• “Black Owl/Flash”-Is considered a rival by Kurokage, Kiriya, White*Star, Silva, and Ging. Was admired by Rin when she was a student. Could become a Kagura easily if he wanted to. Master assassin, expert of anatomy and nen, Master of intimidation and fear, master of stealth, master of manipulation/his own silver tongue, master of fire based transmutation nenpō. Adapted Hanzō’s Super Secret Ninpō scroll for modern use, snuck into Hebijo without any detection and stole the Yin Super Secret Ninpo Scroll from there, wrote many scrolls including the ones that some of the Hanzō students use. Was considered a possible hier to the Phoenix Conglomerate. Earned his codename from his black hair and the fact that he seems to silently kill from out of nowhere. Derived the “Shin’en Kekken” technique from the Blood Riot technique in order to reduce the latter technique’s effects on him. Written a manuscript Super Secret Ensatsupō Scroll. He’s mind is considered by his peers to be a very deadly weapon, and is really good with tantō and wakizashi. Applies his knowledge of anatomy to assassination.

    Chifusa-Accomplished, experienced, and skilled jōnin ex-teacher of Hanzō, physician, author, and mother. The Black Owl considers her his equal in expertise on anatomy and nen. Wrote several scrolls and textbooks on nen taxonomy. Kiriya considers her his rival in terms of teaching. Students fear her and call her classes “Jugsy’s evil bootcamp.” Earned her codename “the Doctor” from superior skill, wisdom, and knowledge as a shinobi/nen practicing physician.

    Chahan-Despite seeming quirky, dorky, and socially awkward, he has skills that would make him at least Jōnin at his age. Ikaruga considers him to be her equal and says he’s a better hier to the Phoenix Conglomerate than she could be. Master of lightning based nenjutsu. Considered a rival in assassination skill to the Black Owl. Chifusa considers him to be her best student. Derived the “Mushin no Shin’en Shinkai” technique from Blood Riot to reduce latter technique’s effects on him. Despite having all of the skills that he has, he tries to find other solutions besides violence, like when he offered to Homura his father’s scroll over Hanzō Super Secret Ninpō Scroll. Has read practically all of his father’s library of Ninpō and Ensatsupō scrolls, and Hanzō Super Secret Yang Scroll. Haruka wanted him as her lab assistant. His skill with the Kusari-gama makes Murasame look like a total joke.

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