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    • How to upload image in tag?

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    • Hey Majiro! Are you asking about how to categorize images? If so, you can go to the file description (for example File:Meimei pumpkin bun.jpg) and click "Edit." Then you can add a category by typing [[Category:Name]], with "Name" being the name of the category you want to add the image to. Then you can publish your edit.

      If this doesn't answer your question, please feel free to clarify what you meant!

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    • I do, but it
      's not appearing like this
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    • Hi! So are you saying that only the middle part of the image is being shown in the scroll-box on the Asuka (cards) page, instead of the full image appearing? I believe that this is the normal behavior of the code, so that the images take up less space.

      If you want to see an image in its full size, you can just click on it, so pages like Youzakura swimsuit full size are probably not needed. For an image of Youzakura, you can add the [[Category:Youzakura]] code on the image itself, not a wiki article.

      Does that help you?

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    • I write in tags, but i don't know where it goes.

      I just want to put image in yozakura (images) in New Wave or something in (cards) R,SR,UR. Eh... I just want stop making mistakes every time.

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    • Well, don't worry about making mistakes—it's a wiki, after all! If an image is of Yozakura, then it totally makes sense to put it on the "Yozakura (images)" page, and in the "Yozakura" category. But if you're worried, you may want to double-check with MCN51FJ directly! (My specialty is more with general wiki set-up rather than specific policies!)

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    • A FANDOM user
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