Shiki (四季) is a first-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. She uses high-spirited gyaru language (adapted as "valley girl" speak in the English version) and makes friends everywhere she goes, often texting them at inappropriate times.

Despite her shinobi training and discipline, she hasn't forgotten her younger days as a freewheeling rich girl, and still misses her parents deeply. To soothe her grief, both for her parents and her adopted grandfather Kurokage, she often recites the Heart Sutra to herself.

She wields a double-bladed scythe that's bigger than her body, and fights while spinning it dramatically.



Shiki has long wavy blonde hair, and burgundy-colored eyes. She dresses rather skimpily, wearing a black bustier suit outfit, with heeled black boots, and shoulder-long black gloves. Her outfit reveals her cleavage and the sides of her breasts, and has a peace sign-like buckle holding it together at the top. She wears a long black cape, which is a magenta color on the underside of it, and has a large pink heart buckle holding it together.

Her most prominent feature, however, is her large black hat. It closely resembles a witches hat, with a skull face on it that occasionally copies her expressions. The hat has large bat wing-like attachments on it. She has a beauty mark under the right side of her mouth.


Shiki is initially depicted as a carefree, free spirited party girl who seems to not have her priorities in order. However, despite this Shiki is actually more intelligent and insightful than she appears. She enjoys reciting the Heart Sutra, something Kurokage had introduced her to when he took her in. She has some friends outside her shinobi class and is mostly seen on her phone.She also enjoys to read and is shown to be quite tech-savvy.


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