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The Tropical Beach is a location appearing in both Senran Kagura: Estival Versus and Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal, as a map for missions. It is also where Estival Versus starts and ends.

The map has three variants in EV, day, dusk and night, and the BR:N version differs from EV's.


Estival Versus

In Estival Versus, the map consists of a beach with golden sand and shiny blue water, separated in three parts, the hotel, the resort beach and the empty beach. The hotel part consists of a large contemporary-style hotel with planters and a terrace bearing a pool, a small kiosk, other planters and long chairs. From the terrace a bridge leads to a platform on stilts above deep water on which a kind of stage, evidenced by spotlights on metal beams, is set as well as round tables and chairs.

Stairs link the hotel's terrace to the resort beach, half of the properly said beach, with a larger kiosk, the Sea Side Cafe, and 10 long chairs. The farthest edge from the water is covered in a palm forest with flowers and mounds, blocking the way to the cliffs behind the forest, while a pier extends on the water into a large circular platform. Two piers extend from the platform with two short annexes.

At the other side of the resort beach there is a rock archway leading to the empty beach surrounded by cliffs and with a single linear pier. There are some palm bushes and grass platforms on the cliffs.