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The Tropical Athletics are a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes. It has day and night versions.

This is also where the Gropety Grope Machine and the Lickety Lick Machine are fought in the Hanzō and Crimson Squad Arcs.


Following PBS Maps' usual central symmetry, the Tropical Athletics are composed of two identical sides and a central ground. There are multiple pools on the map, one for each side, and two at the center such as a small one surrounded by another. Multiple lamps, banners and pillars with banners are scattered across the map as well as barricades and raised planters with palm trees. <br/> At the middle of the map, from the Blue side, there are a silver Nintō statue on the left and a golden Bebeby statue on the right, facing and opposing them. There are multiple fans in the walls and walls are colored red at the red side, blue at the blue side, yellow behind Bebeby, green behind Nintō.

Each side have a high terrace with a platform on top, leading to the ground with stairs. In the front of them is a L-shaped high terrace serving both as a wall and a high position, and giving access to four suspended platforms, two being connected with a bridge above a gap in the terrace and one connected to one of the latter cropping outside. The wall terrace gives on its short side to a lower terrace and on its long side to a long way with barricades and palm tree planters. <br/> Note that the blue side platforms and terraces are made with stone whereas the red side have wooden and yellow bricks platforms and terraces.