Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (閃乱カグラ2 -真紅- Senran Kagura 2 -Shinku-) is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and is a direct sequel to Portrait of Girls and its re-release, Burst.


The story of Senran Kagura 2 focuses mainly on our heroines, the girls of Hanzō National Academy. Dogen is using the power of Yoma to wreak havoc on Japan and the girls must put aside their differences in order to stop him. It also includes the girls of the newly formed Homura Crimson Squad. The story reveals the identity of two new characters: a mysterious young girl named Kagura and her bodyguard, Naraku.


Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson is a direct sequel to Senran Kagura Burst, and the story starts immediately after the events of its predecessor. The battle system is more akin to Burst (a 2.5D beat-em-up game), as opposed to Shinovi Versus. However, the biggest change that Deep Crimson brings to the table is the introduction of the pair-battle system, in which the player can swap between two characters any time during a battle and use special pair ninja arts and the addition of the Shinobi Chain, allowing to quickly move around the field by dashing to targeted enemies by tagging them. Additionally, unlike Burst, the battlegrounds in Deep Crimson are not restricted to a 2D plane. Rather, some battlefields are rendered fully in 3D (2.5D for others) and allow for free-roaming movement, similar to the PlayStation spin-offs. The series' signature clothes-ripping mechanic also returns, albeit a little more risqué than the scenes in Burst, as the breast physics and clothing destruction mechanics were improved. Additionally, Ikaruga's older brother, Murasame, makes his playable debut in this game.

The game also features both local and online co-op play, with both players being able to take on story missions or special missions specifically designed for multiplayer together. 

Deep Crimson also features an augmented reality mode, in which the playable characters could be posed in a variety of ways against a real-life background.



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