Ryōki, my favorite girl in the series and eventually ever. Whatever, I like her very much.

My favorite artwork about her.

Will always :

  1. Edit Ryōki's pages and add images to her gallery.

Currently :

  • Editing and replying to replies to the blog post until Fandom staff are done with their Fandom Desktop which is blocking the possibility of adopting the wiki.

Projecting :



I am just some gamer that discovered the series 2 years ago around, and surprisingly to myself, I love them : the beat them up gameplay reminding a little of ME : Shadow of War, the nice anime graphics, the lots of fun and even if it still took me time to get used to the series' perversity, it was definitely worth it and now, I just want and hope they live long.

Progressively, I got very infatuated with the character of Ryōki, I love her, all of her. She is such an adorable and nice girl with a interesting style and a fun alternate personality, and lovely sisters. If Yumi leave me cold, Ryōki warms me up. My relation to her explains my particular care for her page.

Here, on the wiki, I do mostly apply technical things, centralize pages such as galleries, add and update parent tabs. I can come up with some trivia and other info, but somewhat secondary to what I did mostly. Be wary that I am quite an overseer, I see you when you add fanon and do other things. I don't mind chatting through.

Favorite Characters Ranking

I have no fixed ranking. Even if I don't like characters less, I tend to like others more, changing the rank. Thus, this one is my current Top 10, and might be changed. There are still a fixed Five.


Adorable and nicest angelic girl with an impressive alternate personality, very appealing to me overall. Extremely nice, her lovable, pretty and cute sides, and at the same time quite badass and funny, considering her alternate personality, make her the best girl to me.

Her versatile fighting style using firearms, and some eccentric ones at that, while mixing strength, speed and suppression, make her the most suitable girl to play for me, and that's even one of the reasons why I came to love her.

These factors combined make her an inspiration for drawing, constituting a frequent but not exclusive subject.


Adorably shy painter girl. She is just extremely nice and cute, with a pleasing style aesthetically. Surprisingly came to love this sweet girl too.


Cute and nice girl. Her love of food is really something.

Mix of melee and range. Not as versatile as Ryōki, even quite slow, but impressive and interesting.


Cool girl, her quotes and overall mastery in "bad-speaking" is fun.

Long-ranged, which is a little fun when considering all the melee characters. Ryōbi proves in her way melee weapons are not so great.


I feel a little compassionate for this girl, and somewhat admiring of her writer activity.

Only ranged combat I am not used for yet. Unpractical when the opponent gets at close range, but still nice to reach them when they can't.


Rank Name Appreciation Notes
6th Homura Cool girl too, but more for her "fighting to feel alive" personality. She is also some misunderstood comical.

Not used for her lout style that is only melee, I like range so this doesn't help.

7th Daidōji
8th Murasaki
9th Hanabi
10th Renka

The Games I have and know about:

  • Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal.
  • Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.
  • Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

I can tell about those games. For others like BA and DC,  I know pretty nothing.

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