shakes it's head accepting her apology. Yūyaki says to her crow that she hopes to continue working with her.


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  • Yūyaki's name can mean "Sunset", however the kanji of her name (夕焼) can be translated as "Evening Glow".