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The Shinobi Estate is a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes. It has day and night versions.

It is assumed to be where the character rest and live outside of the Tournament.


The Shinobi Estate consists of a large building built in the traditional Japanese style and its yard, following an axial symmetry. It's division between red and blue is not much evident, and it features two parts, the yard and the interior which has multiple rooms.

The Yard is a T-shaped yard with gravel and grass, as well as pathways. It is surrounded by the building's roofed terraces with stairs and archways leading inside, and torches, paper, wooden and stone lanterns decorate the yard. The roofs above the terrace can be accessed but not the roofs above them which are blocked by glass panels. In the large section, stone pavements create a trail in the middle and around of a centrally symmetric garden with two ponds, crossed by wooden bridges, and four bamboo thickets.

The Interior is a U-shaped complex with multiple rooms and two floors, making the structure somewhat complex. In the middle, there is the largest room, the "main sushi bar", a square room with a wooden pillar in the center, red benches near the walls, and a square open space kitchen surrounded by tables and chairs. The counters have various utensils where the tables have sushi, sauce, place, glasses and chopsticks. <br/> From the archway on the side of the "main sushi bar" can be accessed a room with two pillars, with two archways leading to an archway with a stair to the second floor, a living room with a wooden pillar in the center and archways leading outside, and another corridor. The corridor leads, a large room with the spawn point, three living rooms, one bedroom with an exit, and an archway giving outside. The second floor is just a corridor with archways leading outside on the terrace's roof. <br/> The interior's casual part is usually decorated by paper sliding doors, various furniture and decorations, and lamps. It has to be noted that the blue side features a second and smaller sushi bar whereas the red side has metallic rooms and Puppet Mechs.