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Shinobi Transformation (忍転身, Shinobi Tenshin," literally: Shinobi Turnover) is a physical technique that uses the Attribute of Yang to transform into Shinobi Form and gain increased power and access to Secret Ninja Arts.


Using the technique produces a slightly different effect for each shinobi, but in general, their look and outfit will change and they'll be able to use all of their shinobi abilities. This quick outfit change can also be put to practical use in everyday life.

The transformation outfits aren't put on physically; rather, they're the manifestations of each shinobi's idealized appearance. These looks can reflect one's inner complexes or traumas.

The outfit acts as a shinobi's battle armor, and represents a warrior's motives, personality, and ideals, so large amounts of physical or psychological damage can destroy it, making it vanish into thin air. This explains why they can often take direct hits yet still continue to stand after but also suffer massive damage from seemingly minor attacks.

Shinobi Transformation requires the use of a Scroll, both in terms of game mechanics and lore. In terms of lore, each shinobi is to keep their scroll hidden somewhere on their person at all times so that they can transform at a moment's notice if need be. In terms of game mechanics, you must have at least on scroll in your Ninja Arts gauge in order to transform.


When activated, the game does a short cutscene where the character proclaims "Shinobi Tenshin!" (with some characters adding extra comments, like Mirai saying "I can do it too! Shinobi Tenshin!" in some games) and activates the transformation sequence.

Depending on the game, their Scroll may or may not be seen during the transformation sequence. When scrolls are seen, they are often shown to have unique designs based on whichever faction the character belongs to.

The background will be color-coded for the character, and their clothes will explode off (either leaving them in their underwear/swimsuit or completely naked depending on the game, though with appropriate censoring applied). Their Shinobi Outfit will then materialize on their body, usually ending when them glancing at the camera as a tone sounds and then striking a pose, often with their faction logo in the background.


Guest characters do not have access to Shinobi Transformation, and are always considered to be in Yang Mode.

Murasame cannot transform as he lacks skill as a shinobi, but he does have access to a single Secret Ninja Art and an Aerial Ninja Art anyways.

Sayuri/Jasmine does not use Shinobi Transformation in either form and is also always considered to be in Yang Mode from a gameplay perspective. Lore-wise she considers transforming into Jasmine to be an upgrade. It could be argued that she's always in her Shinobi Form or that she doesn't even need to transform to access her Ninja Arts.

Kagura transforms, but it is not considered a Shinobi Transformation. Lore-wise, she consumes Red Orbs to progress through her four stages. Gameplay-wise she starts out playable in her third form and transforms into her fourth form the same way regular characters transform into their Shinobi Form. However, instead of calling out "Shinobi Tenshin!" she merely says "Tenshin!" It still costs a scroll from your Ninja Arts gauge even though lore-wise she doesn't use a Scroll.