Shiki (四季) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A first-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. She uses high-spirited gyaru language (adapted as "valley girl" speak in the English version) and makes friends everywhere she goes, often texting them at inappropriate times.

Despite her shinobi training and discipline, she hasn't forgotten her younger days as a freewheeling rich girl and still misses her parents deeply. To soothe her grief, both for her parents and her adopted grandfather Kurokage, she often recites the Heart Sutra to herself.

She wields a double-bladed scythe that's bigger than her body and fights while spinning it dramatically.



Shiki has long wavy blonde hair, and burgundy-colored eyes, and a beauty mark on the lower right side of her mouth. She dresses rather skimpily, wearing a black bustier suit outfit, with heeled black boots, and shoulder-long black gloves. Her outfit reveals both her cleavage and the sides of her breasts and has a skull encrusted peace sign-like buckle attached right above a rivet, holding the breast straps in place. She wears a long, collared black cape, which is maroon on the underside, with a large skull encrusted pink heart pin attached by her left shoulder, and a gold bangle, which runs beneath the cape and out the collar, by her right shoulder.

Her most prominent feature, however, is her large black hat. It closely resembles a witches hat, with a skull face on it that occasionally copies her expressions. The hat has large bat wing-like attachments on it.


Shiki is initially depicted as a carefree, free-spirited party girl who seems to not have her priorities in order. This is shown during the beginning of Shinovi Versus when after being told by Yumi to train with Minori, she attempts to weasel out of it and go shopping. She even goes as far as to convince Minori to go play instead of training. However, despite this Shiki is actually more intelligent and insightful than she appears. She enjoys reciting the Heart Sutra, something Kurokage had introduced her to when he took her in. She has some friends outside her shinobi class and is mostly seen on her phone. She also enjoys reading literature and is shown to be quite tech-savvy.


Born and raised in a rich family, Shiki had it all. A big house, servants to cater to her every whim, a big allowance (100,000¥ a month), everything a rich girl could ever want. Back in elementary school, Shiki and her friends would go shopping every weekend, and even if she spent her entire allowance, she always had her parents' credit card. She even fully admitted to being spoiled. However, none of it would last.

Face Kurokage.png

One day, the dead bodies of Shiki's parents were brought home, riddled with scars. They had died in the line of duty as shinobi, but no one would tell the young girl how her parents died, or anything, for that matter. This enraged the young Shiki, to the point of seemingly endless crying, until she heard the voice of an old man reciting the Mahayana Buddhist scripture, the Heart Sutra behind her. This man was none other than Kurokage.

After preaching to the tearful girl about how the darkness and evil of the world had to be eradicated, Kurokage adopted Shiki, taking her, along with four other girls, one of which being his own granddaughter, Yumi, under his wing as Shinobi.

All five girls had one thing in common; they had all lost their parents, but even with this fact in mind, young Shiki refused to befriend any of them, going as far as to lash out and get into fights with everyone, most notably with Murakumo and Minori. With every fight she started, she would receive a scolding from Kurokage, but even so, it was obvious to her how sad it made him. Upon asking why, Shiki learned that anger and sorrow came hand in hand, and to deal with her own rage and sorrow, Kurokage taught her the Heart Sutra that he had recited upon originally meeting her. Since then, Shiki has relied on the Heart Sutra for comfort whenever she felt unfulfilled.

At some later point in time, Shiki and the other four girls, Yumi, Murakumo, Minori, and Yozakura, enrolled in Gessen Girls' Academy, a prestigious good ninja school, and they also eventually rose to become the school's five elite shinobi.


Shinovi Versus

Gessen Girls' Academy

Shiki accompanies Yumi and the rest of the Gessen elite during a visit to Kurokage's grave, only to meet Hanzō, who sexually harasses each and every one of them. This action already angers the girls, who immediately prepare for battle, but the legendary shinobi goes further to devour the strawberry treats that Yumi had brought for Kurokage. Shiki was present as Yumi challenges the elder ninja, only to be told to challenge his granddaughter, Asuka.

After deciding to participate in a Shinobi Battle Royale with Hanzo Academy, Shiki is told by Yumi to train with Minori. However, Shiki had other plans. The moment Yumi turns her back to the two first years, Shiki manages to convince Minori to go play instead of training, while she herself would go out shopping with friends, but right as this plan was put into fruition, the two are immediately caught by Yumi, who not only chastises the two, but, after convincing Minori to fight at her best, forces the two to properly train. Later, following a sparring match between Yumi and Yozakura, Shiki and Minori arrive, complaining about the fact that food, which should have been prepared by Yumi and Yozakura (who got distracted with training), had yet to be prepared.

Shiki accompanies Yumi and the others as they infiltrate Hanzo Academy, and they run in to Asuka, who had apparently been watching them since their arrival. After the arrival (and instigational tactics) of Hanzo, the battle begins, with Shiki's opponent being Yagyū. Before the battle, Shiki notices Yagyu's eyepatch and immediately wants it as her own. After hearing Yagyu's refusal, Shiki decides that she would take it by force, through battle. Following the battle, as well as her victory, Shiki deduces that the purpose of Yagyu's eyepatch is to seal off her power, but even with that knowledge, she still wishes to take the eyepatch as her own, only to be met with more resistance from Yagyu. Upon sensing some strange aura from the Hanzo ninja, Shiki decides to temporarily back off, but not before swearing that the desired eyepatch will be hers after their next meeting.

Shiki and the others travel to Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, to challenge them to a Shinobi Battle Royale as well. As the other Gessen Elite face off with the Hebijo Elite, Shiki must battle Imu. Before the battle, Shiki and Imu talk about "judging books by their cover," with Shiki deciding that there's nothing that she needs to know about Imu, as she is just an evil ninja. Following Shiki's victory over Imu, she learns that even Imu, an evil ninja fought to protect someone. After Imu decides to return to Miyabi, Shiki warns her, noting that she is injured. Imu then falls unconscious. Even after this, Shiki questions if Imu spoke the truth about wanting to protect someone, and delves even further into wondering if evil people in general have someone that they wish to protect. After Yumi defeats Miyabi, Imu prevents her from dealing the finishing blow. At that point, Shiki returns to Yumi's side, wondering why the Hebijo leader still lives. Yumi answers by stating that Hebijo is too weak for the effort, and that their victory is enough. They then decide to meet up with the rest of the Gessen elite. Once meeting with the others, Shiki wonders if their actions were right, as the Hebijo ninja didn't truly act evil. This arose questions among the girls, as the rest had the same thought. However, Yumi quickly dismisses the pondering, stating that evil shinobi must be eliminated, no matter what the cost, a statement which Shiki hesitantly agrees to. The group then returns home.

Gessen locates renegade's (Homura's Crimson Squad) hideout and challenge them to battle. Shiki requests to go first, and Mirai requests to fight her. Shiki introduces herself and gives her a nickname immediately. This causes Mirai to be surprised and deduce that she's some sort of valley girl while also thinking it may be good material for her novel. Shiki over hears Mirai's monologue and expresses interest in her novel which leads to Mirai commenting on how Shiki doesn't look like much of a reader. Shiki takes offense to this and states that she reads books all the time and is basically a book worm. In the middle of her explanation, Mirai becomes frustrated with her valley-girl speech and merely wants to start the match. Shiki agrees, saying she wants to read her novel if she wins. After Shiki's victory, Mirai allows her to read her novel; Rapunzel the Shinobi. After reading it, Shiki tells Mirai that she thinks the novel was awesome and that Mirai is a good author. After complimenting her skills for a bit more, she says she's not going to kill Mirai so she can finish her book. When she departs, Shiki doesn't understand why she's so happy even though she had been drawn into an evil shinobi's book. Thinking it's going to be hard to hate evil now, she asks Kurokage what she should do. When everyone finishes their battles, they all come together and talk about their experiences. Shiki states that she liked Mirai's book and couldn't finish her, which makes her afraid Kurokage won't be happy. In order to lift everyone's spirits, Yumi says that she saw light within their evil as well, which relieves Shiki now knowing she wasn't the only one. After a rousing speech from Wang Pai, the group heads to Hanzo National Academy.

Shiki and Yagyuu meet again for their second battle. Shiki isn't quite sure if she'll win or not considering that Yagyuu's Devil's Eye is really strong. She then inquires on how Yagyuu even obtained that power to begin with. Once she hears Yagyuu's explanation about the eyepatch and that she wears it because of her sister, Shiki feels like a ditz for trying to steal it from her before. She promises to never ask for it again, but now Shiki wants something else; a perfect victory. Once Shiki wins the battle, she praises Yagyuu on her strength. Yagyuu says she's sure Kurokage will be happy for her, but Shiki isn't so sure. Having fought all kinds of shinobi, she feels as though a shinobi is a shinobi; good or evil. But if that's true, she has to accept evil and believes Kurokage wouldn't accept that. Yagyuu offers Shiki encouragement by saying she doesn't think Kurokage will reject her conclusion after so much effort to reach it. Shiki thanks Yagyuu for her words and says she'll tell Kurokage what she thinks. When Gessen regroups from their individual matches, Yumi proposes they visit Kurokage's grave. Shiki is all for that idea, feeling extremely mature now. After some back and forth banter about maturity between Shiki, Minori, and Murakumo, they all head out.

Shiki and Minori are washing Kurokage's grave with scrubbers. Shiki asks Yumi how it looks after they finish cleaning and Yumi praises their work. Suddenly Hanzo appears and reveals himself to be Wang Pai which shocks all of them. He explains how Kurokage asked for him to take care of them after he passed. Shiki asks him where the name "Wang Pai" even came from, to which Hanzo replies with saying it can be read as Ouhai which sounds a little like oppai (big breasts). They all feel a little less grateful to him after hearing that. Hanzo opens a sushi container and offers the girls to all eat, which they happily do.

Hanzo National Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Homura's Crimson Squad

Shinobi Girl's Heart

I'm, Like, Totally a Blog Queen

She is checking the pageview numbers on her blog, which to her shock were falling. She mentions that this was even after she posted the recommended cosmetics info. She hits the computer hoping to see the number change but it doesn't. It was very clear to her nobody liked her blog. Seeing that her blog which was about cosmetic tips wasn't very popular she decides to give people "cheap thrills". Thinking that people wanted to see all that violent, nasty stuff. She decides to go through with giving people that kind of content as she knew plenty of violent and perverse people. Knowing that she'd have to sacrifice her friend's dignity she goes through with it as she wanted to be queen of the blogosphere.

The first girl she runs into is Hibari. She approaches her and tells her about the blog and how she was looking for something violent and sexy. This confuses Hibari. Shiki does say that Hibari isn't all that violent or sexy, she was more cute. Hibari apologizes that she couldn't be of any help. Shiki tells her that she was adorable especially with her eyes and what she assumes are contacts. Hibari tells her they aren't contacts. Seeing her photo she asks Hibari to look in a direction for her picture. Hibari didn't want to as it was embarrassing. Shiki tells her, she was teddy bear cute and tries to go through with it something Hibari protests. Shiki gets what she needs and does apologize to Hibari but thanks her for helping her with taking over the internet with her blog.

She comes across Hikage. Telling her that she was all cold blooded and had that long, snake like tongue commenting that it was twisted. Hikage didn't understand what she meant by twisted. Shiki tries to explain what it meant before telling her that if she goes on her blog she'd go viral getting a million hits. Hikage thinks that she meant hits as in actual punches. Shiki asks her to stick out her tongue and look towards her. She does so and Shiki takes her picture. Though Hikage still doesn't grasp the "twisted" business and asks if she could follow her around. Shiki immediately lets her, only to immediately change her mind as she'd get in the way. She then leaves to find her next scoop.

She then finds Ryōna telling her she was just the girl she needed to see. Who begins asking her to bully her. Shiki refuses and asks to take her picture. Something Ryōna allows and asks Shiki what pose she wanted even asking her to force her into one. While Shiki was taking her picture she was imagining the reactions from the readers. Ryōna wanted to see the pictures and asks Shiki to hit her, which she does so right in the face. Ryōna asks her to hit her more which Shiki does hitting her multiple times. Shiki comments on how well the photoshoot went but she isn't sure if she'd be able to post what she got.

Shiki tried to upload her pictures but she was blocked. She even comments that Ryōna had her clothes on. She then hears someone nearby and see's Miyabi who in Shiki's words was a cool girl with a huge rack she figures she could get a great scoop. Miyabi sensing someone calls out to them and see's her. She demands her to state her business. Shiki provokes her into fighting by saying she could kick her ass and asks her for a duel. Miyabi agrees to fighting her and tells her not to cry if she loses. Shiki tells her, she might cry a little and she needed her to throw herself into it rack first. Miyabi was confused at she just heard, Shiki tells her it was nothing though in her head she was hyped. And so they fight with Shiki emerging victorious. Shiki comments that Miyabi was a crazy combo of hot and cool.

Having gotten what she needed to sets out to upload her material online. What she doesn't notice is that Mirai was calling out to her. Shiki eventually notices her. Mirai begun to utter that she was making fun of her under her breath. Shiki tells her she was looking for violent and sexy so Mirai didn't get seen. Mirai was angered by this and pulls out her gun. Upon seeing it she first asks where she she was hiding it and tells Mirai she did qualify for sexy and violent. They fight with Shiki winning in the end. She then sets out to upload everything.

She uploads her pictures to her blog and adds a few captions to them. Her numbers began rising and notices that Mirai's picture were the most popular. She does feel bad about not asking for her friends permission but they weren't too bad, she thinks they'll be happy they helped. She then decides against thinking of anything unhappy she was just going to ride the wave. And she was until she looked at the monitor. To her horror the picture was of her naked self taking a bath. She sees the other photos she took were embarrassing photos of her. Someone had hacked into her blog and swapped out the pictures. The wave she was on just came crashing down. The only thing she can do is scream pleading with her viewers not to look. It is here we see that the hacker is Mirai.

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Shiki has a popular blog but she's panicking because she's running out of things to post on it and her hits have been going down. She wonders if she should give it up, but then strikes on a different idea: posting pictures and stories about all the flashy shinobi that she knows. She did it once before and got in trouble that time... but maybe it will work out fine this time?

Ikaruga is in the middle of the Downtown district when Shiki spots her going into a lingerie shop. Shiki spies on her browsing, and is delighted to see Ikaruga examining some particularly racy underwear. Shiki takes a picture of this scene. Ikaruga notices her and is horrified, trying to explain that she was only looking at it and wasn't going to buy it. Shiki says she's sure her blog readers will understand. Ikaruga says she can't allow that photo to be published and draws her sword. Shiki wins the battle that follows and smugly departs, delighted with her great scoop.

Ryōki and Hanabi are at the Festival Grounds. Shiki gives Hanabi a friendly greeting but Hanabi rebuffs her, saying that even she can tell from Shiki's face that she's up to something bad. Shiki says her face always looks like this but Hanabi says she's lying and that she's definitely planning something naughty. Shiki starts speaking to Hanabi in English, completely confusing her. Shiki knows this will make Hanabi overthink things and go KABOOM, giving Shiki a good photo op. Hanabi, hearing this, thinks that's a horrible reason. Nevertheless Shiki gets her way after defeating Hanabi and Ryōki.

The next location is the roof of Shiki's school, Gessen Academy. Yumi is there. Shiki asks her for a favour. She wants to see Yumi perform her traditional Japanese dancing. Yumi says she doesn't have a problem with that, but when she starts Shiki says she should try to loosen her kimono a bit. Yumi hesitantly agrees and Shiki starts taking snaps, saying that her blog readers are going to love this. Yumi is worried by this idea but Shiki says not to worry, she'll make sure Yumi looks super sexy. Yumi says that would very much trouble her. Shiki apologizes but says she can't stop. They fight over this and Shiki wins.

Shiki goes to Hanzō Academy in search of new pictures. She spots Yagyū, who is in the company of Hikage and Shiki's schoolmate Murakumo. Shiki asks Yagyū to bring forth her giant squid which she thinks will make for a great blog post. She asks Yagyū if she can make the squid grab Hikage and Murakumo in its giant tentacles. Murakumo says Shiki can be really weird sometimes and Yagyū says her Guardian spirit isn't meant for that kind of thing. Shiki replies that she'll just have to make Yagyū bring out the squid against her will. A big fight breaks out with Shiki fighting the three others. She wins and gets her scoop in the process.

The final encounter is with Mirai on Mt Orochi. Shiki is pleased with her new material and says the only thing left is to upload it all. Mirai bursts in and says it's clear Shiki hasn't learned her lesson from last time. She demands that Shiki hand over her pics. Shiki whines that she needs them to make her blog interesting. Mirai says her blog is already interesting. Mirai is one of Shiki's blog readers and she really enjoys the blog as it is. She tells Shiki she doesn't need to sneak around with a camera to make interesting posts. Shiki is rather touched by this but a battle breaks out anyway. Shiki defeats Mirai and thanks her, realizing she shouldn't make trouble for other people.

Shiki admits she was very close to making a big mistake and is grateful to Mirai. She still has a problem with her blog though and wishes she could post some sexy stuff without hurting anyone else. She wonders if that means she has to do that kind of thing about herself. Maybe she wouldn't be embarrassed if she wore some very heavy makeup for it... This apparently has the desired effect and her blog races up to the top of the blog rankings. It's so popular that some other shinobi want to join in, with Asuka asking if she can try Shiki's crazy makeup and Yumi admitting she has wanted to cosplay for a long time. This also turns out successfully, but there's one sour note: Shiki forgot to invite Mirai, though she shows up anyway, obviously upset but trying to hide it. She asks Shiki if she'll read her web novel. It's entitled "Perverted and Racy: A Story of Shiki the Ungrateful". It's apparently full of dirty scenes about Shiki which Mirai is sure her readers will enjoy. Running off with malicious glee, she's followed by a desperate Shiki trying to get her not to publish. The feud continues.

Special Missions

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown along with the rest of her team on the rooftop of Gessen Academy with a pool they had set up. She sprays Murakumo with the squirt gun she was holding shooting her mask which also apparently causes her top to come off causing her to duck down cover herself. Shiki then turns to Minori and begins spraying her causing her shirt to become transparent. They then suddenly get their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Gessen Arc

P-1 Climax

Paradise Episodes

Beach Hot Shots

Shiki begins to giggle she attempts to scrunch her face but isn't able to. Minori approaches her asking what she was laughing about. Shiki responds to her question but doesn't answer it. She was giggling at the sight she was seeing the blue sky, the ocean, the beach and all the super cute girls that were in their swimsuits. Because of the contents of her blog she couldn't pass up this chance. However she was not going to get any perverse pictures, as her blog wasn't like that even though the view counts shot up every time she posts an image like that. She was going for something sexy, but artsy. Besides who doesn't like it when someone see's a beautiful picture of themselves. Thinking the readers, the models and she would love it. Thinking this would be a win-win-win situation she felt confident in doing this. She prepares to start the photoshoot. She chooses to take pictures that are natural and maybe take some candid shots before asking for permission. Because natural is sexy and artsy. She decides to make everyone super excited then break out her camera.

The first girl she runs into is fellow teammate Yozakura. Shiki calls out to her mentioning the beach was her favorite place. Yozakura happily replies that she loves the beach. Shiki then points out that they even had the banana boats and asks her friend to ride with her. Yokazura does so. Shiki then asks her to grind a little more to feel the waves. Yozakura tells her that summer beaches were the best. Unknown to her Shiki takes a picture of her, Shiki even comments on the picture she took.

Shiki then decides to have Mirai help her out. Thinking it would make up for what happened last time with her blog. She finds her at the Snow World arena, telling her that water guns suit her. Mirai somewhat flustered by this tells her that she was used to handling firearms. Shiki asks her to pose with her gun by embracing it with her body. Mirai does so. Shiki says that it was hot but then asks her to lick it. Mirai proceeds to lick it. Shiki takes her picture even thinking to herself that she was a genius. She then talks to herself about how her blog numbers were going to go through the roof.

She decides to take pictures of Minori thinking they would make her happy as they weren't bad. She finds her at the Sakura Fields arena. She tells her that her theme was "Innocence" and gives her a balance ball to play with. Which Minori happily plays with. Shiki was focusing on the bouncing and jiggling her breasts were doing. While Minori plays with the ball Shiki takes her picture. Though she does comment that she should've filmed Minori.

She finds yet another member of her team this time being Murakumo at Peach Beach Island. She asks her to take it off. Murakumo questions her. Shiki tells her that they were out in the open and her body would match the backdrop as she points out. Open heart, open body, open mind. Murakamo is hesitant at this. Shiki gives her a choice a swimsuit tease or take off her mask. Murakumo tells her that she could never take off her mask so Shiki asks her to show a little skin which Murakumo does so. Shiki takes her picture. She looks at the picture hoping it was okay as it wasn't showing anything.

The last girl she picks is Naraku whom she finds at the Pirate's Base arena. Deciding that her theme was "The Ball and I". Naraku overhears her and approaches her. Shiki asks her to play with the steel ball she had on her foot. Though she doesn't understand what Shiki was asking for. Shiki tells her to roll it around or stroke it, or something. Naraku asks if it was the ball which Shiki confirms. Shiki tells her that if she can get a nice shot Kagura would love it. Upon hearing this Naraku attempts it asking her if she was doing it. Shiki confirms she was. Naraku does show some embarrassment as she isn't used to doing this sort of thing. Shiki tells her that her embarrassed look was good and that the picture would be awesome. Having gotten the last picture she needed she decides she has enough material to work with.

As she was looking at the pictures on the monitor she came to the realization that she may have gone overboard with the sexy part as her pictures were far too risquè. She decides to add a mosaic effect to the pictures on the risquè areas to blur them out. She then thinks about blurring their faces she thinks about it for a bit as the pictures weren't lewd and that it was art but her thoughts go to privacy and how she never got permission from them. She then thinks they would've said yes, as they were just everyday pictures. She goes through with blurring out everybody and go from there. Unfortunately it had the reverse effect by making the pictures seem even more perverse. She complains that the mosaic effects were supposed to make them more family friendly, but now they were more lewd. She comments that were still art as art was art. She then hears a familiar voice asking her "So that's what you call art." Recognizing it as Yozakura she freezes up in fear too scared to turn around. But it wasn't just her, Shiki could feel the presence of several angry girls behind her. She hears Murakumo saying "Let's see what kinda art you can make". Shiki attempts to say something but they don't listen.

Shiki and Naraku PBS.jpg
They grab her and tie her hands behind her back and put her on a balance ball which was on a banana boat, attach a steel ball to her foot, shove a water gun up her mouth and her bikini was about to come off. She does attempt to apologize but the others were too busy laughing and taking pictures of her humiliating moment. Naraku comments that this was art. Shiki responds to her that this wasn't art at all.


Shiki can strike enemies all around her with her giant scythe and sometimes even throws it, making good use of its wide attack range. She can also transform into a bloody mist and sneak up on enemies by exploiting their blind spots.

Other Appearances



  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.2

Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
For Serious Shinovi Versus Shiki's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Four Seasons ~ Winter by Antonio Vivaldi.
Cookin' is a Piece of Cake! Bon Appétit Shiki's theme. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
I'm Japanese Ninja Estival Versus Shiki's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her.


Creation & Development

“She's is a "gal"-type character (sort of the Japanese equivalent of a hipster valley girl), which is a first for the series. A little devil (or maybe an actual devil) who wears less than Mistress Haruka? She has a strange way of speaking, but is actually a very steady and honest individual. At first glance, she might be hard to take seriously, but that all changes by the end of the story...”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • Shiki's appearance is a combination of vampires, witches, Grim Reaper, and a Desperado.
  • Shiki's name means "Four Seasons".
  • The buckle, pin, and bangle on Shiki's cape are likely a reference of the Hippie Trinity: "Peace, Love, and Harmony"
  • It is stated in the Senran Kagura: Official Design Works book that while Shiki's mother was Japanese, her father was Romanian.
  • Shiki is the youngest in her team, yet she appears slightly older or more mature than her teammates.
  • Shiki has a tendency to call her friends with particular nicknames, which are their names deformed to look like a certain expression. The examples are «Yu-and-me» (Yumi), «Ryōkey-dokey» (Ryōki), «Murky» (Murakumo).
  • In Ryōki's Shinobi Girl's Heart in Estival Versus, a rampaging Ryōki calls Shiki a "yamanba" and declares she'll "exterminate" her. "Yamanba" ("mountain hag") is both the name of a dangerous mountain spirit with messy white hair and purplish lips, and a slang for the deep end of ganguro fashion.


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