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“I will dance into the deep mountains of Tohno.”
—The tagline for Tohno Tengu Shinobi Group

Tohno Tengu Shinobi Group's Emblem

The Tohno Tengu Shinobi Group (遠野天狗ノ忍衆, Toono Tengu no Shinobishuu) is a group of shinobi comprised of five elite members who are based off of various yōkai. They debuted in Senran Kagura: New Wave with the G Burst rerelease, and currently play a role in Senran Kagura: New Link.

Distinguishing Characteristics

They are not actually a school, but instead a group of shinobi that protects the Hidden Village of Tohno. Because of this, they do not have official shinobi ranks.

However, they do still attend a high school together.

Though Yūyaki leads the group, Nachi's family actually owns the land the village is on and Nachi herself is currently acting as the village mayor after some unknown event happened to her father.

All of the members are related to yōkai from Japanese folklore.

Notable Characters


Second Year Students

Third Year Students


Touno tengu cameo.png
  • This faction is one of the few groups in the series that don't have any first year students among the members.
  • Although they don't play a role nor do any of them say a single line the entirety of this team makes a cameo appearance near the end of the fourth episode and near the beginning of the sixth episode of the second season.
  • The faction emblem features the kanji for "Distant" which is the first of two kanji to make up the name "Tohno."