This page lists the missions available in each chapter in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

Portrayal Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
1-01 Storming Hebijo Academy! I'm going to get our Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll back no matter what! Let's do our best, and everyone come back alive. -Asuka Eliminate all enemies None Outfit: Asuka's Outfit
Hairstyle: Asuka's Hairstyle
Pictures: Gathering of 5 Hebijo Girls, Super-Secret Ninja Scrolls, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu, Hibari, Young Hanzo, Asuka and Homura,
Music: It Starts at Hebijo Academy!, The Duty of Good, A School Building to Boast About, Memories and Memories, Omen of the Approaching Battle
Voice: Asuka's Voice Set
1-02 Affluenza In order to become a shinobi, I must win. No matter who my opponent is... -Ikaruga Defeat Yomi None Outfit: Ikaruga's Outfit
Hairstyle: Ikaruga's Hairstyle
Music: To Be the Wielder of Hien, To Resist the Path of Evil Shinobi, Tip of the Sharp Blade
Voice: Ikaruga's Voice Set
1-03 The Language of Fists Good shinobi, evil shinobi. I don't care who wants to fight! No matter how strong they are, I'll beat 'em down! -Katsuragi Defeat Hikage None Outfit: Katsuragi's Outfit
Hairstyle: Katsuragi's Hairstyle
Music: Between a Mission and a Dilemma
Voice: Katsuragi's Voice Set
1-04 My Innermost Thoughts Someone close to me depends on my victory. I won't let you stop me here. -Yagyu Defeat Mirai None Outfit: Yagyu's Outfit
Hairstyle: Yagyu's Hairstyle
Music: In Order for Me to Be Needed
Voice: Yagyu's Voice Set
1-05 An Innocent Resolution This has nothing to do with my family or my Kagan power! I'm gonna fight because I want to be a shinobi! -Hibari Defeat Haruka None Outfit: Hibari's Outfit
Hairstyle: Hibari's Hairstyle
Music: Stop Pampering Me, Each and Everyone's Past, Scent of Darkness
Voice: Hibari's Voice Set
1-06 Why a Shinobi Fights For the sake of my friends' happiness. I shall not abide you! -Asuka Defeat Homura None None
1-07 For My Friends My friends are with me! So even against a gaint from hell. I can't lose! -Asuka Subdue the giant yoma None Outfit: French Maid, Bunny Outfit, Cheerleader, Shrine Maiden, Short One-Piece
Accessory: Cat Ears, Dog Ears, Sun Hat, Silk Hat, Normal Strand, Headdress, Rabbit Ears, Antenna Strands, Heart Strand, Marvelous Strand
Hairstyle: Double Buns, Emo Cut, Pigtails, Top Knot, Short Bob
Pictures: Homura in the Rubble, The 5 Celebrating Hanzo Girls, My Irreplaceable Friends, Homura in the Rubble (Smile)
Music: Continuing Bloody Flash Concerto, The Shape of a Bond, Test Against the Unknown

Crimson Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
2-01 Hebijo's Loose Ends This is my fnal battle as head of the Hebijo Academy Elite. Asuka, let's burn through everything we've got! -Homura Defeat Asuka None Outfit: Hebijo Uniform, Hikage's Hebijo Uniform, Mirai's Hebijo Uniform, T-Shirt, School Jersey, Sweater, Camisole, Sexy Sweater, Homura's Crm. Squad Outfit
Swimsuit: Homura's Swimsuit Clr., Yomi's Swimsuit Clr., Hikage's Swimsuit Clr., Mirai's Swimsuit Clr., Hikage's Swimsuit Clr.
Hairstyle: Homura's Hairstyle
Music: Pride of a Good Shinobi, The Strongest Shinobi's Way of Life, Reliable Friends
Voice: Homura's Voice Set
2-02 Two Girl, One Team Look what we've come up with in training! A new fighting style for a two-shinobi team! -Yomi Defeat Homura None Outfit: Yomi's Outfit, Hikage's Outfit
Accessory: Classy Hat
Hairstyle: Yomi's Hairstyle, Hikage's Hairstyle
Pictures: Welcoming Back
Music: Commotion in the Old Capital, Initial M.Y.S., The Light that Warms the Shadows, Moment to Smile, The Meaning of Shinobi
Voice: Yomi's Voice Set, Hikage's Voice Set
2-03 The Shape of a Bond All right, let's pair up and train. We'll pick partners by doing "Paper Rock." -Hikage Defeat Yomi & Hikage None Outfit: Haruka's Outfit, Mirai's Outfit
Accessory: Gothic Lolita Headdress, Ribbon
Hairstyle: Haruka's Hairstyle, Mirai's Hairstyle
Picture: Paper, Rock
Music: Mark of Growth, Sadistic Puppeteer
Voice: Haruka's Voice Set, Mirai's Voice Set
2-04 The Path Homura Walks I guess nobody cares about me. Hmm hmm hmm... Maybe I'll just go live on my own... -Homura Defeat Hikage & Haruka None None
2-05 Fate of a Renegade This aura... Hebijo's finally found us. No more running from the law. Let's make a stand! -Homura Defeat the Exterminators 01:30 Pictures: Hebijo and Dogen
2-06 Return to Hebijo Academy I won't let Dogen stain Hebijo's pride! I'll save Hebijo even if I have to destroy it! -Homura Infiltrate Hebijo Academy None Music: To the World of Destruction
2-07 Feed on the Heart's Darkness Don't let the old scars on your heart distract you! Hold on to what you feel here and now! -Haruka Defeat the scarlet yoma None None
2-08 Face Oneself NOBODY hurts my friends. ...Hmm, this must be anger. -Hikage Defeat the scarlet yoma None None
2-09 Trust the Path You Walk On No matter how far I fall, no matter how many times I fail, no matter what it costs... I'll stay on my Path of the Shinobi! -Homura Defeat all opponents None Music: To All Comrades and Students
2-10 Clash with Great Evil No man in history has ever conquered the entire world. I will be the first and only one! -Dogen Subdue the yoma None Music: The Blood Chamber
2-11 At the Height of Battle A human becoming a yoma... Imagine it. Imagine the power, the utterly incomparable power... And now, let me show you. -Dogen Subdue Dogen None Music: And To the Edge of Ambition
2-12 To Protect Hebijo's Future No one can stop me. Not even a Yoma! Not even Asuka! I'll become the Crimson Flame and charge down my ultimate Path. -Homura Subdue the giant yoma None Outfit: Cheongasm, Pajamas, Sorceress, Hot Springs Kimono, Ribbon Dress
Accessory: Forehead Protector, Demon Horns, Cow Ears & Horns, Plain Glasses, Chignon Cap, Sorceress' Hat
Hairstyle: Pixie, Side Braids, Drill Ponytail, Split, Side Tail
Pictures: The 5 Smiling Hebijo Girls, Dogen's Last Breath, Homura and Suzune
Music: Who's That Looking from Behind?

Naraku Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
3-01 Beginning of a Journey I can't believe I won that Kyoto vacation from the shopping district lottery! I must have used up all my luck... -Yomi Defeat Hikage & Mirai None Music: Bullet Train Thrill Ride, Yes, Let's Go to the Ninja Room
3-02 Thrill x Training Training on top of a bullet train... What a day and age we live in. I suppose I should check up on them... - Haruka Defeat Yomi & Mirai None Pictures: Inside the Bullet Train
3-03 Kagura and Naraku Woohoo! Finally, the Kyoto vacation we've all been looking forward to! I hope we don't get caught up in anything bad... -Katsuragi Defeat the Yoma Generals None Music: Shinobi Clones
3-04 Attack of the Yoma I won't lose, not even to Yoma! Let me fight them with you, Yagyu! -Hibari Defeat the Yoma Generals None Pictures: The Elderly Good Shinobi
3-05 Midst of Confusion These Yoma... They move like shinobi... And why are they after Naraku...? -Asuka Defeat the Yoma General None Music: In the Midst of a Solemn Scene
3-06 Orders to Capture Kagura In the end, shinobi are nothing more than pawns marching on their masters' orders. And pawns exist to be swept aside! -Naraku Defeat Naraku None Music: To Awaken my Friend
3-07 The Wrong Side Direct order or not, I don't understand why we're doing this. Is this what it means for a shinobi to follow duty? -Ikaruga Subdue the yoma None Music: Crimson Leaves and the Flowing River
3-08 Living Free Hikage, ever since you became a renegade, you've had a certain glow about you. It must be nice to do whatever you like. -Katsuragi Defeat the Yoma General None None
3-09 The Power of Trust Yagyu, I know you're worried sick about Hibari, but why not put a bit more faith in her? -Haruka Defeat Naraku None None
3-10 Voice of a Worthy Opponent If Hibari has no need of me, then my life has no meaning. And if that's the case then... -Yagyu Subdue the yoma 02:30 None
3-11 They're Not Themselves My opinion of the mission doesn't matter! As a good shinobi, it's my duty to complete it! -Asuka Defeat Asuka None Outfit: Kindergarden Smock, Kimono, Military Uniform, Bodysuit, Wedding Dress
Accessory: Stylish Glasses, Dog Tail, Cat Tail, Chain Collar, Rabbit Tail, Kiddie Hat, Corsage.

Kagura Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
4-01 Hesitant Blade If your definition of "righteousness" is simply "following orders," then allow me to correct you! -Yomi Defeat Ikaruga None Pictures: Kagura and Naraku
4-02 The Path of the Shinobi That girl, Kagura, gives off the same vibe we do. The one that says, "I can't live in the daylight." -Mirai Subdue the yoma None None
4-03 Cast Away Doubt Executions are terrible. I can't be a part of something like that without a reason! -Hibari Eliminate all training dummies None Music: A Sharp, Quiet Mind
4-04 Spreading Happiness Just nod your head, keep your mouth shut, and risk your life for the mission... The Path of the Shinobi must have more to it than that. -Hikage Eliminate all training dummies None None
4-05 Operation: Yoma Killer Homura's Crimson Squad finally has a sponser! This is our first paid mission! -Homura Subdue the yoma 02:00 None
4-06 Bare Get Together After a long day, a nice bath in the hot springs will wash the fatigue. But I feel like someone's watching... -Ikaruga Defeat Yomi None Music: Like Hot Water Overflowing
4-07 Cold One after a Bath Nothing hits the spot like strawberry milk after a hot bath! Now, is there any left for me...? -Katsuragi Defeat Hikage None None
4-08 Growing as a Maiden Everyone grows day by day in one way or another. What about you Mirai? -Yagyu Defeat Mirai None None
4-09 Hot Springs Incident Haruka, Yagyu, please don't fight over me! Ooh! No roughhousing in here! It's dangerous! -Hibari Defeat Haruka None None
4-10 Steamy Horror If it's just you and me in here, who touched me? ...Could it be a ghost?! -Asuka Defeat Homura None Outfit: Pervy Apron, Tennis Outfit, Towel, Kunoichi, Campus Queen
Accessory: Angel Wings, Demon Wings, Butterfly Wings, Student Bags, Dangling Lingerie, Sunvisor, Hot Spring Towel

Deep Crimson Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
5-01 Ultimate Duo Children. I will burn away your immaturity. -Daidouji 'If you're not ready for the future, you won't have one! -Rin Defeat Daidouji & Rin None Pictures: Legend of Kagura
Music: Who Will Surpass Me?
5-02 Semester Finals Ikaruga. Katsuragi. Now that you're third years, it's time to resume our little final exam! -Daidouji Defeat Daidouji None None
5-03 The River is Wide The gulf between the rich and poor is wide, deep and stagnant... -Yomi Defeat the Yoma Generals None None
5-04 Murasame Enters! Sister! Your brother has made his long-awaited entrance! Allow me to dazzle you with grace! -Murasame Defeat Murasame None None
5-05 Uneasy Heart Katsuragi still can't make up her mind. She's a real pain sometimes... -Hikage Defeat the Yoma General None None
5-06 Trembling Feelings If I execute Kagura here, I can probably have my mom and dad forgiven... -Katsuragi Defeat Katsuragi None None
5-07 To Each Her Own REAL growth can be seen with the naked eye! Especially for people like me! -Mirai Defeat the Yoma General None None
5-08 My Most Charming Feature Only a fool with a death wish would mock my belly! It's soft and comfortable, just as it should be! -Yagyu Defeat Yagyu None None
5-09 Working Together Hibari, you can't continue to fight like this! Oh yes! I have a great idea! -Haruka Defeat the Yoma General None None
5-10 Activate the Kagan! Haruka's mad at Dogen, and it's making her act all weird! I have to stop her somehow! -Hibari Defeat Hibari None None
5-11 Mutual Understanding When this mission is over, we'll be enemies once again. But even so, our bond will never disappear...will it? -Ikaruga Defeat the Yoma General None Pictures: Hanzo vs Dogen, Hanzo Caught, Yoma Generals
Music: Mysterious and Secretive Factory
5-12 Smiling Heart Hikage, you might have not noticed it yourself probably do have feelings, huh? -Katsuragi Defeat the Yoma Genral None Pictures: Hikage's Photo
5-13 Respected Rival I have you and you have me. No matter how far apart we are, we're not alone. -Yagyu Defeat the Yoma General None None
5-14 The Last Red Orb It would be so nice to laugh like this with you. Haruka... -Hibari Defeat the Yoma General None None
5-15 Reunion with Dogen! How dare you do this to the city of my grandpa...! Dogen! We're not going to stop till we beat you! -Asuka Subdue Dogen None Pictures: Young Naraku, Young Naraku (Smile)
5-16 For the Next Generation Rin! Time for a yoma hunt! -Daidouji 'Very well! 'Let's see who gets the most kills! -Rin Subdue the giant yoma None Pictures: Am I Beautiful?
5-17 Leaving the Past Behind Dogen... You turned us into renegades... We're going to settle this...our way! -Homura Subdue the giant yoma None Music: Giant Yoma, Dripping Wet
5-18 Awakening Beyond Ambition Dogen, you bastard... How dare you do this to my friends... Asuka! Let's finish this before Kagura awakens! -Homura Subdue the giant yoma None Music: The Giant Bubble that Floats Away
5-19 Destroyer of Yoma ...Naraku spent her whole life waiting for me. I will not let that life have been in vain! -Kagura Stop Kagura & Naraku None Music: Power of the Red Orb
5-20 For the One I Hold Dearest I'll fight for everyone's happiness! That's what righteous! That is the reason a shinobi's power exists! -Asuka Stop True Kagura None None

Final Chapter

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
6-01 Path of Deep Crimson Shinobi are shadows, deep shadows. Shinobi are flames, crimson flames. No one knows what awaits on the deep crimson path, burning in silence. Fulfill the promise None None
6-02 Path of Deep Crimson (Asuka) Shinobi are shadows, deep shadows. Shinobi are flames, crimson flames. No one knows what awaits on the deep crimson path, burning in silence. Defeat Homura None None
6-03 Path of Deep Crimson (Homura) Shinobi are shadows, deep shadows. Shinobi are flames, crimson flames. No one knows what awaits on the deep crimson path, burning in silence. Defeat Asuka None None


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