Hello, my name is Chris. I hope to help out around here whenever possible. I got into this series around the beginning of summer when I purchased the English version of the first two 3DS games (the dlc combo) and I instantly fell in love with how fun and charming I found it to be. I also bought the other two games released into English, and I can't wait to own more. 

I like a bunch of characters, but from the original two groups, my favorites were Yagyu, Homura, Mirai, Yomi, Katsuragi, and Hikage. From the added two groups in Shinovi, I really like Miyabi and everyone on her team (minus Imu), and Yumi. I also like a bunch of the girls from the Card Game but I'll list those later...

Senran Kagura Stuffs I own

  • DLC combo of the first 3DS game
  • Shinovi Versus for PSP Vita
  • Shinovi Versus CD
  • Deep Crimson for 3DS
  • Deep Crimson 2-pack CD
  • The cooking/rhythm game for PSP Vita (both sets)
  • Tons of DLC for the PSP Vita games
  • Estival Versus for PSP Vita (including the bonus content stuff)
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