Hello, not-so active (although I'd like to help more, just not sure what I can do) member here. I was a little curious and thought for anyone who got it or was planning to get the achievement, this would be a fun little discussion topic. 

Originally I was just messing around with Yagyu in a level when I got about half-way to achieving Combo Addict. Then today out of curiousity I set out to get it after I played a level with Hibari and got very close to it. In training I used her and got it within a few minutes. 

So then, for anyone here who may have gotten it or seen others do it, how did you/they get it? 

Also, there wouldn't be any good aerial rave tips would there? I mean, I know it's just a simple thing, but I'm actually having trouble doing them and I can't tell if maybe I'm just hitting the wrong button or just have sucky timing or... 

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