Senran Kagura Spark!
K SK spark
Written by Kenichiro Takaki
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run August 19, 2011 – February 17, 2012
Volumes 1

Senran Kagura Spark! (閃乱カグラ Spark! Senran Kagura Spark!) is a manga series written by Kenichiro Takaki.


The Hanzou Academy is not just a regular school. It holds a top secret class for ninja training reserved just for the elite. Only two girls made the cut this year, Ikaruga, a quiet but gifted brunette, and Katsuragi, a passionate and skilled blonde. Their personalities could not be more polar opposite and sparks fly even on the first day of class. Ikaruga, being a little bit ahead of the curve, outscores Katsuragi on every assignment. With tensions running high, how will these two ninja students work together when the time comes?

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