Busticated is a DLC available for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson for $4.99. It adds five new missions, new customization items, and the ability to change character bust sizes.


This story takes place after the conclusion of the main story and the events of Waist-Deep, once all the characters have returned home.

Asuka discovers her busts have been getting a growth spurt lately and bemoans the problems that this causes. However, Mirai overhears her and offers a solution. She has stolen an experimental medicine created by Haruka called "Bye Bye Booby."

When a person takes the medicine, then when they engage in battle and sweat, their breasts will slowly evaporate and get smaller and that boob vapor goes to whoever nearby wants it.

So Asuka and Mirai decide to go engage in battle in order to transfer Asuka's boob size to Mirai. However, the experimental medicine may have unintended side effects...


Since these missions take place after the main story, they have recommended character levels between 15 and 25. However, they are not really all that challenging.

Like the other DLC missions, there is only one Difficulty available.

Chapter - Number Mission Name Details Win Conditions Enemies Time Limit New Item Availability
EX3-01 Bye Bye Booby I will show you a rack cloaked in shrinkage! - Asuka

I sacrifice myself to the will of cleavage! -Mirai

Defeat Yomi & Hikage Yomi, Hikage None None
EX3-02 This is Your Brain on Boobs I'm starting to grow a little... I can't stop now! -Mirai Defeat Hibari & Haruka Hibari, Haruka None None
EX3-03 Anything For Boobs All right! I'm going to give it everything I've got! For all our boobs! -Asuka Defeat Yagyū & Homura Yagyū, Homura None None
EX3-04 Just the Way You Are Some things are just meant to be! -Katsuragi

Let us end this disgraceful battle. -Ikaruga

Defeat Ikaruga & Katsuragi Ikaruga, Katsuragi None None
EX3-05 Majestic Growth There must be a way to restore one's natural bust... Maybe Kagura can tell us more. -Ikaruga Defeat Kagura & Naraku Kagura, Naraku None Ability to change Bustline in the Dressing Room


  • Sexy Dress (White)
  • Sexy Dress (Purple)
  • Sexy Dress (Black/Yellow)
  • Sexy Dress (White/Red)
  • Sailor Battle Outfit (White)
  • Sailor Battle Outfit (Black)
  • Sailor Battle Outfit (Red)
  • Sailor Battle Outfit (Pink)
  • Wrapping (Red)
  • Wrapping (Blue)
  • Wrapping (Black)
  • Wrapping (White)
  • Large Button Shirt (White)
  • Large Button Shirt (Black)
  • Large Button Shirt (Yellow)
  • Large Button Shirt (Light Blue)
  • Baggy Parka (Red)
  • Baggy Parka (Brown)
  • Baggy Parka (White)
  • Baggy Parka (Green)


  • DLC Swimsuit 15-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 15-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 15-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 16-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 16-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 16-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 17-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 17-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 17-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 18-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 18-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 18-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 19-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 19-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 19-3
  • DLC Swimsuit 20-1
  • DLC Swimsuit 20-2
  • DLC Swimsuit 20-3


  • Leather Collar (Black)
  • Leather Collar (Brown)
  • Leather Collar (Pink)
  • Leather Collar (White)
  • Fairy Wings (Gold)
  • Fairy Wings (Purple)
  • Fairy Wings (Red)
  • Fairy Wings (White)
  • Shining Light (Yellow/White)
  • Shining Light (Red/White)
  • Shining Light (Red/Black)
  • Shining Light (Red/Yellow)
  • Inner Tube (Purple/White)
  • Inner Tube (Light Blue/White)
  • Inner Tube (Red/White)
  • Chocolate Donut
  • Sunglasses (Black)
  • Sunglasses (White)
  • Sunglasses (Sparkle)
  • Sunglasses (Heart)
  • Round Glasses (Swirl)
  • Round Glasses (White)
  • Round Glasses (Black)
  • Round Glasses (Broken)
  • Toast (Plain)
  • Toast (Butter)
  • Toast (Strawberry Jam)
  • Toast (Egg)
  • Headdress (White)
  • Headdress (Purple)
  • Headdress (Brown)
  • Headdress (Black)
  • Naraku's Steel Ball (Black)
  • Naraku's Steel Ball (Red)
  • Naraku's Steel Ball (Green)
  • Naraku's Steel Ball (Blue)
  • Yōma Larva (Purple)
  • Yōma Larva (Yellow/Purple)
  • Yōma Larva (Green/Brown)
  • Yōma Larva (Red/Black)


  • Asymmetrical
  • Center-Parted Bangs
  • Braided Bun
  • Semi-Long
  • Kitty Cut

Bustline Options

After clearing the final mission of this DLC, a new option will be added to the Dressing Room, below all the Accessory slots. This option is called Bustline and allows most characters to change the size of their breasts to one of twelve options.

This option is not available to Murasame or characters whose outfits you can't edit (Naraku, all four forms of Kagura, and the "Chibi" forms of characters).

The available sizes are (from smallest to largest):

  • Mirai
  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Baseballs
  • Snow Globes
  • Cantaloupes
  • Basketballs
  • Cannonballs
  • Beach Balls
  • Wrecking Balls
  • Zeppelins

The default size for everyone except Mirai is "Cantaloupes."


  • Though the game doesn't alert you of this, the five new pictures are added to your Library for you to view at anytime. The new animated cutscenes, however, are not added to the Movie section so you'd have to replay the missions to see them.
  • We learn that after the events of the main story, Naraku and Kagura are now touring the country to see the sights and eat whatever delicious foods they can find.


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