The 4 Yōma Marshals is a fanon term for the First Four Seats of Yōma Generals. Dōgen claims they are a bit stronger than the other six.

Like all of the Yoma Generals, Dōgen created them by infusing a regular Yoma with the blood of one of the ten shinobi girls who participated in the battle against Orochi at the end of Senran Kagura: Burst.

Ultimately, their true purpose is mere fodder to supply Kagura with potent Red Orbs so that she will transform faster and Dōgen can attempt to steal the power from her Reincarnation Orb.

Unlike the other Yoma Generals, these four are each only fought once during the course of the story mode for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.

Known Members


  • The term "Marshall" is a fanon term, in fact they are called Yoma General - Seat 1-4, the term marshall is used to distinguish them from the 6 others and chosen because in the general army ranking, Marshall is the highest rank.
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