The following page outlines information regarding gameplay and mechanics in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

Four Perspectives

Featuring a total of four different stories, three of which are available right from the start of the game, Shinovi is a huge extension of the Senran Kagura tale. View the story from the eyes of the strict and proper Gessen girls, the good and kind-hearted Hanzō girls, the determined new Hebijo team, or the fugitive Crimson Squad.

Game Flow

Mission-Based Gameplay

With multiple story paths that you can freely switch between, you can play the game at your own pace in any order you want to! Between missions, you can simply select "Change Schools" to shift the perspective of the story to one of the other shinobi teams, allowing you to view the game’s events from every angle at once.


Defeat all the enemies that appear. When you clear the requirements, your mission will be successful. If either your character's Health or the time limit runs, you will fail the mission.

If you press the START button during a mission, you will bring up the Pause Menu.

  • Continue: Close the Pause Menu and resume the mission.
  • Progress: Look over your character's statistics.
  • Tech List: Study your character's chain attacks.
  • Settings: Change various volume, control, and camera settings.
  • Abort: Quit the mission and fail it.

Result Screen

When you finish a mission, a results screen will appear. Based on your performance, you will receive a grade, experience, and zeni (money). When you gain enough experience, you will level up and your skills will increase.

Visual Novel Segment

Returning from Senrna Kagura Burst, the visual novel style of storytelling is back with an even deeper tale than before. Combined with an all-new soundtrack and new beautiful artwork, the story of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus comes alive through these colorfully-written sections.

Adventure Sequences

Enjoy seeing the lovely Senran Kagura ladies banter amongst themselves live on screen! Real-time character interactions push the story forward during these segments. Watch as the action unfolds to pave the way to massive battles.


Dressing Room

The Dressing Room is back. With customizable lingerie, school uniforms, shinobi outfits, hairstyles, and a whopping four accessory slots, dress up your favorite girl just the way you want. 

Character Viewer

Take a good look at your fashionista handiwork from all angles. Want to take a good look at how well your outfit and underwear will match when they’re all torn up from a good fight? The rear touch pad can probably help you out there.

Battle Basics

Every shinobi is trained in a unique weapon and fighting style, meaning a ton of variation in gameplay. Combo together weak and strong attacks into powerful chains to knock your opponent airborne, and then fly after them to perform an Aerial Rave for even more damage. Try different variations of your combos to see how high you can drive up your combo meter.

Clothing Destruction

Battles between shinobi are fierce and ruthless, and with the battlefield brimming with explosive techniques and weaponry, it’s natural that the girls’ outfits would take some collateral damage. As you take damage, the durability of your outfit decreases, and your outfit becomes reduced to shreds to reflect it. If your outfit is completely destroyed, your defense will decrease and you’ll take increased damage, so work hard to keep your robust regalia on while destroying your enemy’s ensemble!


Move left stick Tilt the left stick to move.
Dash/Sprint O Icon button Tap the O Icon button to preform a short dash. Hold the O Icon button to sprint.
Jump/Air Recovery X Icon button Press the X Icon button to jump. When you are being knocked back, press the X Icon button to recover in midair.
Weak Attack S Icon button Press the S Icon button to preform quick, light attacks that leave little opening. Keep pressing the S Icon button to create combos.
Strong Attack T Icon button Press the T Icon button to preform hard-hitting strong attacks. Press it after a weak attack to preform a different move.
Aerial Rave O Icon button When you see a green ring effect after launching an enemy, press the O Icon button at the right time to chase the enemy into the air.
Guard R button Hold the R button to block normal attacks. Be aware that certain foes strong attacks can break your guard.
Camera Control right stick/rear touch pad Tilting the right stick or touching the rear touch pad (when the Rear Touch Pad option is active in Settings) will move the camera.
Lock On screen (touchscreen)/tap up button When you touch the screen or tap the up button, the camera will lock onto your current target.
Taunt hold up button When you hold the up button, you will taunt the enemy. Taunting extends the duration of combo hits.
Limit Break down button Tap the down button to force your enemies back and gives yourself some breathing room. Cost 10% of your health to use.
Shinobi Transformation L button With at least one Ninja Art scroll available, press the L button to perform a Shinobi Transformation. Your outfit and attacks will change, your Health gauge will fully recover and you'll gain access to your Secret Ninja Arts.
  • You can only perform one Shinobi Transformation per mission, and cannot revert back or go Frantic afterwards.
Frantic Mode R Button + screen (touchscreen)/R button + T Icon button While holding down the R button, either press the T Icon button or touch the screen with two fingers and slide them apart. You will lose your outfit and go into your lingerie. Your power, attack speed, and mobility will increase, but your defense will severely drop. You will also gain access to your Secret Ninja Arts.
  • Once you go Frantic, you cannot revert back to your normal clothing or go into Shinobi Transformation.
Secret Ninja Art 1 L button + S Icon button After a Shinobi Transformation or going Frantic, hold the L button and press the S Icon button to use two scrolls and perform a very powerful attack.
Secret Ninja Art 2 L button + T Icon button After a Shinobi Transformation or going Frantic, hold the L button and press the T Icon button to use two scrolls and perform a very powerful attack.
Ultimate Secret Ninja Art L button + O Icon button After a Shinobi Transformation or going Frantic and having less than 20% health, hold the L button and press the O Icon button to use five scrolls and perform an extremely powerful attack. (Must be unlocked first by completing Chapter 4 in your chosen school's story)

Secret Ninja Arts

Shinobi Transformation

When each girl’s Ninja Art gauge fills by one scroll, she is ready to perform her Shinobi Transformation! Unleashing this hidden power grants a dazzling costume change, different attacks and access to impressive Secret Ninja Arts. Executing a Shinobi Transformation will also completely refill your HP, so time it well to turn the tables in a tough fight.

Ninja Arts

By utilizing one or two scrolls in your Ninja Art gauge, each girl can unleash two unique Secret Ninja Arts, accompanied by an action-packed cinematic of the art ripping its way across the battlefield. These techniques pack a huge punch and, when used strategically, can turn the tide of battle in a big way.

Flower of Balance

Flower of Balance consists of three skill-enhancing properties: Yin, Yang, and Flash. Your affinity for each property will change with your clothing style (Default, Shinobi Transformation, or going Frantic). Each property has a gauge representing mastery. Each gauge, in turn, has five markers, with each marker representing a new technique. When you completely fill a gauge, you will have access to that property as a Mode, and its corresponding abilities will be strengthened.

Flash/Flash Mode Regular Outfits Regular clothes are tied to the Flash property. Flash techniques include various perks such as increased EXP and an enhanced guarding ability.
Yang/Yang Mode Shinobi Outfit (Shinobi Transformation) Shinobi outfits are tied to the Yang property. You can gain various techniques such as increased attack/defense an automatic Health/Ninja Art gauge recovery.
Yin/Yin Mode Lingerie (Frantic) Frantic Mode is tied to the Yin property. Your attack power will heavily increase, but your defense will heavily decrease. Yin techniques can teach you to recover your Ninja Art gauge and Health gauge from taunting.
  • Going into your lingerie from outfit damage does not count as going into the Yin property.

Ninja Room

In the Ninja Room, you can prepare for your missions. You can also enjoy conversations with other characters here. Press the X Icon button in front of a door or press the R button anywhere in the room to access various options from the menu below.

  • Missions: Missions are where the action takes place. Choose from the Shinobi Girls' Code mode, where each school's main story unfolds, Shinobi Girl's Heart mode for individual character stories, or the Training Field for practice.
  • Shinobi Dōjō: Using ad hoc or a wi-fi connection, you can enjoy Online Multiplayer.
  • Dressing Room: Change characters' outfits and accessories.
  • Library: Enjoy pictures, music, video clips, and movies you've unlocked or purchased.
  • Store: Use zeni (in-game money) to purchase various things, or use Lottery Tokens to draw from the Lingerie Lottery.
  • Character: Change to another character within the same school.
  • Records: Save your progress, load a saved game, or delete a saved game.
  • Settings: Change various volume, control, and camera settings.
  • Change Schools: Switch to the characters of another school.

Online Multiplayer

Main Article: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus/Shinobi Dōjō

From the Ninja Room, go to the Shinobi Dōjō, then Battle. Two sub-menus will appear:

Ad Hoc Play Using the ad hoc feature, you can play with other nearby players. Before going into battle, make sure to set everyone on the same channel.
  • Battle results will not be reflected in the Rankings.
Online Play Play with other players over the Internet via wi-fi.
  • Battle results will be reflected in the Rankings.
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