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The Shinobi Base is a location featured in the mobile game Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link. It is your primary base of operations.


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Situated on top of a tall building in the city, the Shinobi Base is where Fubuki has Senkō and Gekkō bring the shinobi from the various factions for the Shinovi Masters Tournament.

Later, the Shinobi Base becomes a general training ground for the shinobi to better prepare to face the Yōma threat, as well as a general hangout spot.

In the center of the area is a large flag-adorned coliseum where battles take place. Various smaller buildings are also on top of the tower, including a gym and a bathhouse.

Regular civilians are allowed in the lower levels of the building, but are not permitted on the rooftop where the Shinobi Base is.

The Shinobi Base is actually situatied over a Yōma Gate, which is any area where Yōma can more easily pass into the world. Fubuki originally intended to use this for her plans when she was in charge, but when Jasmine took over they instead guard and monitor the gate.

Jasmine is also able to use energy from the Gate to keep her youthful form without having to drain her own life force.



  • In one of the outdoor areas of the Shinobi Base, there are two large bulletin boards full of wanted posters. The left one has posters for the members of Senki Shu (and also Bebebe for some reason), while the right one mostly has regular grunts, but does have one poster that features the three independent shinobi together: Reika, Hiroko, and Mayumi.
  • The banners and flags around the interior and exterior of the coliseum are updated to include new factions as they are introduced.