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Tamaki (珠姫) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A member of the idol group Milky Pop and a 1st year high school student. She was once a naive and unrefined girl, however now her duties as an idol take precedence. She really enjoys herself, she feels making people happy as a side job is a job worth doing.

Her specialty is wielding an aura-clad hula hoop to cut her enemies up.

Appearance & Personality

Tamaki has a fair complexion with bright green eyes and long, pale orange-brown hair worn in wavy pigtails held by orange baubles. Her short bangs frame her face and reach her chest.

As an idol she wears an eye-catching costume composed of a white top top with mint coloring on the front, along with a frilly, two layer green skirt held with a white belt clipped by a green heart. Her white miniature boots are accented with a green bow held with an orange gem in the middle to match the bow sewn to her white collar. She also wears long white gloves with a flower cuff held with a green strip and a pair of mint tights.




  • Tamaki's name (珠姫) can mean "Pearl Princess".