• Don't remove images I've already uploaded  just so you can put them there again. I'm happy you're contributing. But it's quite agitating when I have to go through issues like this. I hope you understand.

    Also... be very wary when editing anything related to Yumi. She's my main focus so I'm very critical about any changes done to any of her pages. I worked very hard making her the model for what the other pages should look like, so don't ruin my hard work or try to take even the smallest amount of credit for it.

    But I know you're a nice person. And you probably didn't mean any harm by it. This is just a friendly reminder is all.

    Carry on.~

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    • Very well, but why not focus on the others right now instead of Yumi's? I'm wondering if you're expecting others to edit the pages for you. I can't do any of that because I know I'll make too mistakes I can't fix. Anyway, I make mistakes all the time, so at least you're here to correct them and I don't plan to take any sort of credit for anything I didn't do. But seriously, try focusing on the others and give Yumi a break.

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    • Managing one character is already a chore to do. Especially when that character has more content to add on a regular than most characters. 

      Yes. I am expecting other people to do other character's pages because I'm not obligated to do all the work because people are too lazy or too scared to do it themselves. 

      Not only that, but you can't expect me to make time for other characters outside of Yumi and the other members of Gessen when I feel like it, when I do literally everything else regarding terminology/lore, and all the in-game content, game pages, music pages, and even book pages that no one ever bothers to do.

      So, no. I'm not gonna give Yumi a break. She's the only character who will get my full attention because I already literally everything else. I do more than literally anyone here ever has. So it's not unreasonable for me to want and to expect people to take time out of their lives to work on the other characters.

      I stress over Yumi so much because she is the model for what all the character pages should look like. You can't act like you don't know what to do or don't know what it should look like when it's right there in front of you. If you need help, I'm more than willing to give it.

      But as it stands now, no one truly cares how the pages look because if they did they would stop complaining about Yumi's pages looking the way they do and actually do some meaningful work to get things done instead of trying to slave the one person who works on the best looking character page on the wiki.

      If you really want something done. Do it yourself. 

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    • Understandable, yet it still feels that you're being a bit selective on character pages. The fact that you chose Yumi to be the model already shows favoritism and even as the number contributor/editor of this site, you chose to stick with only one or five characters out of the rest, but I'm pretty sure that's just me thinking such a silly notion. Anyway, I would like to help edit the 80+ character pages you're not willing to do, however I actually don't know how to do it. So, yes, a few pointers or instructions wouldn't hurt.

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    • Don't stress yourself trying to do everyone. Trying to do everyone is going to burn you out very-very fast. Just pick your favorite character and work on them. I'd be more than happy to help you with it. Like I said... just doing one is a chore. And since you're not even comfortable with doing edits like that, I'd really advise against doing more than you can handle at the same time.

      Not even the people who are doing Homura, Yozakura, Katsuragi, and Murasaki have really finished any of their pages.... because there's just a lot to add. But compartively speaking they look a lot better than most of the other pages because at least people are trying to get them done -- albeit slowly because we don't always have time to be here.

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    • Well, I suppose I can do Asuka's page as a start and move on to the rest soon after I get the editing down. I know the pages being worked on appear better and I can try to make the othe pages look similar if not the same given the proper directions.

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    • It's pretty simple to do. Just ask if you need help, as always.

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    • Very well. And thanks for your willingness to help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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