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The Snow World is a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes. It has day and night versions.


The Snow World is a large round arena surrounded by ruined walls with archways and flags, following an axial symmetry. It is divided in two parts each taking around a half of the map, the fortifications and the mine with its surface. The field is overall covered in snow, and there are multiple flags and banners on the fortifications whereas pine trees are scattered on the mine's surface.

The fortifications follow a typical medieval military architecture, it means castles with angle towers, and connected together by wooden bridges. They exist in 2 kinds, 3 square and 2 angled, with square kinds having small castles on their roofs, and angled linking the square castles together and having stairs to access their roofs from inside. Their roofs are all fenced with battlements and covered by barricades and some crates, and they all have doorways with portcullis leading between them or to outside. <br/> The castles surround the keep, a large octagonal castle in the center of the map with angle towers, and encircled by a wall with four archways, a cold water steam and three wooden bridges. The Keep is accessed by two doorways with portcullis giving on the side square castles from the keep, and two "windows" with ladders on the perpendicular axis. Inside the Keep are two spiral stairs leading to the keep's roof adorned by 4 columns and lanterns.

The mines taking the map's other half are a small network of caves with 7 entrances, with 5 lateral entrances such as one central big one, and 2 holes in the surface's ground. The lateral entrances form hills between which pathways meander and lead to four ruin circles, including two circles surrounding the entrance holes. The surface is covered by pine trees and surrounded by wooden fences and the caves themselves are decorated by barricades and colored crystals lighting the place.