Field Items are items that can be obtained and used on the spot during Missions in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. They can be found by destroying objects or defeating some Enemies, or sometimes just sitting out in the open if you travel off the main path.


Unlike the Versus series, Scrolls increase experience instead of increasing your Ninja Arts gauge. Your Ninja Arts Gauge is instead increased by Bamboo Canteens.

Item Name Effect
Rice Ball (Small) Recover a small amount of your Health gauge.
Rice Ball (3 pieces) Recover a medium amount of your Health gauge.
Bamboo Canteen (Small) Gain one Ninja Art scroll.
Bamboo Canteens (Large) Gain three Ninja Art scrolls.
Sewing Kit Recover one level of clothing durability.
Exp. Scroll (Red) Obtain 1,000 experience.
Exp. Scroll (Blue) Obtain 5,000 experience.
Experience Scroll (Yellow) Obtain 10,000 experience.
Mr. Bunny Candy Increase your Affection rate with your partner by 1 level.


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