Welcome To Kagurapedia A Senran Kagura Wikia. In This Blog We're Talk About The Western Version Of Senran Kagura Estival Versus. There's No Ikkitousens (Kan'u,Hakufu & Ryofu) To Appear In English Version Due To License. This Time Senran Kagura Fans Will Replace The Ikkitousen Characters With Gal*Gun (Ekoro,Kurona & Amatsuka Patako) As The New DLC Characters For Western Version. This Gal*Gun Characters Is Only Guest Characters To Featured Normal Mode,Frenzy Mode and Tenshin Mode Of Gal*Gun Characters,New Sountracks For Gal*Gun Characters & Victory Pose For Gal*Gun Characters & Senran Kagura Characters Licensed By Pqube UK
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