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Toki is an unplayable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in "Senran Kagura: New Link" as the main antagonist of Hibari's story arc.



Toki is a girl with extremely long brown hair and a massive bust. She wears an elaborate, revealing white kimono with red highlights, black stockings, and red flower hair clips. Her eyes are blue, with Kagan's signature pink petals replacing her irises.


At first glance, Toki seems cheerful and somewhat airheaded, especially when facing culture shock from being essentially thrown nearly a millennium into the future, but beneath that exterior lies a bitter and aloof girl who holds intense hatred against both Shinobi and Yōma, aiming for the complete annihilation of both.

Due to her powerful Kagan, which effortlessly grants her absolute control over any living being's mind (save for fellow Kagan wielders), Toki is arrogant and very rarely considers anything a threat. This largely contributes to her friendliness, as she sees no reason to act hostile against those who she perceives as harmless, and it also encourages her incredibly fickle nature, leading her to constantly prioritize her own entertainment over other matters.

That trait is clearly displayed by how she allows conflicts she deems interesting to play out freely even if they delay her goals, and how she can quickly grow attached to individuals who catch her interest, only to discard them without hesitation if she decides they aren't worth her attention anymore.

As such, because of her overwhelming power and detached nature, her general behavior can be likened to that of an indifferent deity who observes humans for her amusement.


Toki was born in the 12th century in Hanadome Village, a former branch village of the Kagan Clan, and raised as an Evil Shinobi. As a member of a branch family of the Kagan Clan, Toki was fortunate enough to awaken her own Kagan. From then on, she quickly became a Kagura and cemented her position as one of the most powerful Shinobi in history, which generated some antagonism between the head family and her branch family.

By the time she was 17, the sentient Yōma Rasetsu, Shura, and Yasha were wrecking havoc across Japan with their armies of lower-ranked Yōma, effortlessly eliminating any Shinobi sent to slay them. At the same time, skirmishes between Good and Evil Shinobi were claiming a record amount of lives. The combination of these factors led to unprecedented losses, as well as the near elimination of all active Kagan wielders.

During this time, Toki would meet Sekirei, a Kagan wielder from the head family and her cousin, for the very first time. Despite their opposing alignments and Toki's own unsavory reputation, she and Sekirei became best friends.

In the story passed down the Kagan Clan, Sekirei managed to rally the remaining Shinobi forces and establish a truce between Good and Evil Shinobi in order to face the three the sentient Yōma. During the battle, Toki was killed fighting Shura. Sekirei and the remaining Shinobi then defeated the sentient Yōma.

However, that tale was a fabrication meant to erase Toki's achievements and glorify the Kagan Clan's head family.

According to the story preserved by Hanadome Village, Toki was, as previously stated, a powerful Kagura who successfully awakened her Kagan. She was the one who united Good and Evil Shinobi against the three sentient Yōma and their forces, and Sekirei is never mentioned.

Despite her efforts and being powerful enough to effortlessly overpower the sentient Yōma, Toki was betrayed in some unspecified manner and sealed into a Shinobi Blood Barrier alongside Shura. That betrayal incited Toki's branch family to secede from the clan and turn Hanadome Village into an independent Shinobi village, at the same time as records of Toki's existence were tampered with by the head family to create the fabricated version of the story.

Although the former branch family members in Hanadome Village were aware of Toki's location, they refused to undo the seal in fear that the freed Shura wouldn't be able to be defeated even with Toki's assistance, vastly underestimating the Kagura. In addition, the leadership of Hanadome Village also enacted extreme isolationist policies (similar to Goshin Village's) to ensure that the information regarding the seal would never leave the village, working under the correct assumption that the seal's existence would soon be forgotten by the outside world as a consequence of the head family's falsified story. The measures continued to be in effect for centuries.

In Senran Kagura: New Link, 900 years after being sealed, Toki was freed by Kazakiri and Amane, who defected from Hanadome Village for their own reasons and subsequently swore loyalty to her. That action also released Shura, but the Yōma immediately escaped to avoid facing Toki again.

With the memory of the Shinobi's betrayal still fresh in her mind, Toki was convinced by Kazakiri to eliminate both the Shinobi world and all the Yōma.


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  • Because of her unparalleled control of Kagan and her own overwhelming combat prowess, Toki is one of the most powerful characters in the Senran Kagura series.
  • Though not an ancestor due to lacking a direct link, she is a distant relative of Hibari, Kazakiri, and Ui.
  • Toki is currently one of the few confirmed wielders of Kagan, the others being Hibari, Sekirei and Ui's sister, Tsugumi, as well as her father. Out of them, only Toki and Hibari are currently active.
  • Her faction name is currently unknown.
  • She has the 2nd largest bust in the series, being 102cm. Many characters, such as Shiki, like pointing this out.
  • Toki has a habit of nonchalantly controlling people with Kagan, regardless of consent. An example of this is when she wanted to spar with Murakumo during an event. When she said no, Toki used Kagan to control her and sparred with her anyway.