I know I've not been here long but I happen to enjoy the Senran WIKI quite a bit. Really, I enjoy the game. I just wish there was an easier for me to get a better understanding for characters and and a better understanding of the stories involving the older games. So here are some of my suggestions, as well as my take on things I think can help improve this wiki a lot!

Editing Character Pages

Going through most, if not, all the character pages of this WIKI, I've noticed there's quite a bit of information and content lacking all throughout them.

Page Set Up

The pages are set up rather strangely. There are Headers that are at bottom of pages that should probably be placed somewhere towards the top.

Ninja Arts are pages of their own but are on the character pages. If there is a category for them, as well as there being (or at least there SHOULD BE ONE MADE) a character page that contains all of these, then I see no reason for them to be there.

Lack of Information

There is hardly ANY information regarding the actual characters themselves (AS INDIVIDUALS) on their pages. There's plenty of side stuff that involve them interacting with other characters, but hardly anything pertaining to themselves and what makes them who they are. Please, there information is presented everywhere, especially for those whom own games. Please just take five minutes and work on your favorite character and these pages will look so much better!

Page Construction

The overall page construction for most of the content on the WIKI is pretty bare and bones. I'd like to see something that MAKES me want to contribute. Try collaborating on ideas and implementing new ones that would actually benefit the pages' growth.

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