This page outlines the gameplay and mechanics of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.

Five Chapters to Follow

Battle your way through five separate chapters as girls from both Hanzō and Hebijo to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Kagura and delve deeper into the shady dealings unearthed in Burst. Each chapter contains a plethora of missions full of enemies, including the powerful and terrifying yōma.

Game Flow

Using the academy as the hub of all operations, the game advances through a series of text-based short stories, scripted scenes with the girls, and a stage to battle and overcome.

Adventure/Visual Novel

Watch the girls interact and challenge each other in these scripted cinematic scenes that introduce each stage. Hear the original Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles to see how training is performed and conflicts born, while finding hidden depths to each girl by learning about their stories, friendships, and dreams.

The short stories, or visual novel-style segments, add even more depth to the world, revealing the history, customs, and conflicts of the shinobi realm. The inner thoughts and daily trials of the girls also come into play, all interspersed with beautiful artwork.


The heart of the game, where you take control and battle! Play through various story missions or take on extra training missions; either way, you'll be beating up enemies with the beautifully buxom ninja of your choice.


Each character's costume has three parts: "Uniform," "Swimsuit," and "Shinobi Outfit." Dress your favorite girl up in her best sexy outfit. Beat missions and earn grades to unlock hidden clothes, including the shinobi outfits of the opposing school. From police women uniforms to bunny suits, there are outfits to please everyone, and with an equally wide variety of accessories, each girl will have her own unique look.

Photoshoot Mode

Photoshoot Mode lets you take pictures of your favorite characters. Choose a character and pose, position your camera, and pick a suitable background. Toggle between "Screenshot" and "AR Shoot," then press to take a picture. You can view pictures you've taken in the Picture Gallery.

AR Mode

In AR Shoot Mode, you can take a picture of AR card A-1, which comes with the system. You can also download the AR cards from the support page of the official Nintendo site.

Battle Basics

Each girl has her own style of martial arts to beat her foes. Make use of both strong and weak attacks to perform powerful combinations called Techniques. A Combo Meter keeps track of how many attacks you chain on enemies, and the higher you combo score the more XP you gain. Large combos also unlock new techniques to deal even more damage! When you send your enemies flying, you can follow them into the air to perform an Aerial Rave, dealing further combos and damage even while airborne.

Though the girls are masters at dealing out pain, they will inevitably take damage now and again. Each hit the girls take reduces both their health gauge and their costume's durability. Their outfits slowly tear off bit by bit until all durability is lost and they're left in nothing but their swimsuits! To add insult to injury, the fewer clothes they have, the more damage they take, so try to keep your "armor" on for as long as possible.

Heavy Attack Changes

New to this game is some characters replacing their Heavy Attack button with a Stance Change or Power Up button (Power Ups typically cost one Ninja Scroll to use). The characters with special Heavy Attack buttons are as follows:

  • Katsuragi: If she has at least one Ninja Scroll, the Heavy Attack button will power her up by shifting her boots into Hover Mode and changing her moveset. If she doesn't have any scrolls then she'll just do a spinning kick surrounded by energy but not remain hovering.
  • Yagyu: Summons squids of ink to float around her and be fired off as projectiles when you attack with the Light Attack button.
  • Hibari: If she has at least one Ninja Scroll, the Heavy Attack button will power her up by charging her up with lightning. If she doesn't have any scrolls then she'll just do a small lightning AoE attack but not remain charged.
  • Hikage: If she has at least one Ninja Scroll, the Heavy Attack button will power her up by shifting her into Frenzy, changing her moveset and extending her range by changing her knife into it's segmented whip form. If she doesn't have any Ninja Scrolls then she'll just do an AoE attack and not shift into Frenzy.
  • Mirai: The Heavy Attack button serves as a Weapon Swap, cycling between her Umbrella, Gatling Gun, and Grenade Launcher in that order. Each comes with it's own moveset.
  • Haruka: The Heavy Attack button vents her robot so that it does not overheat and explode.
  • Daidoji: If she has at least one Ninja Scroll, the Heavy Attack button will power her up and change her moveset. If she doesn't have any Ninja Scrolls then she'll just do an AoE attack without powering up.
  • Rin: If she has at least one Ninja Scroll, the Heavy Attack button will power her up, changing her moveset and replacing her ground dash with a teleport. If she doesn't have any Ninja Scrolls, she'll just do an AoE attack without powering up.

Pair Battles

Many missions feature two playable characters at the same time. In Single Player, you can toggle your playable character (1P) during the fight. The other character (2P) will fight automatically. When playing Co-Op, each player will stick with their own chosen character.

Secret Ninja Arts

Each girl has a Ninja Art gauge which, when filled, lets that girl perform a "Shinobi Transformation." This unlocks each girl's true shinobi form and allows for powerful special attacks called "Secret Ninja Arts." These special attacks deal massive damage and have a wider range than a normal attack, and each special attack changes based on whether the girl is on the ground or in the air.

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts

With both characters in Shinobi Transformation mode, and each of them in possession of at least 3 scroll icons, you can perform a Secret Fusion Ninja Art. Secret Fusion Ninja Arts vary from one pair of characters to the next. Their damage output depends on the characters' mutual Affection, which increases the more the two of them fight together.


In the Equipment menu you can equip each character's weapon, as well as up to three Shinobi Stones (accessories with special effects). You can find more weapons in the Yōma's Nest, and more Shinobi Stones by clearing Special Missions. (Note: Weapons are for cosmetic purposes only, and have no effect on gameplay.)

Yōma's Nest

A series of challenging battles arranged in a 14-level pyramid structure. The entrance, on the top level, is "room" 1-1. From there, choose your path downward through adjacent rooms. Each floor contains more rooms than the floor above it, with the rightmost rooms being the hardest. Certain rooms contain new weapons for the characters in addition to XP rewards. Each run through the Yōma's Nest is a gauntlet. The goal is to clear as many consecutive rooms as possible, to maximize your XP, before leaving. (You can skip to lower rooms once you've cleared them.) But beware: Your health doesn't regenerate between rooms, and if you lose a fight in any room, you'll forfeit most of the XP you've gained on that run.


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