Shinobi Stones are items available in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson that improve various aspects of the characters.

Each character can equip three stones, and multiple characters can equip the same stone.

Each of the thirty stones are obtained from one of the thirty Special Missions. They are shaped like magatama and come in six different colors which roughly signify what kind of effect they give.

Shinobi Stones are optional and you can easily complete the game without ever equipping one.  They do, however, make things easier.

Name Special Mission Color Effect
ATK Stone #4 Red ATK will increase.
DEF Stone #3 Red DEF will increase.
ATK Spd. Stone #5 Red ATK Speed will increase.
ATK Rng. Stone #6 Red ATK Range will increase.
Cloth Breaker #8 Red Power to break clothing will increase.
Ground Attack #1 Red Ground attacks' power will increase.
Air Attack #2 Red Midair attacks' power will increase.
Ninja Arts Stone #9 Red Secret Ninja Arts' power will increase.
Revival Stone #16 Red Power will increase with each revival.
Health Stone #27 Blue Health items will become more potent.
Ninja Art Stone #28 Blue Ninja Art scrolls will become more potent.
Health Regen #29 Blue Your health gauge will regenerate.
Ninja Art Regen #30 Blue Your Ninja Art gauge will regenerate.
Partner Health #17 Blue Health items will work better on your partner.
Partner N. Art #18 Blue Ninja Art scrolls will work better on your partner.
Ptn. Hlth. Rgn. #19 Blue Your partner's health gauge will regenerate.
Ptn. N. Art Rgn. #20 Blue Your partner's Ninja Art gauge will regenerate.
Burn Stone #21 Green Attacks will have a burning status effect.
Poison Stone #22 Green Attacks will have a poison status effect.
Zap Stone #23 Green Attacks will have a zap status effect.
Freeze Stone #24 Green Attacks will have a frozen status effect.
Charm Stone #25 Green Attacks will have a charm status effect.
Status Stone #10 Green Chances of status effects will double.
Anti-Burn Stone #11 Yellow Immunity to burning status effect.
Anti-Poi. Stone #12 Yellow Immunity to posion status effect.
Anti-Zap Stone #13 Yellow Immunity to zap status effect.
Anti-Frz. Stone #14 Yellow Immunity to frozen status effect.
Anti-Chm. Stone #15 Yellow Immunity to charm status effect.
Affection Stone #7 Purple Affection will increase at a faster rate.
Lucky Stone #26 White Mimics other Shinobi Stones at random.


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