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Ninja tools are often used as substitute to techniques. Not all ninja tools are limited to just weapons as some can be used for things such as espionage and alerting other shinobi.

List of Tools


  • Kunai: A short, double-edged blade with a long handle used by real-life shinobi. The kanji used to write it can be read as "no pain" or "inner pain". The blade part is thick, more like the tip of an axe than a knife. Movies and TV often shown them thrown like stick shuriken, but they were used for a number of non-combat purposes as well such as climbing walls and digging holes. The smaller type that is meant to be thrown as a weapon is called a "tobikunai".
  • Shuriken: The most fundamental of throwing weapons, also used by real-life shinobi. There are several special varieties of shuriken, including the rod-shaped stick shuriken, the quad-bladed cross shuriken, the octo-bladed happo shuriken, and even the iron ball shuriken, which combines two happo shuriken into a spherical shape.
  • Sword: A long, bladed weapon used for combat.
  • Weighted Chain:
  • Chain Sickle:
  • Shoge: A Kyoketsu Shoge attached to a weighted chain and is wielded in the same manner as a chain sickle.
  • Kyoketsu Shoge: The combination of a straight blade and a curved one to form a sort of "sickle knife".
  • Tekkokagi:
  • Cross Katsuma: A cross-shaped variation of the tokuko. It was the design basis for the cross shuriken, which came later.
  • Sai Jitte:
  • Tokuko: Originally used in ancient india, the tokuko found its place in Buddhism as a tool for purging polluting thoughts. This rod-shaped weapon - usually made of iron or copper - features a slender, central grip with a blade on each end. Some theorize that its design led to the creation of the spike shuriken.
  • Shusho:
  • Kaginawa:
  • Chain Jitte:
  • Tenouchi:
  • Dokko:
  • Naeshi: A short metal staff that is one of many baton varieties.
  • Needles:
  • Blow Gun:
  • Surujin: A weapon used in Ryuku Karate that employs a spiked shuriken and a counterweight attached to the end of a chain. It somewhat resembles a chain-scythe in form.
  • Sunetsu:


  • Puppets: Mechanical puppets used for battle. They're also known as dummies or marionettes. There are some that can move a bit on their own and others that require complete manipulation by a shinobi. They're used for training and even appear in skirmishes.
  • Shinobi Beacon: As seen in the anime; A special signal flare that can only be seen by a trained shinobi. Effective range is approximately one kilometer.
  • Spiritual Wave Transmitter: As seen in the anime; a device that receives and amplifies the spiritual powers of specially trained shinobi. The boosted spiritual wave allows them to freely manipulate a victim. It's a technique commonly used by puppeteers.
  • Chameleon Veil: As seen in the anime; Processed in a special manner to refract light, it allows one to visually blend in with the background.
  • Remora Flower: A plant containing a small tracking device. It's extremely hard to remove, and even harder to detect, thanks to its ability to camouflage itself.
  • Bamboo Pipe: Used for employing the Ninja Art of Water Escape. Can also be used for protecting ones respiratory system in general.