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Tsumuji is a minor character in the Senran Kagura video game series. She is a student of Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy and the younger sister of Komichi.


Little is known about Tsumuji's physical appearance, however her personality seems to be that of a person who is highly dedicated to achieving a set goal and is extremely headstrong. This is shown when Hikage describes all the various ways Tsumuji had tried to kill Homura, and that she had been following them around for days. Tsumuji seems to value family greatly, as she sought revenge on Homura for staining her brother's reputation in the Evil Shinobi world.



Tsumuji's file comes up when Homura is processing new applicants. Despite knowing that Tsumuji wants to kill her, Homura stamps "Accepted" on her file, as "evil accepts all."

Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Chapter 2
Tsumuji stalks Homura on her way home from work. When Homura takes notice of this and calls out to her, Tsumuji introduces herself as a student from Hebijo and states that for her brother, Komichi, Homura must die. Tsumuji attacks Homura but her efforts are for naught as Homura is more skilled, thus easily dodging her advances.

Tsumuji blames Homura for her brother being unable to escape the world of evil shinobi due to the shame being beat by a middle school student brought upon him. For that reason, along with the fact that Homura abandoned Hebijo, Tsumuji seeks to kill Homura.

As Homura begins to take her leave, Tsumuji stops her by asking if the life of a renegade is what she wanted and whether or not everything she had done until now was worth it. She declares that there is no way she can lose to Homura since she's technically not even a shinobi anymore. She says she wishes to become strong enough to defeat her, but that it is impossible with Hebijo in its current state.

It is revealed by Tsumuji that Dogen has everyone at Hebijo brainwashed and that those affected keep talking about a weapon and a war. Surprised by this, Homura demands to see Miyabi who is the current elite leader. Tsumuji complies with Homura's request.

Chapter 4
Having been following Crimson Squad for days now and using numerous tactics in an attempt to kill Homura, Tsumuji speaks with Hikage during their meeting with the girls from Hanzo Academy and states her disgust with them acting so friendly towards good shinobi.

Eventually, Tsumuji goes directly to Homura and tells her that for the time being she has given up trying to kill her so that she may train and become stronger to challenge her again one day. She becomes slightly flustered when Homura says she is looking forward to Tsumuji's future challenge and walks off as she tells Homura not to get killed by anyone else since it's her job.

Chapter 5
Tsumuji comes to save Homura from Dogen in the Hebijo Ninja Room as she declares that Homura is her prey. Despite Homura's pleas for Tsumuji stop as Dogen is of higher skill, Tsumuji still tries to attack and is impaled by Dogen straight through the abdomen.

As she breathes her final breaths, Tsumuji begins to say that if they could have met without her hatred clouding their judgement, perhaps the two of them could have been friends. With that said, Tsumuji breathes her final breath and dies.


  • Tsumuji's appearance has only been seen in the manga Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows when Homura looks at her photo in some paperwork.
  • Tsumuji's death occurred in the Crimson Squad storyline, but the following games didn't follow that timeline and instead followed the Gessen Academy story, so Tsumuji may still be alive in the timeline we are following.