The Third 'seat of Yoma General' is one of the 10 Yomas to protect and second Shin in the Senran Kagura series. It is fought with in Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson to defend a young Kagura. It make an appearance in Senran Kagura: New Link as a boss.

Enter 10 Yoma Generals (SK2)

The concerned scene in SK2.

In term of appearance, in New Link, it appers as an humanoid covered with dark lamellar armor, chainmail, and parts of plate, a facemask, and a kind of hat reminding Hibari's hair. The face mask shows its eyes as shining red.


  • The 3rd Yōma General bears a resemblance to Hibari
  • It is the only known General to have a pet, her being a rabbit.
  • It is one of the 4 generals to appears as Shin's right arms in SK:NL.
    Yōma Genral 3rd Seat

    The 3rd General as seen in New Wave.

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