As most of us should know, not all of the character pages on the wiki follow the same format which ultimately leads to inconsistency among them. I believe we should discuss which format(s) would be most ideal for each page and vote on which idea we like more. Everyone is free to state their piece and explain why they feel the character page's should look a certain way.

I'll begin by stating my own opinion here.

I think that all the Versus characters should follow the template of Yumi's page while all the Main Series characters (3DS) should follow the template of Homura's page. Since both are more or less the same, it won't look inconsistent with the rest of pages.

The main issue seems to be what to do with the Ninja Art section of the page. Some pages have the ninja arts listed for each game while others (such as Yumi and Homura) have them listed by type.

In Yumi's case, since she only appears in Versus, there are only Secret Ninja Arts and Ultimate Ninja Arts listed for her.

In Homura's case, she appears in both the 3DS games and the Versus games which both play out differently. To accommodate this, two sub-headers are under her page; one section for the 3DS Main Series and another for the Versus sub-series. The Ninja Arts are listed accordingly.

Personally I like this the most as I find it redundant to have generally the same moves listed over and over again. It makes the page look cluttered and longer than it needs to be.

Feel free to state your opinions and thoughts on this topic and hopefully we'll be able to come to a reasonable and decisive conclusion.

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