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The following is a list of Shinobi Ranks in Senran Kagura. There's a total of 19 ranks ranging from Shinobi Student all the way to Kagura.

Shinobi Ranks

All shinobi start off as Shinobi Students when they first begin training at their Shinobi School of choice. They later have the chance to increase their Shinobi Rank during school by taking a Promotion Exam. This is why it's possible for students to assume a variety ranks despite having not graduated.

Some of these ranks are used for the names of generic grunt enemies.

From lowest to highest, the ranks are as follows:

Official JP Name Kanji Localized ENG Name(s) Literal Meaning
Genin 下忍 Lesser Shinobi Low Shinobi
Chūnin 中忍 Acolyte Shinobi Middle Shinobi
Jōnin 上忍 Greater Shinobi High Shinobi
Onmitsu 隠密 Anointed Shinobi, Assassin, Scout Spy
Tokujōnin 特上忍 Major Shinobi Special High Shinobi
Saijōnin 最上忍 High Shinobi Extreme High Shinobi
Tenjōnin 天上忍 Superior Shinobi Heavenly High Shinobi
Gokujōnin 極上忍 Elite Shinobi Utmost High Shinobi

Secret Ranks

These ranks are first revealed in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Not much is known about obtaining them or how each functions, outside of the Kagura rank which is said to be the apex of shinobi mastery.

They may not be ranks of steadily increasing power, but instead ranks for very specialized roles, aside from Kagura which is known to be the very top (and very classified).

Unlike the normal ranks, these all use the Official Japanese names in English as well.

Official JP Name Kanji Localized ENG Name(s) Literal Meaning
Ganin 餓忍 - Hungry Shinobi
Zetsunin 絶忍 - Absolute Shinobi
Gounin 轟忍 - Thunder Shinobi
Kyonin 虚忍 - Empty Shinobi
Kagenin 影忍 - Shadow Shinobi
Sennin 殱忍 - Annihilation Shinobi
Manjinin 卍忍 - Swastika Shinobi
Oboronin 朧忍 - Gloom Shinobi
Hinin 飛忍 - Flying Shinobi
Kagura カグラ - Divine Shinobi

Elite Squads

Each school typically selects five shinobi students to compose their Elite Squad, which represents them in various events and gets privileged access to a Ninja Room on campus.

However, this is not related to the Gokujōnin/Elite Shinobi Rank, as actual students will likely be much lower in rank than that.

Known Character Ranks








  • It is widely speculated that the Kagura Rank is named after the True Kagura.
  • Both the Shinobi Battle Royale and Kagura Millennium Festival are events designed to allow shinobi to elevate to the rank of Kagura.
  • Ryōbi and Ryona are actually about to be awarded the Kagura rank for winning the Kagura Millennium Festival, but they turn it down as they had lost to Ryōki before managing to defeat her.
  • Despite being known as the legendary shinobi, Hanzō never achieved the Kagura rank.
    • Although it is more likely that it wasn't his rank that made make him known as a legendary shinobi, but rather the achievements and reputation he must've garnered during his youth which would've eventually led to him being known as a legendary shinobi.
  • There was a book that gave ranks to a lot of the main characters, but it's listing is...suspect, at best. It put most of the cast in the lowest three ranks (roughly according to what year of school they are in, with a few exceptions), but then had Yumi be the same rank as Daidōji.
  • According to Hanzō, the power of the reincarnation sphere is equal to that of a Hinin
  • Though there is a generic Flying Shinobi enemy in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, it is highly unlikely that this enemy has anything to do with the Hinin Rank.
  • Likely meanings for the Manjinin include "Eternity Shinobi" and "Shinobi of 10,000." Though there is a chance it could also refer to a specific style of Sai weapon, but it would be odd for such a high rank to be named after such a common weapon.