Hipster is a DLC available for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson for $4.99. It adds five new missions and a score attack for a new sidescrolling shooter mode, along with new customization items.


The story takes place outside the normal canon (or perhaps in an alternate timeline?). Set in the year 203X A.D. in the neon city of Hanzō. Humanity has discovered a new power: Explosive Bust Force.

However, the Mad Scientist Haruka decides to use this power for evil, and uses it to transform her and her friends into giants called Titan Busts. Calling themselves HEBIJO, they set out to cause chaos.

But there is still hope, as from a secret lab at the base of Mount Fuji, Professor Hanzō manages to use the Explosive Bust Force to create Bustnuda-X. This special element will allow five girls to fly and hopefully fight back against the Titan Busts of HEBIJO.


These missions utilize special sidescrolling shooter gameplay, like the Gradius franchise. See the next section for gameplay details.

Like the other DLC missions, there is only one Difficulty available.

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
EX2-01 HEBIJO's Ideal Equality for all, in terms of breasts...Milk and honey for everyone... -Yomi Defeat Yomi None None
EX2-02 Titan Bust Supremacy A regular dish and a super dish...I wonder which is the better deal... -Hikage Defeat Hikage None None
EX2-03 Titan Bust Generation I'm going to have an explosive rack! You get in my way, you're gonna go BOOM-BOOM! -Mirai Defeat Mirai None None
EX2-04 The Power of Titan Bust X I'll serenade your crushed remains forever! -Homura Defeat Homura None None
EX2-05 Truth of Titan Bust Supremacy I don't care what happens, as long as I can laugh about it. -Haruka Stop Haruka's ambitions None Score Attack
EX2-06 Score Attack Shooting missions are a series of consecutive battles. Challenge yourself to get the highest score. Once you die in this mission, you cannot retry. Earn a legendary score None None



When playing these missions, you will be flying through the sky firing at enemies that approach from the right side of the screen.

You can move with the joystick or the DPad, shoot with the Light Attack button, perform a Close Combat attack with the Heavy Attack button, and use an All Out Attack with your Ninja Arts button. All other buttons do nothing.

All Out Attacks use your Ninja Scrolls to destroy all common enemies and projectiles on the screen, and can do damage to bosses. If it's the first time you've used an All Out Attack on the stage, you will also transform into Shinobi form and refill your health.

You can have a maximum of 3 Ninja Scrolls. Your character's level outside of these missions is irrelevant, and you will not gain experience for kills made here either. Kills will also not contribute to the enemy entries in the Library.

When you reach the giant boss at the end, you will have to battle them while dodging their attacks. Once you've brought their health low enough to destroy all their clothes and leave them in their swimsuit, they will become invincible to all damage not dealt to their breasts (beware their arm getting in the way to block the damage. Finish them off to complete the stage.

If you die during a boss fight, you are able to Retry at the boss and not have to repeat the entire stage. However, your score for that attempt will be reset to zero.

You can take three hits before dying (each hit destroying a layer of clothing), however if you have a special weapon (see next section), then being hit will only cause you to drop your weapon instead of losing a layer of clothing.

There is also a combo system, where the higher your combo count is, the more points enemies are worth for destroying them. Your combo is lost if you get hit or if you go too long without hitting an enemy.


Throughout the stage, enemies can drop one of six items when destroy: 3 special weapons and 3 point scrolls.

  • Charge Shot: A red medallion that allows you to charge your shot for a more powerful blast. It can also go through multiple enemies.
  • Burst Shot: A blue medallion that allows you to fire three shots at once.
  • Homing Shot: A green medallion that allows you to fire two homing orbs.
  • Score UP 500: A red scroll that gives you 500 points.
  • Score UP 1000: A blue scroll that gives you 1,000 points.
  • Score UP 2000: A yellow scroll that gives you 2,000 points.

Upon death, bosses will drop a ton of point scrolls.

Collecting the same special weapon you already have will not upgrade it, but will give you points instead. Points earned this way or from point scrolls can be increased by your combo count.


Like most missions, the first time you play each of these there will be a required character, but then you can choose a character for Replays.

Daidōji, Rin, Murasame, Ultimate Asuka, and Crimson Homura cannot be used for these missions. Additionally, if you have the Waist-Deep DLC and select a "Chibi" character, then they will look normal in the actual mission.

Despite only appearing as the giant villains, the Crimson Squad characters can be chosen for these missions on replay.

Each character has their own method of flying, but largely play the same aside from the area and speed of their Close Combat attack.

  • Asuka: Flies using a glider like the Flying Shinobi enemy.
  • Ikaruga: Rides on top of her phoenix.
  • Katsuragi: Uses her boots to fly.
  • Yagyū: Rides on top of a flying squid.
  • Hibari: Rides with Ninto on the flying cloud.
  • Homura: Holds her swords out like wings to fly.
  • Yomi: Sits on the hilt of her giant sword as it flies through the sky.
  • Hikage: She just flies, okay?
  • Mirai: Flies with her four chainguns trailing behind her.
  • Homura: Stands on top of her robot.

These missions can only be played Solo.


  • Sweater Uniform (White)
  • Sweater Uniform (Brown)
  • Sweater Uniform (Light Blue)
  • Sweater Uniform (Black)
  • Sailor Bloomers (White)
  • Sailor Bloomers (Pink)
  • Sailor Bloomers (Black)
  • Sailor Bloomers (Shorts)
  • Midriff Uniform (Black/Red)
  • Midriff Uniform (White/Blue)
  • Midriff Uniform (Brown/Yellow)
  • Midriff Uniform (Light Blue/Pink)
  • Female Officer (Indigo)
  • Female Officer (White)
  • Female Officer (Black)
  • Female Officer (Military)


  • DLC Swimsuit 8-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 8-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 8-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 9-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 9-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 9-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 10-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 10-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 10-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 11-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 11-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 11-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 12-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 12-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 12-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 13-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 13-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 13-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 14-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 14-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 14-3


  • Bracelet (Yellow)
  • Bracelet (Light Blue)
  • Bracelet (Red)
  • Bracelet (Green)
  • Bathing Towel (Light Purple)
  • Bathing Towel (Pink)
  • Bathing Towel (Light Blue)
  • Bathing Towel Green)
  • Headphones (White/Pink)
  • Headphones (Black/Green)
  • Headphones (Yellow/Light Blue)
  • Headphones (Red/Black)
  • Angel's Halo
  • Devil's Halo
  • Ancient Halo
  • Heart Halo
  • Crown (Red)
  • Crown (Blue)
  • Crown (Pink)
  • Crown (Black)
  • Tiara (Gray)
  • Tiara (Gold)
  • Tiara (Pink)
  • Tiara (Black)
  • Bell (Gold)
  • Bell (Gray)
  • Bell (Pink)
  • Bell (Brown)
  • Headset (White)
  • Headset (Black)
  • Headset (Blue)
  • Headset (Red)
  • Police Hat (Indigo)
  • Police Hat (White)
  • Police Hat (Black)
  • Police Hat (Military)


  • Drill Pigtails
  • Braided Bundle
  • Drill Tails
  • Spiky Pigtails


  • Though the game doesn't alert you of this, the eight new pictures are added to your Library for you to view at anytime. The new animated cutscenes, however, are not added to the Movie section so you'd have to replay the missions to see them.
  • An Honor Roll is added to the Library which allows you to see the top 6 scores you got on each of these missions, along with which character you got them with.
  • During the story, Ikaruga mentions that Murasame has lost his mind and is running around the streets naked.


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