Fujin: Strongest Jonin of Shirokaze Academy; Has the Element of Wind.

Full Name: Fujin (風人)

Age: 16

Birthday: July 2nd

Shinobi Rank: Jonin

Element Affinity: Wind

Laterality: Right

Secret Animal: Scorpion

Zodiac: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Silver; White (Awakened)

Height: 5’6ft

Eye Color: Grey; Silver (Awakened)

Skin Color: Dark

Personality: Goal-Oriented, Creative, Resourceful


Wind Style: Shirokaze Wind Style: Vaccum Ball Wind Style: Tornado Fist Wind Style: Air Bullet Barugen

Secret Jutsu

Wind Style: Silver Hurricane Wind Style: Nimbus Universe

Family Shirokaze (Aunt), Unamed Deceased Parents, Fumi (Childhood Friend), Kuro (Foster Brother)

Affiliation: Good Shinobi Affinity Weapons: Shuriken, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Air Shuriken, Air Blades Blood Type: A Positive Kanji: 風人 (God of Wind)

Fujin was born to a huge clan of Good Shinobi. his parents were both Jonin who were killed right in front of him when he was 4. the trauma itself led to young Fujin’s eyes to become Silver, hinting his early potential. ever since his parents deaths, he motivated himself to becoming a Ninja and mastering the nature of Wind to his Arsenal. he was quick-witted to attend Shirokaze Academy. a Co-ed Shinobi Academy for rising shinobi with learning disabilites that was operated by her Aunt, Shirokaze herself. Fujin later learned that he's High-Functioning Autistic when he turned 5. he used that fact as a source of his self-advocacy in everything he does. especially in creating his Ninjutsu Inventory. Shirokaze sees this and would give him private lessons for a reward, as well as graduating him to rank Chunin at age 7. after reaching Chunin rank, he was assigned to be in Squad 12 with his newly found friends, Zen, Daizo, Haruto, Kuro, and Hairo. together, they were able to learn to succeed in every mission assigned to them while utilizing the principle of using external resources that prove useful in their works. one day, Fujin and his squad was assigned to meet up and escort the 7 Female Samurai apprentices that were 2 years older than him to Hokkaido for their Samurai Initiation. when one of them lost her katana, Fujin was quick enough to find it and return it to her. much to her delight. the particular apprentice later interacted with him more in secret. her name is Fumi. this led to them developing a rare mutual relationship since Ninja and Samurai are two different warrior classes. by the time Fujin turned 10, Shirokaze fell critically ill thus having to be ranked Jonin, and leading the Squad. The hardship Fujin had to go through had caused an outstanding spark in his character growth as he became more assertive with some help from his Co-leaders, Zen and Kuro. 4 years after his promotion, he and Kuro were amongst the chosen few male senran to join the Partnership with Hanzo and Gessen.

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