Weapons can be equipped in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson in place of a character's default weapon.

However, they are cosmetic only and do not effect performance in battle in any way. If you want to effect performance, look at equipping Shinobi Stones.

Every playable character has five weapons available to be obtained from specific rooms in the Yóma's Nest. Each of the ten main cast members also get an additional one from the Waist-Deep DLC.


  • Green Willow, Red Blossom: A pair of short swords handed down from Asuka's grandpa.
  • Gourd Hammer - Tree Frog: Legend has it shaking them at a festival can bring rain.
  • Tsukimaru & Kagemaru: These Sai, Tsukimaru & Kagemaru, can cast cut demons.
  • Gimmicky Kunai: A beginners' kunai that came in "Nin-Ni," a shinobi girl magazine.
  • Grandpa's Futomaki Roll: Asuka's favorite. The thickness is just right.
  • Verdict: Gives off the faint echo of Earth's last gasp
  • After Bath Table Top Set: A must-have at any hot spring. (DLC)


  • Hien: A sword that carries the legacy of Houoh Organization.
  • Heavenly Sword Fragarach: Cuts through anything with its high-frequency vibrations.
  • Rapier - Mistilteinn: A rapier so sharp that its tip can spear a molecule.
  • Elegant Drying Rack: A long pole for drying laundry.
  • Chicken Skewer - Hien: A weapon in a shape of a roast skewer. It's sticky
  • Discipline: A cursed weapon with burnt flesh and blood on the blade.
  • Big Brother's Bat: Murasame's prized bat. (DLC)


  • T-61 Armored Combat Bts.: Boots with the durability of tanks. They even have treads.
  • Stormbringer: Scarlet shoes with the power to kick up a storm.
  • Candy Shoes: Hibari gave these silly shoes as a gift.
  • Food Storage Set: Shoes that are also ramen boxes, because wasting food is bad.
  • Bonecrush: These creepy shoes seems to have the same texture as bones.
  • Striker Spike: A pair of cleats that can make anyone be friends with the ball. (DLC)


  • Double Trick Umbrella: Available from the catalog "Shadows of the Umbrella."
  • Fishy Fire Flag: A flag of signaling during fire. Smells of squid for some reason.
  • Umbrella Beast Lickoreena: A umbrella-like ghost with a fondness for Yagyū.
  • Deep Sea Being - Y: It's cooked just right and looks like a broiled squid.
  • Funeral Rain: A cursed umbrella, said to rain down the blood of lost souls.
  • Kendo Umbrella: A lovable kendo girl's favorite umbrella. (DLC)


  • Ninto: Hibari's friend. You can tell it's not properly trained from its eyes.
  • Gigantorabbit: A Ninto bot created by Haruka. Might be better than the original.
  • Rabbit De Niro: Ninto dressed like a legendary crime boss. With big front teeth.
  • Old Man Thunder Usagiboo: Ninto dressed like a slumbering thunder god.
  • Mr. Bunny Cake: Hibari saved up her allowance to buy these Mr. Bunny sweets.
  • Cectotrope: An intimidating beast from ancient, forbidden lore.
  • Rabbit Puncher: A boxing bunny, ready to punch through anything. (DLC)


  • Fists: The only weapon a true warrior needs to show her resolve.
  • Gouki's Shackles: These spiky bracelets are more about fashion than fighting.
  • Handcuffs: Some people dream of being arrested just to wear these.
  • Training Equipment: These heavy weights help keep the wearer in optimal shape.
  • Marbled Meat: Meat that can tame even the most ferocious of beasts.
  • Fuuki's Rosary: A demonic rosary, sealed with a curse.

Ultimate Asuka

  • Twin Swords: Universe: Swords that holds the Earth's destructive and creative power.
  • Keepsake - Inequality: A legendary sword used by Musashi Miyamoto.
  • Kikokumaru & Zanhamaru: It's said that these two swords can wipe out a whole army.
  • Twin Beam Swords: She who wields these symbols of justice can perform miracles.
  • 6 Dumplings Family Sisters: A big, tasty helping of dango. Asuka's bite mark included.
  • Frozen Moon Blades: These swords carries the hope of a girl who believed in justice.


  • Flame Sword - Homura: Homura's custom swords, designed to be wielded six at a time.
  • Claw Splitter - Laevateinn: Heavy gauntlets with razor sharp claws.
  • Snake Sickles: Curved swords that look like striking snakes.
  • Cake Knives: Cake knives. Now, if only you had someone to celebrate with.
  • Crab: Homura's comedy props. No one's sure she found them.
  • Punishment: These eight swords are said to grow with each sin they witness.
  • Aerial Clubs: Homura trained on this kind of equipment when she was "good." (DLC)


  • War Axe - Gungnir: An axe so powerful that its use is officially forbidden.
  • Battle Hammer - Mjolnir: The hammer uses pistons to pound the enemy repeatedly.
  • Princess Iron Fan's Vane: A holy iron fan that can create hurricanes and rainstorms.
  • Fried Sprouts (Super Dish): A weaponized pan of stir-fried sprouts. Deadly and delicious.
  • Famine: A demonic sword that thirsts for the blood of its enemies.
  • Training Dumbbells: Training equipment that Haruka built for the Crimson Squad. (DLC)


  • Hinata's Knife: A Precious knife that once belonged to Hikage's mentor Hinata.
  • Whip Knife: A chain hunting knife that looks like a kulkri.
  • Evil Sword - Uroboros: An oddly shaped knife. It moves however Hikage wants it to.
  • Cooking Utensils: What a maiden uses to cook for her love.
  • Deviant Eater's Silverware: Utensils for picky eaters.
  • Pestilence: A knife blackened with all the blood its ever bathed in.
  • Technical Racquette: A heavily used tennis racquet that trains wrist movement. (DLC)


  • Alteisen: A hip gunbrella that works with gothic lolita fashion.
  • Straelen: It lights up! It rings! A postronic weapon of Mirai's own design!
  • Yae's Cherry Blossom Gun: Legend has it this gun once belonged to the great kunochi Yae.
  • Nostalgic Toy: A precious toy Mirai played with when she was little.
  • 3 o'Clock Snack: What Mirai always bought at her local candy shop.
  • War: A modern weapon designed for maximum close-range carnage.
  • Princess of Tennis: A very aggressive tennis player ran this equipment ragged. (DLC)


  • Ball Puppet (Custom): Haruka's faithful servant, made from a training ball puppet.
  • Robot Digger - O Pai: A ball puppet that digs, digs, and digs.
  • Outlet Man: A puppet that charges up electricity, then flings it from its hands.
  • Perverted Feudal Lord: A pervy feudal lord who flirts with all of the girls in the castle.
  • Dr. Puppet: A ditzy nurse puppet. Just lie still; this won't hurt a bit...
  • Death: A bloodthirsty that arms to decapitate its victims.
  • Pai Shield 81: An American football player puppet with a blindingly fast blitz. (DLC)


  • Ultimate Wheel: A large shuriken that can go from one blade to four blades.
  • Demon Wheel: A large, violent shuriken that glows the darkness of the night.
  • Helirotor: A sharp blade that dances in mid-air as it spins.
  • Textbooks: A required item for all teachers. Includes all students' secrets.
  • Lucky 4-leaf Clover: Represents the anxiety of teachers as their youth sips away.
  • Hibiki's Wings: A large shuriken made from the unknown ore, hihirckane.

Crimson Homura

  • Engetsuka: A family sword that holds the crimson flames.
  • Mukuro's Giant Scythe: Becomes more ominous with every drop of blood shed.
  • Oni's Golden Bat: A giant club that an oni once used to destroy several mountains.
  • Single Beam Sword: A sword of an infamous villain who held sway over darkness.
  • Fried Shrimp: As you can see, it's a giant fried shrimp. Comes with the tail.
  • Demon Blade - Kouken: A Seventh-branch sword that holds a girl's hatred and revenge.


  • Handmade Chain & Sickle: Murasame's most prized possession. He made it himself as a boy.
  • Mic Stand: A Mic stand that anybody can use to look cool.
  • Skull Sickle: A handmade weapon consisting mainly of a plastic foam board.
  • Idol Princess Transformation Kit: Spins and Sparkles just like in the popular anime Idol Princess.
  • Man of the Sea: A miracle workout device. Huge muscles in just one year!
  • Prized trophy: An embarrassingly small trophy.


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