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A Shinobi School is a school secretly established during the age of Capitalism. Its goal is to train shinobi to fight against the rival shinobi.

They can be founded by the government (Hanzō) or by any good shinobi (Gessen) to train good shinobi, or be established and funded by various companies and corrupt politicians to train evil shinobi, Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy being the most notable known example.



The Admission depends on the school in question.

For good shinobi, if Gessen's admission procedures are unknown, it is known that Hanzo National Academy impose exams to the candidates and require them to have no criminal record.

For evil shinobi, the Hebijo Academy accepts all candidates without any particular requirement under the motto "Where good favors few, evil accept all.". Thus, through there is still application letters, the school is open to all, notably those that can't become good shinobi but want to become shinobi anyway.


The Curriculum is similar for the schools whatever their side.

It is heavily implied, both by free missions in BR:N consisting of going to classes at Hanzo National Academy, and by Rin acting as a teacher outside of missions, that the schools offer High School lessons for its student along shinobi courses.

Even through, the shinobi schools focus on training shinobi, and the training is radically different depending on the school :

While Hanzo seems to only give students little exercices to teach at least the essentials and perfection them, Hebijo works with long sessions of harsh training where accidents are not uncommon, and supplementary training between students is favored, as implied by Haruka at Homura's arrival (BR:N).


The bigger shinobi schools separate their shinobi students by rank.

While Hanzo's system is relatively unknown, same for Gessen's, Hebijo separate its non-Elite students in several types and three major ranks : Lesser Shinobi, Annointed Shinobi, Greater Shinobi. Lesser Shinobi use mostly small and light weapons such as kunai and shiruken, while Greater favor swords. The annointed shinobi use a wide variety of weapons, including single-action cannons, twin blades, claws and bombs.

In Burst, special types of shinobi that aren't present in BR:N are the Elites' Guard, 5 types of shinobi associated with one of the Old Hebijo Elites, having their own designs and weaponry.


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  • Although Milky Pop and A.R.C. Angels are not schools, the shinobi that compose those groups do seem to each attend a respective school together.