Waist-Deep is a DLC available for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson for $4.99. It adds five new missions, new customization items, and the ability to select "chibi" versions of the characters.


After the conclusion of the main story, the main cast is enjoying a dip in the hot springs with Naraku and Kagura.

Kagura is commenting on the differences between everyone's bodies, which inadvertently insults Mirai and she leaves.

Mirai later wonders if she could get a mature body like Kagura if she consumed Red Orbs as well. So she attacks Kagura and causes her to cough up her Red Orbs, reverting her to child form. However, she is able to calm down the child form of Kagura by promising her candy.

After Mirai consumes a Red Orb, she finds that instead of maturing regular humans, it turns them into a "chibi" form with a small body and a big head.

Afraid that everyone will make fun of her new body, she secretly makes a big dinner for everyone and puts the remaining Red Orbs in the food, resulting in everyone getting a "chibi" body.


Since these missions take place after the main story, they have recommended character levels between 15 and 25. However, they are not really all that challenging.

Like the other DLC missions, there is only one Difficulty available.

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
EX1-01 Strive for a Red Orb Everybody keeps making fun of me... Maybe if I eat a red orb... -Mirai Defeat Kagura Shinobi, Kagura None None
EX1-02 Risk and Reward No matter how big the risk is... I'll take my chances! -Mirai Defeat Naraku Naraku None None
EX1-03 Childlike Wonder Who would've guessed a red orb could be this dangerous? If that's the case, I'll take everyone down with me! -Mirai Defeat Homura & Yomi Homura, Yomi None None
EX1-04 Chibi-Jeebies soul is screaming to stop you. -Hikage Defeat Katsuragi and Yagyu Katsuragi, Yagyu None None
EX1-05 Severe Punishment No sense of responsibility whatsoever... It seems Mirai needs to learn a harsh lesson. -Daidoji Punish Mirai Mirai None ""Chibi" Form selectable for playable characters


  • School Swimsuit (Indigo)
  • School Swimsuit (Black)
  • School Swimsuit (White)
  • School Swimsuit (Wet)
  • Gym Clothes (Indigo)
  • Gym Clothes (Red)
  • Gym Clothes (Black)
  • Gym Clothes (Shorts)
  • Blazer (Indigo)
  • Blazer (Red)
  • Blazer (Green)
  • Blazer (White)
  • Bondage (Black)
  • Bondage (Pink)
  • Bondage (Black/Red)
  • Bondage (White/Blue)


  • DLC Swimsuit 1-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 1-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 1-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 2-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 2-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 2-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 3-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 3-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 3-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 4-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 4-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 4-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 5-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 5-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 5-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 6-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 6-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 6-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 7-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 7-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 7-3


  • Backpack (Red)
  • Backpack (Black)
  • Backpack (Green)
  • Backpack (Indigo)
  • Flower Ornament (Red/Black)
  • Flower Ornament (White/Blue)
  • Flower Ornament (Orange/Purple)
  • Flower Ornament (Pink/White)
  • Popsicle (Soda Flavor)
  • Popsicle (Grape Flavor)
  • Popsicle (Orange Flavor)
  • Frankfurt
  • Pom Pom (Yellow)
  • Pom Pom (Red)
  • Pom Pom (Purple)
  • Pom Pom (Black)
  • Flower Crown (Red)
  • Flower Crown (Yellow)
  • Flower Crown (White)
  • Flower Crown (Purple)
  • Scroll (Green)
  • Scroll (Red)
  • Scroll (White)
  • Scroll (Black)
  • Face Mask (White)
  • Face Mask (Pink)
  • X Mask
  • Gas Mask
  • Ponytail
  • Long Eyelashes
  • Antenna Hair
  • Brush


  • Ponytail
  • Double Knot
  • Brush Top
  • Bob


  • After Bath Table Top Set (Asuka)
  • Big Brother's Bat (Ikaruga)
  • Striker Spike (Katsuragi)
  • Kendo Umbrella (Yagyu)
  • Rabbit Puncher (Hibari)
  • Aerial Clubs (Homura)
  • Training Dumbbells (Yomi)
  • Technical Racquette (Hikage)
  • Princess of Tennis (Mirai)
  • Pai Shield (Haruka)

"Chibi" Form

Your characters are automatically in "chibi" form the first time you play the last three missions of this DLC. After completing the final mission, you can select "chibi" form for any mission by pressing up or down on the character select screen. Rin and Murasame do not have "chibi" forms.

While in "Chibi" form, transformation sequences are skipped (just a quick puff of smoke to transform) as are clothes breaks (they can still break, just no cutscene for it). Your Ninja Arts are also restricted to just your Level 1 Ninja Art and your Aerial Ninja Art.


  • Though the game doesn't alert you of this, the six new pictures are added to your Library for you to view at anytime. The new animated cutscenes, however, are not added to the Movie section so you'd have to replay the missions to see them.
  • Hanzō recounts a tale from his youth about when someone he knew consumed a Red Orb.
  • If you've unlocked Ultimate Asuka and Crimson Homura, you may have to press up or down twice on character select to cycle to their "chibi" forms.


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